Homes For Sale in Fairfax City Virginia

Homes For Sale In Fairfax City

This page is for anyone looking for different types of homes for sale in Fairfax City VA.

You may be looking from out of state to relocate. Or possibly, moving from a different area in Northern Virginia.

Either way, we are here to help you with your real estate goals. There are lots of nuances to the market. Every market is different. Even within the same town you will find areas affected by different factors.

I lived in Fairfax City for two decades of my life, and today own multiple properties there. I have watched it transform over the years.

If you are looking to buy a home in the area, we can help you navigate the different types of homes and neighborhoods.

Single Family Homes

The majority of sales in Fairfax City are detached single family homes. There are some great neighborhoods in the area. The lots area relatively large, and have mature trees and some park lands.

A couple of my favorite neighborhoods for single family homes are Little River Hills and Fairfax Acres.


There are a good selection of townhome clusters in Fairfax City. There are some neighborhoods of older townhomes and also areas of newer luxury townhomes.

Covington is a good example. If you are looking for townhomes in the greater Fairfax area, check out my guide here.


Condos make up a good portion of homes for sale in Fairfax City. There are a couple of large condo buildings that are sought after by both investors and homeowners.

Lyndhurst is a great example of a community on Main St. in Fairfax.

New Homes

Depending on the market cycle, there are a selection of new construction homes to choose from.

This is a combination of single family homes where an old home was, and also some condo and townhome communities.

Fairfax City has an array of older single family homes with no HOAs, which makes new construction homes popular in these neighborhoods.

For more information about new homes in Northern VA, check out my new home guide.

More About Fairfax City

The area has been listed as one of the best places to live by multiple publications over the years. It is a top destination to become a homeowner in Northern VA.

Whether you work in Virginia or DC, it accessible but also not cramped.

Not only is Fairfax City a beautiful location, but it has one of the strongest public school systems, a high median salary, and a history of ranking highly as a destination for small businesses nationwide.

Because of this, Fairfax City has a historically strong economy as well as a lot of unique businesses, shops, and restaurants.

Things To Do & Amenities

• Old Town Fairfax

Old Town is a quaint, walkable area filled with historic buildings you can get to via Main St (236).

This is a great spot to come and bring kids, get lunch, have a meeting or sit and relax in the outdoor gardens.

There are also some long standing restaurants that offer both great meals and great nightlife.

• Parks

There are several parks in Fairfax City that are a fun place to enjoy. Daniels Run has an extensive trail system great for running, walking or biking.

Van Dyke park is central to the area and has a skatepark for scooters/skateboarders.

• Sports

You can find golf, soccer fields, running trails, an ice rink and also private youth leagues and gyms to join.

• Shopping

You can find a good mix of both local shops in Old Town and also chain stores on Pickett Road. There is a good mix of shops coming through the area at any given time.

• Dining

Old Town and the surrounding area is a great place to find food, everything from high end sit down dining to fast casual and fast food.

• Getting Around

Fairfax City is not a long drive to the Fairfax metro stop on the orange line, and they also run their own bus line (CUE Bus).

• George Mason University

The GMU campus is technically not in Fairfax City, but on the Fairfax County side right over the line, at the end of University Drive.

The proximity to Fairfax City gives the real estate a big boost, both for investment properties and primary homes.

George Mason is a large employer in the area as well as being a sought after University.

Selling Your Property & Market Stats

Median Sale Price

This chart will update monthly, and shows the average sales price of homes, by the month, in Fairfax City and also the change year over year if you hover.

This is a good starting point for seeing where the market currently.

Because each property is unique, the best way to know how much your home would sell for is to reach out to an expert.


Here are some popular communities to explore in Fairfax City.

Moving Here

Fairfax City is a convenient location to live; just outside of Washington D.C. and the perfect combination of City and suburb.

It is near the center of Fairfax County, it provides a mixture of vintage charm with innovation and unique experiences.

This makes it the perfect place to live for anyone who wants the convenience of a city but the feeling of a community.

Ready to make a move here? Get in touch below and one of our team of qualified experts will reach out to you.

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