New Construction Homes in Vienna, VA

New Construction Homes for Sale in Vienna VA

Here are the current new homes for sale in Vienna. This includes the 22180, 22181 and 22182 zip codes.

There are also builders who may have new construction projects upcoming in Vienna, so reach out to us if you are in the market for building.

Vienna is one of Northern VA’s top towns for new construction homes. It has been one of the most popular areas to build since the 1990s, and for good reason.

A harmonious blend of suburbs, convenience and old town charm, it is a great place to call home. Top it off with an ideal location in the great metro area, and Vienna is a great place to buy new construction.

Are you looking in other towns as well? Check out our guide on new homes in Northern VA.

First, let’s look at some of the benefits of becoming a resident in Vienna.

Living in Vienna VA

• Town of Vienna

Maple Ave (Rt 123) is the main street that runs through the small town. The area is known for its small local shops, restaurants, coffee shops and historic charm.

There is also an abundance of modern convenience, from gyms, banks, grocery stores and more.

The neighborhoods in the Town of Vienna are a great place to look for new construction homes.

The town of Vienna makes up the 22180 zip code. The Vienna mailing address also extends into nearby areas outside of the town.

On the outskirts of Vienna is Rt 66 to the south, along with some condos and the Vienna stop on the orange line metro rail.

• Tysons Corner

Just beyond the Town of Vienna on 123 is Tysons Corner. Here you will find an urbanized area filled with two luxury malls, hundreds of restaurants/stores and more.

Tysons is also home to offices of some of Northern VA’s largest employers. Development continues in the area with more entertainment, walkability and transportation being added.

The silver line metro has a stop in Tysons.

• Schools

Vienna feeds into several different school districts, depending on which zip code you purchase a home in.

Like much of Northern VA, there are a few high schools and middle schools, while there are more smaller elementary schools.

When you are looking online at homes, you can check which schools the home will feed into using the official Fairfax County School Boundary locator.

• Outdoor Activities

A gazebo with a dock set over a small man made lake in Vienna VA.
Meadowlark offers Vienna residents a peaceful escape for a leisurely walk or event.

Vienna has a large selection of awesome parks, sporting facilities and entertainment in the great outdoors.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a 100 acre plat of land that has multiple gardens, a large pond flora and fauna and holds activities and special events including a Christmas lights show and weddings.

Nottoway Park has multiple sporting activities like basketball, tennis, volleyball and a fitness trail. There is also a historic mansion on the property available for rent.

Perhaps the most unique park is The Wolf Trap National Park for Performing Arts. A sought after venue in Northern VA, Wolftrap has multiple amphitheaters both large and small.

Here you can see musicians, plays and other entertainment.

On top of all that, if you are an avid biker, runner or walker the W & OD trail runs right through the heart of the town of Vienna. This is a long trail that runs from Arlington to Purcellville.

• Convenience

One of the great things about living in Vienna is you will find everything you need in a very small radius.

Do you like shopping at small, local businesses? They are right in the town of Vienna. Prefer to do your shopping at a mall? Tysons is right up the road. Organic grocery stores? They are right off the main street.

There are also gyms, trails, office space, banks and everything else you would expect to need right nearby.

If you need to travel out of Vienna, it is close to major highways and also multiple metro stops. Travelling to DC can be done easily via either metro or car.

Types of New Homes in Vienna VA

There is a wide range of homes that are built in different sections of Vienna. You can find condos, townhomes and all kinds of large single family homes.

Here are some of the top sections of Vienna to build a home.

• Vienna Woods

Starting in the early 2000s, Vienna Woods became one of the most sought after neighborhoods to build a new home and that has continued, and for good reason.

Living in this neighborhood means you will be a short walk or drive to Maple Ave, which is where you can find the Town Of Vienna’s shops and charming historic area.

Vienna Woods is a neighborhood made up of modest size lots of various sizes, mostly around a third of an acre.

The original homes are older and smaller, mostly ramblers or split levels.

You can find many styles of homes in Vienna Woods built over the years, from modern farmhomes, craftsman, contemporary and everything in between.

There is also a highly sought after pool that has a dive and swim team, there is a long waitlist but well worth it.

• Tysons

Tysons Corner has its own mailing address, but a section shares a zip code with Vienna. Tysons is well known for building luxury high rise condo buildings. However, you can also find some other types of new construction.

Much of the Tysons area is walkable to the silver line metro and/or other amenities such as the mall and other stores.

• North Vienna

North of Maple Ave, there is plenty of land that was originally occupied by older homes.

Here you can find lots of suitable lots to build a new construction home. Close to Maple Ave, the landscape is similar to Vienna woods with a cozy suburban feel, yet walkable to the everything that the town of Vienna has to offer.

Farther north, up Beulah Rd and Lawyers Rd it becomes more “woodsy” with larger lots. Here Vienna borders Reston, Oakton and Great Falls.

This area sees lots of large new construction homes, and although it is further from the town of Vienna it is close to other sections of Northern VA such as Reston Town Center.

Builders in Vienna VA

There are a large selection of quality new home builders in Vienna.

Most likely, you are not looking for a specific builder but a house that you want to live in for a long, long time.

But getting a quality builder is important, and getting one who has a good reputation is essential.

After all, you will want them to be in business for the long term since you will have builder warranties.

Whether it is a new builder or one who has been in the business for decades, if you are buying a home that is not completed yet it is a good idea to get into one of their model homes first or see a completed project.

No matter what builder you sign a contract with, it is a good idea to get an independent home inspection at various times through the process.

Tips For Finding a New Home in Vienna VA

• Work with an expert. Whether you are just starting to look or have questions, a real estate agent with new construction knowledge is a must.

If you are looking for answers, I can help. My team and I have extensive new construction experience throughout Northern VA.

• How can your new home fit your lifestyle? Getting clear on what you want is crucial. Make a list of what you must have, what you would like to have and what is not as important.

You will never get all of what you want, but being clear about what is most important will help you compare with what is on the market in what area.

• Get your timeline & budget down. This will help you determine whether you will be looking for something almost complete (less of a wait, less customization) or just starting construction (more customization, longer delivery date).

Also, having a budget in mind makes sure that you are looking at homes that you will be able to buy.

• Choose an area. Whether you want to be in the Town of Vienna or a bit farther out, getting clear on where you want to be will help you be ready to make an offer when you are ready.

If your home is more important than the area, then you will want to know you have some flexibility.

Selling First?

Many times, you will need to get your home under contract before closing on your new home. Builders are used to this and we have extensive experience with helping clients buy and sell.

The first step is to get your home evaluated by an expert.


Are you beginning to look for new construction homes in Vienna and other Northern VA towns? We can help.

Let us know what questions you have and I would be glad to answer them.

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