Homes For Sale Near George Mason University

Homes For Sale Near George Mason University

There is always a wide selection of homes that are nearby the campus, some are walkable and others accessible by car or bus.

In this post, you will find updates on the real estate market near GMU, as well as some of the condos, townhomes and single family homes near the campus.

The are current listings for sale near Mason are above. These listings will update as more are available and others sell.

It also includes “coming soon” properties.

Real Estate Market Near George Mason University

2023 Market Update

The last couple of years has seen a double digit percentage property appreciation in many neighborhoods.

However, the end of 2022 has signalled slowing growth in prices. This has been brought on by rising mortgage rates in response to decades high inflation.

The number of homes for sale continues to stay low near GMU, however more homes are coming on the market. And the homes that are listed tend to stay for sale longer with less bidding wars.

Because of the high rate environment, there is less competition.

Heading into 2023, we are keeping an eye on whether or not the inventory will see a sizeable increase, whether prices go down and what the mortgage rates do in reaction to inflation concerns and Fed policy.

For sellers, the days of easily obtaining 10-15 offers seem to be done for now. However, there are lots of good comparable homes that have sold recently. So appraisal issues are much less common.

For buyers, if home inventories increase and the prices stabilize or soften, it will be a good opportunity to buy if you can afford the monthly payments.

For more market info, check out our Northern VA market updates.

• Fairfax County Quick Stats

• Fairfax City Quick Stats

The charts above shows the list price vs. the sales price, and current active listings vs number of closed sales over the last 2 years in Fairfax County and Fairfax City, which George Mason borders.

Each data point will show the year over year change when you hover.

These charts give you a good idea of where the market is. Both prices and also how quickly properties are selling.

Keep in mind, real estate data lags as property sales are under contract and recorded. For the best estimate of the market reach out to us.

Selling Your Home

If you are selling your property, we can help. The best way to get an accurate estimate of what your property will sell for is to get a local expert to give you an estimate.

We are partnered with agents who have a track record of getting the most money the market will allow.

Investment Properties Near George Mason University

We are big advocates of the “buy and hold” approach to investing — particularly in an area like Fairfax where you see increasing jobs and improving infrastructure every year.

Mason especially offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on rental properties: it has a large number of students who commute to campus.

This makes off campus housing in demand for the foreseeable future.

Many of these off-campus housing needs will be addressed by investors who have their properties for rent short distances to the campus.

This is another great way to build not only equity, but long term wealth investing in Northern Virginia Real Estate.

We have personally helped several clients buy both primary residences (home you will live in) and also investment properties in this area.

Currently, George Mason has seen good appreciation in home values nearby. This trend should continue in the long run. Obviously, a setback in the market would delay continued growth.


We love seeing development and improvement in the community, and George Mason University has bseen lots of updates over the years.

The George Mason University Fairfax Campus is located between Braddock Road, Chain Bridge Road, and Roberts Road in Fairfax.

The school caters to over 37,000 undergraduate and graduate students, making it one of the largest universities by headcount in Virginia.

The school has been extensively renovated over the years, and improvements both in academics and facilities are ongoing.

Mason has updated or added in recent years: Thompson Hall, Science and Technology II, the Recreation and Athletic Complex (RAC); a fitness center with three gymnasiums, racquetball courts, classrooms, and a two story fitness area and more.

The buildings are state of the art, and provide new and improved areas for learning, studying, and general overall improvement.

The Patriot Center (now Eagle Bank Arena) and other on campus complexes also provide access to numerous sports games, shows, and events such Cirque Du Soleil and GMU Patriot basketball.

The campus is 20 miles outside of Washington D.C.

The area surrounding George Mason is a good mixture of urban convenience and suburbs.

Downtown Fairfax City is just minutes from campus. This area provides access to shops, parks, and historical sites. There are also bars and restaurants that are popular among students.

Townhomes Near George Mason University

Here are some of the townhomes near the University that are popular. There are more that have been built, and the link below will cover all the townhomes currently for sale near George Mason.

Kings Park West

Kings Park West is a large neighborhood and has both single family detached homes (see below) and townhomes.

Conveniently, these townhomes are built on the south side of GMU, just across from the sports arena. Easy to walk to a basketball game.

The townhomes are built in the 1970s and 1980s. Although they are older, they have attractive brick siding and many are remodeled.

Many of the townhomes in this neighborhood are easily walkable to campus. This has made it a popular pocket of homes that has seen great growth over the years with the expansion of the college.

Lake Royal

There are quite a few communities near Lake Royal. You could access campus through Kings Park West, though the walk is farther than those townhomes.

The biggest benefit of living in this section is you can easily enjoy the activities on Lake Royal. These townhomes are also older, circa ’70s and ’80s.

Fairfax Gateway

Fairfax Gateway is another townhome community that is easily walkable to Mason. Built on the north side, the cluster can be found by crossing University Drive.

In addition, they are also newer than some of the other townhouses around. They were built in the 2000s. The style is typical of that era. This includes higher ceilings, open floor plans and 2 car attached garages.

Courthouse Square

Courthouse Square is a classic neighborhood in Fairfax City. These townhomes are further north of campus, and most likely other transportation would be used to get to campus.

However, they are walkable to amenities in Old Town Fairfax City and are charming.

Keep in mind, they have a history of being rare to go to market. If you can get ahold of one, they have a strong rental history fueled partly by George Mason students.

They are also a great place to call home.


Comstock is about a 2 mile drive to campus, down Main St. It is worth mentioning here because they often offer a bit lower price point compared to the townhomes that are walkable.

Additionally, they have a great location right next to Fair City Mall, and are right off of Main St.

Detached Homes Near George Mason University

There are even more options closeby to Mason if you are looking for a detached single family homes. Here are some of the top neighborhoods.

Kings Park West

Kings Park West also has single family homes. The neighborhood is large and the styles of homes vary.

Some are closer to campus than others, but either way mason is not far. The homes extend all the way to Lake Royal, and some have waterfront views.

North Hill

North Hill is a small community, but the homes are large and attractive. It is nestled in to the west of GMU and adjacent to the Country Club of Fairfax.

Built in the 1980s, North Hill has mostly colonial homes with 2 levels and a basement. These homes have great curb appeal, and many are extensively remodeled and renovated.

As far as rental/investment properties go, there are better neighborhoods because these homes border on being luxury homes. But the proximity to campus is great.

Warren Woods

Warren Woods is an older community, built in 1950s. It is a short drive from George Mason off of 123.

These homes are small and on an average of 10,000 sq ft lots. Warren Woods has been popular to add additions to the small homes. The fact there is no HOA makes that even easier.

George Mason Forest

George Mason Forest is built directly to the east of George Mason University. Many of the homes are walkable to campus across Roberts Rd.

There are a couple of distinct models in the neighborhood, which was built in the late 70s and early 80s. A common colonial style with attached garage, and a unique model with the upstairs extended over the attached garage.

This community does have an HOA.

Country Club View

True to its namesake, Country Club View is built around a park of the same name. This gives a lot of the homes good greenspace views.

The original community is from in the ’50s/’60s. However, there is no HOA here either and it has been a target for both new construction and additions.

Country Club View should continue to change as time passes. During strong markets more homes will be transformed with remodels, and some built new.

Condos Near George Mason University

There are less condos around George Mason University than other types of housing. The land directly around campus is largely occupied by single family houses and townhomes.

However, there are condos that are a short drive, and could be walkable depending on your tolerance for distance.

These communities are all north of the campus up near Fairfax City.

Fairfax West

Fairfax West was built in the 1960s. The units are smaller, and usually lower priced relative to other condos in the area.

They are located right across from Providence Park and just north of GMU on 123.

The condo fees, although they first appear to be on the higher end of the area, have historically also included utilities. Considering this, they are within the usual range.

Check with us to get an update, the associations at times change.

Fairfax West also has had long periods of not being FHA approved. As regulations loosen on FHA approval, the hope is condos in Fairfax will be more available to buyers with FHA loans.


Lyndhurst condos are located on Main St, farther off campus than Fairfax West. The community was built in the ’60s, and the condos are small but cozy.

The condo fees are historically reasonable compared to nearby condos, and also include utilities. Lyndhurst has had FHA approval on and off, so check with your lender if seeking FHA financing.

The neighborhood is close to lots of amenities. Lyndhurst is between Comstock Townhomes and Little River Hills. Close to both Fair City Mall and Daniels Run Park.

Mayfair On Main

Mayfair On Main was built in 2019. At the time of its completion was very much a luxury offering. They are located on Main St and University Dr.

The condos live like townhomes, with 3 levels and an open concept.

The condos are a very quick drive from the campus. They are walkable to Old Town Fairfax City and Main Street Marketplace.


I hope that this page has helped you get information about GMU and homes for sale nearby. If you have a question that is not answered here let us know and we will add the information.

Are you looking to buy an investment property? Finding a home for yourself and family to live in? Are you selling a property for a bigger home?

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