New Construction Homes For Sale In Fairfax VA

Buying a New Home

There is no place like home. Especially if it is a brand new home.

Northern VA is a popular area for new construction. More and more land is being purchased to make way for new communities.

Everything from condos, townhomes to single family homes are available. Start your search for homes for sale now to see what is currently out there.

Some communities boast large luxury homes, and other builders build more modest with first time home buyers in mind.

Older homes are also being demolished, in addition to raw land, and in their place new homes with modern styles are built.

I love new homes, I have been involved in helping buyers just like you navigate the new home process for many years.

The styles of building changes, the materials change and the areas where building is popular changes.

But one thing that will never change is that great feeling of seeing your home being built over time and being the first live there when it is done.

New Home Buyer’s Guide

After you browse around the homes on this page, make sure you head over to read my new home buyer’s guide.

The guide covers everything about searching for a new home, inspections, financing, contracts and more.

Where is Fairfax?

If you found this page you could be looking for one of three different areas. Fairfax County, Fairfax City, or simply Fairfax as identified by address. Yes, they are a little different.

Fairfax County is massive, the biggest County per capita in Northern VA and includes much of the Fairfax mailing address.

If this is the area you are looking, you will have the most options for new homes because it includes multiple towns and covers a large area.

See the map below, the outline is Fairfax County. The “hole” in the middle is where Fairfax City lies. In a healthy market, new construction happens all over Northern VA.

Fairfax City is a small area that is near the center of Fairfax County. This area has seen an increase in new construction over the years.

And building will continue. Especially picks up in times when the market is strong.

The final area covered is Fairfax the town. This is just outside Fairfax City.

If you are from out of town, this is confusing you for sure.

But do not worry. Take a look at the new homes, and if you have questions you can reach out to me from any listing page.

New Homes for Sale in Fairfax County

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Fairfax County includes some hotbeds for new construction. It is a large and diverse geographical area, so you will want to do some narrowing down.

Some of the tops towns for new construction homes include Vienna, Oakton, McLean, Great Falls, Falls Church and others.

You will find all types of new homes in Fairfax County. New condo developments, single family homes and townhomes.

Condo complexes in Fairfax County are often built with retail space on the first floor.

There are less very large new condos and townhome communities in Fairfax County than in some other areas with more land. Most are smaller communities.

There are plenty of single family homes being built replacing an older home on the same lot.

New Homes for Sale in Fairfax City

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Fairfax City is a much smaller area, so you will not find as many selections. Over the years there have been all kinds of new homes for sale.

However the signature turnover has been single family homes.

Fairfax City has many older homes, relative to some other parts of Fairfax. With time most of these will be torn down to make way for more modern new homes.

New Homes for Sale in Fairfax VA

Fairfax the mailing address extends out to Fair Lakes shopping center to the west, down past George Mason University to the south, and include Mantua to the east.

This area goes through times of significant new construction, but many of the areas to the west have already been built up.

As the area ages through the years, there will be times when there are new communities going up to replace old ones. This is the circle of real estate life.

Mantua has seen a plethora of new homes over the years, and it will continue to turn over with time.

There are great treed lots and a great location in Mantua.

Tips for Buying a New Home

Do your research first. I can help with this. Contact me or check out my new home guide (link here). Buying a new home is great, but you want to make sure it is the right decision.

• Buy in an established area. You do not want to be the only one in your neighborhood in new construction. And you also do not want to buy into a new community where nothing is selling.

Look for an area where new homes have a good track record. Do not be the pioneer unless you are sure that others will follow.

Plan to hold onto the home. When buying new construction, you often pay a premium. Many times it is worth it. But this is especially true if you plan to own the house long term.

If you buy a new condo, maybe it can be a long term investment property should you need to move out.

Get inspections. Many buyers skip the inspection on a new home. You may be tempted to do the same. But keep in mind builders are not perfect.

Your inspector will help you make sure the builder does a quality job.

Negotiate on incentives. Builders tend to be more flexible by giving you options for cash toward closing costs, or money to use toward the design center.

They often do not like to negotiate on the base price. But I always say it does not hurt to ask.

Make sure you have flexibility. New construction can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year or more, depending on many factors and when you get your contract. Make sure that you have somewhere to live in the meantime.

Ask an expert. I have been through the construction process many times, with many builders and many types of projects. I can help you as well.

Next Steps

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I would love to join you on your journey to your new home.

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