New Homes in Falls Church VA

In real estate, location is (almost) everything. The rest is how much you love the home that you buy.

These 2 factors have made new construction homes in Falls Church VA very popular.

The area is known for high end, high quality properties that are supported by convenience of being close to both DC and other urban areas of VA.

If you are considering a new home, Falls Church is definitely worth a look.

This page has homes for sale, popular areas/neighborhoods, amenities and more.

Falls Church City VA

Falls Church City is a small, independent city that is full of charm, convenience and spacious neighborhoods with large homes from various eras.

As a former resident, I can tell you it is a great place to live, work and play all in one.

Top Neighborhoods in Falls Church City


The Broadmont neighborhood of Falls Church City is one of Northern VA’s little gems of new construction homes.

Broadmont is tucked just south of the East Falls Church Metro stop, making it walkable to the train if you commute.

The original homes were built throughout the early to mid 1900s, giving the neighborhood some classic charm.

It is also home to some of the area’s nicest new construction homes. The lots are large giving the builders flexibility on what they can build.

If you see a home you like in Broadmont, act fast. The neighborhood is notorious for low turnover and listings selling quickly.

Crossman Estate

Crossman Estate is directly north of Broadmont. In fact, it is often referred to as Broadmont as you would not really know you crossed over at all.

Crossman also has larger than average lots, and is popular if you are looking for high end new homes in Falls Church.

This area is also walkable to east falls church metro and an easy walk to the shops on Westmoreland for a quick bite and other conveniences.

Virginia Forest

Virginia Forest is a small enclave of homes that is western portion of the Falls Church City. It is located to the south of Broad St, which is the main road running through the City.

The original homes were started throughout the 1930s and 40s, and the neighborhood started to see turnover into new construction starting around 2000.

Virginia Forest has easy access to the little downtown area of Falls Church City.

Ellison Heights

Ellison Heights is located on the far west side of the Falls Church City boundary.

It is walkable to the West Falls Church metro, and sits directly adjacent to Haycock Elementary.

Ellison Heights has enjoyed a large uptick in new construction homes and is very sought after.

Fowler’s Addition

Fowler’s Addition is located to the south of Broad St, and is a little section of about 150 homes.

These smaller, older homes also are popular for razing and rebuilding high end new homes.

The area shares walkability to West Falls Church Metro and dining/shops.

Great Forest

Great Forest is a small group of about 75 homes directly behind Broadale Village, a popular shopping center in Falls Church City.

The lots are smaller than, say, Broadmont. However, it is still a great place to look for a new construction home.

The walkability factor alone makes it worth a look.

Greenway Downs

Greenway Downs is on the southern border of Falls Church City.

The lots are on the smaller side, but many offer a quarter of an acre lot.

Development in Greenway Downs started to pick up in the later 2010s, and will continue in times of economic expansion.

New Homes for Sale in Falls Church City VA

Here are the new construction homes. Our MLS backed search is updated constantly and also includes “coming soon” properties.


Falls Church City has many amenities and benefits for its residents. Here is a list of some of them.

• Convenience. A large portion of Falls Church City is walkable to shops, restaurants, the small downtown area and to a couple of different metro stops.

• Charm. Among the new construction are also some charming older buildings that give the area an established feel.

• Access to DC. The big city is an easy few metro stops or quick drive on 66. Whether it is for business or pleasure, you can be downtown quickly.

• Community. Falls Church City is a small place, and with that is opportunity to meet your neighbors. Falls Church City has events and also a popular Farmer’s Market year round.

• Access to nature. The W&OD trail is very close to many of these neighborhoods, popular for biking, running or just walking. There are also many parks closeby.

• Jobs. Falls Church City is also home to a large job market from hospitality, healthcare, education, tech and more.

Builders in Falls Church City

Falls Church City is a small jurisdiction with a relatively small selection of neighborhoods.

Many of the builders in the area specialize in Falls Church City and sometimes neighboring areas of McLean, Arlington, Vienna etc.

Because the new homes are usually high end, you will find that a majority of the builders are smaller operations. And the homes are mostly built in the place of an existing older home.

If you want to know the best current builders in Falls Church City, get in touch with me.

Falls Church VA (Fairfax County)

Falls Church VA is much more than just the City of Falls Church. Much of the mailing address of Falls Church is contained within Fairfax County, and borders from the McLean area and down to Annandale/Merrifield.

Each section is different and offers its own amenities, neighborhoods and things to do.

Top Neighborhoods in Falls Church VA

Here are some of the notable neighborhoods in the Falls Church area if you are looking for a new construction home.

Pimmit Hills

Pimmit Hills is an incredible place to look for your new construction home. The community was built in the 1950s, and the original homes are very small on quarter acre lots.

Pimmit Hills is large, with over 1100 homes. It has seen an explosion of new construction over the years.

The home values should continue to rise as the neighborhood turns over.

It is located very close to a Silver Line Metro station and just up the road from the bustling Tysons Corner area.


There are a handful neighborhoods right off of Westmoreland St. that have some beautiful new homes.

These homes have commonly shared a school district with McLean, as they are right on the edge of a McLean zip code.

You can find both spec builds for sale here, and you may also see custom home opportunities.

This area includes Westmore Gardens, Westmore Park, Brilyn Park, Churchill and others.

Ellison Heights

Ellison Heights is a quaint area just south of 66. It has, on average, much smaller lots than some other neighborhoods that are nearby.

The result of the small lots is many of new homes are similar to a row home, narrow but deep with your neighbors closeby.

It is perfect if you want a new home in an amazingly convenient area at a relatively good price.

Poplar Heights

Poplar Heights is an ideal location to keep an eye out for new construction homes for sale.

It is located to the south of Broad St, and is closeby to a small 9 hole Jefferson golf course.

The neighborhood sees lots of new construction as the lots are mostly a quarter acre and the original homes were fairly small, making way for larger homes to be built.

West Falls Church Neighborhoods

The west side of Falls Church is close to Merrifield and Route 50 one of many major roads through the area.

This area is large with many older homes and the lot size varies, but most are a quarter acre to a half acre.

West Falls Church has an eclectic group of new homes that are built, with varying styles.

This area has lots of good new homes for sale, and the price point is not as high as other sections of Falls Church.

Although it is farther from DC, it has its own set of amenities that is also growing as more development is done.

Neighborhoods include West Lawn, Woodley, Ambrose hills and more.

New Homes for Sale in Falls Church VA

Here is a list of the new homes currently available in Falls Church.


Which amenities you will be close to depends on which neighborhood you find your new home.

• Close to Tysons. New homes in Pimmit Hills and off of Westmoreland are very close to Tysons Corner. This area is home to a luxury shopping mall, tons of corporate office space, dining, entertainment and more.

• Access to metro. The silver line metro runs through Tysons and McLean, and the orange line through Falls Church as well. This gives quick access to multiple Northern VA areas.

• Highway access. 495, 66, and 267 are major highways that connect to DC, Maryland, other parts of NOVA and beyond.

• Merrifield development. If you are looking for a new home in West Falls Church, the long term outlook is good. The mosaic district continues to grow and it is also close to Inova hospital.

New Home Builders in Falls Church

There is a large pool of builders in Falls Church. Many builders specialize in either the eastern portion of Falls Church or the western side, but there is also some overlap.

Most of the builders in these sections also tear down an old home and build a new home. However, occasionally there may be a subdivided lot or a small community.


Falls Church is is a great place to live, and an even better place to look for a new home.

If you are interested in looking at other areas in Northern VA and learning about the process, see this guide on new homes in Northern VA.

What are the next steps in your home search?

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