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Articles for Real Estate Agents

A woman in a suit showing a man in a suit the outside of a building.

The Truth About Part Time Real Estate Agents

By Will Rodgers

This article is based on my decade plus in the real estate industry in sales and as a member of high producing real estate team. I have been in contact with 100s of agents during my time. Some were wildly successful, others only lasted a few months and everything in between. I have also seen…

A creative graphic showing one person thinking with their head, the other with their heart.

Can an Introvert Succeed as a Real Estate Agent?

By Will Rodgers

When you think of a highly successful real estate agent, who comes to mind? For many, it is the “life of the party” type of person, someone who will approach strangers to start up a conversation just on a whim. Or maybe it is the fearless person who is always taking risks and trying new…

A new construction home with stone and wood exterior and new landscaping. Photo taken at dusk.

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Leads? The Ultimate List

By Will Rodgers

If you have found this post, congratulations. Chances are you looking for ways to make your business thrive. And the truth is, your real estate business will thrive if you put in the right mix of work, marketing dollars and strategy. These lead sources on this list vary. Some require money. Others, require time and…

A stock image of a silhouette of real estate agents, with a digital landscape in the foreground.

2023 Real Estate Agent Tools: Systems, Tech & More to Grow Your Income

By Will Rodgers

This is a list of some of the tools that I use, have used or my partner real estate agents use to run their business. Some of these links I will make a small commission on, but many I will not. They simply are businesses I have used and had good experience with running a…

Vector image of people in an office setting, exhausted working at their desks.

Real Estate Agent Burnout: How To Come Back Stronger

By Will Rodgers

Real estate can be an extremely rewarding career, both financially and for personal growth. You get a chance to help people navigate find out where they will call home. And you get a chance to help investors build their net worth. However, being a real estate agent has a high degree of stress. Transactions can…

A vintage telephone with a bronze finish, showed from 2 different angles.

Real Estate Cold Calling Will Soon Be Dead: Make a Plan B Now

By Will Rodgers

Cold calling has been a source of business, and for some real estate agents a primary source of business, for many many decades. It started with hand dialing through a phone book, or through classified ads to For Sale By Owners (FSBOs). Cold calling has since evolved, to include online lookups, expired listing mining services…

A stock photo showing check boxes and a pencil in a person's hand.

New Real Estate Agent Checklist

By Will Rodgers

Being a real estate agent can be a rewarding and fun career. But it also has a notoriously high failure rate. Most who do not make it in the business do not develop a solid foundation in their first year to build on in the future. I made this checklist as a blueprint of the…

Photo of a real estate website being displayed on both a laptop and a smartphone.

How to Build a Website as a Real Estate Agent: The Quickstart Guide

By Will Rodgers

The day I started this online journey I had no idea it would turn into my main source of business. My first year as a real estate agent I built a WordPress website. Then, I did almost nothing with it. Occasionally, I would put up a blog post and I included a bio. People researching…

A computer and smartphone next to a notepad and pen and cup of coffee.

How To Write a Bio as a New Real Estate Agent – 7 Tips

By Will Rodgers

Intro In this day and age, home buyers and sellers are going to do some research before choosing a real estate agent. Even if you do not have a website, your brokerage and other real estate portals have profiles that will include a biography, profile or about section. Of course, you could just leave these…

Best Books for Real Estate Agents & Investors [The Ultimate List]

By Will Rodgers

A large portion of the most successful people in the world are avid readers. Fast Company says that CEOs of major corporations read an average of a book per week. When I started my career as a real estate agent, books were a central focus for my growth. There are times when I read a…