Homes in Fairfax Acres & Cobbdale, Fairfax VA

Homes for Sale in Fairfax Acres and Cobbdale

You will find a wide variety of homes for Fairfax Acres, Cobbdale and the surrounding smaller subdivisions.

Depending on the current market, you can find both new construction homes, more modest original homes and some that are remodeled or have additions.

This list is MLS backed, updates constantly and includes properties that are “coming soon” on the market.

The Neighborhoods

Northern VA is full of suburbs, and the closer in that you get to DC, the more urban the landscape is. Small lots, dense housing, and lots of busy roads are common right outside of the city.

If that sounds overwhelming, there is good news for you. There are some neighborhoods that are convenient to major roads and amenities, yet have a woodsy, spacious and “tucked away” kind of vibe.

There are several of these scattered throughout NOVA, with larger than average lots and massive mature trees providing privacy.

The homes in Fairfax Acres, Cobbdale and the small subdivisions surrounding this space offer one of those little havens.

If you are looking for a detached home with that nice combination of convenience and serenity, it is a great idea to take a look.

Living Here

Fairfax City is full of convenience, and there is more development every year. Here is where to go, what to do and some of the benefits of owning a home here.

Amenities Nearby

• Oak Marr Rec Center. This is just to the north in Oakton. Oak Marr has an indoor pool, gym, basketball and racquetball courts, a driving range, mini golf and a par 3 golf course. Get fit and have fun, sign me up.

• Close to a large selection of conveniences. Grocery, banking, shopping, offices and more are all close by.

• George Mason University. GMU was once known as a commuter school, but it has since seen a ton of growth. It is now nationally recognized for several programs including business, engineering, nursing and technology.

It also is a large employer in the area. GMU is a few miles to the south in Fairfax.

• Other jobs. You may not need to commute to find a job. There is robust office space, medical space, retail, hospitality and other places to work nearby.

• Close to schools. The public schools that feed the neighborhood have been traditionally close by, with Providence Elementary just across from the neighborhoods. There are also private schools nearby.

Things to Do

• Fairfax Corner. Just to the west is both Fairfax Corner and Fair Lakes, great places to go shopping, eating, see a movie or just stroll around.

• Parks and trails. There is a large selection of parks around Fairfax, and many have trails that you can walk, run or ride on. You can also find outdoor tot lots and playgrounds, including Cobbdale Park within that neighborhood.

• Fairfax City. Fairfax City has a quaint Old Town area where you can walk and find some local shops and restaurants. They also have events including a large fireworks and chocolate festival every year.

• Golf and other sports. You can find golf courses nearby, including the Penderbrook public course. If you look, you can also find basketball courts and tennis courts.

• Washington DC. You can go see a sporting event, a show or ballet at the Kennedy Center or just enjoy the monuments and museums. You can get there by metro or car.

Commuting and Transportation

Traffic can be pesky in Northern VA, and a lot of those delays happen waiting at lights getting to the highways. Cobbdale and Fairfax Acres have a huge advantage here because you can get to 66 from just 1 stoplight.

Route 66 will take you into DC to the east, and as far west as Front Royal. There are lots of towns in between.

The Vienna/Fairfax stop on the metro also is only 1 exit to the east on 66. You can park and ride, have someone drop you off or also take the metro bus, which stops closeby.

Home Styles

There is a wide variety of homes in this area, built in all different time periods. The original homes in the area were built mostly during the 1950s, and featured primarily ramblers, colonials and cape cods.

However, there is no HOA in these communities so additions are common. Many of the original homes have also been razed for new homes at some point.

Many of the lots are a half acre or more, but some have been subdivided so are smaller.

New Construction Homes

The large lots and demand for spaciousness has made Fairfax Acres, Cobbdale and the surrounding land in demand for new construction homes.

You can usually find some spec builds or custom homes being built at any given time. The styles and sizes have varied over the years, but because of the size of the lots the possibilities are plentiful.

Selling a Home in Fairfax Acres & Cobbdale

The chart above shows the median sale price of single family homes in Fairfax City over the last 2 years. This can give you a general idea of the market. But lots of factors go into pricing a home.

If you are thinking of selling, we know this area of Fairfax well, and have helped many homeowners maximize their profit depending on their unique situation. The first step is to get a home value estimate and meet with a local expert.

The market is always changing and so is how buyers search for homes. With the right approach, you can sell a home in this area quickly and not sacrifice on the contract price.


Fairfax Acres, Cobbdale and the surrounding subdivisions are well established, in a great location and have a very robust selection of homes built at various times.

Are you looking to move? Get in touch with us below.

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