New Homes in McLean VA

New Homes For Sale in McLean VA

This map gives you an overview of McLean and where the current new construction homes are located. As you can see, there are a few different sections of McLean each with some different types and prices of homes.

If you have a question about what area works best for you, reach out to us.

McLean real estate is easily among the best of the best in Northern VA.

It has premier land, located along the Potomac river and stretching to Tysons Corner. And unlike some of the neighbors to the east, the lots are larger with ample green space.

McLean also has some of the most impressive new construcion in the area. Because of the larger lots, many of the homes are very large and attractive. You can find everything from classic estates to sleek and bold modern homes.

A large modern home is shown, with lots of windows, light colored stucco and cement for the structure. Frosted glass garage.
A large, modern home in McLean VA built by Monarch Construction in 2020.

McLean is consistently noted as being home to the priciest zip codes in all of Virginia. But there is good reason for this.

This article will explore new homes for sale in McLean, tips on finding a new home and also some of the great benefits of building in the area.

For a full guide on buying a new home in Northern VA, see the complete guide.

New Single Family Homes in McLean VA

If you are in the market for a new home in McLean, you are most likely looking for a single family home. This type of property is the signature of the area, especially new luxury homes on relatively large lots.

The type of architecture and price vary. Some are in more standard subdivisions, and others are more private.

The Langley area has very sought after new construction homes often for sale, along with the gold coast, which lies in the land on the McLean side of the potomac.

New homes that you see for sale are most often spec homes, or a builder has built the home to sell on the open market. But many of them can also be customized depending on when in the process you get involved.

New Condos in McLean VA

McLean also has luxury condo buildings developed you will find units for sale from time to time.

There are 2 areas that have a collection of condo buildings. The first is close to the business district of McLean.

Although small, the downtown McLean area goes through periods of redevelopment. Often this will include very attractive new condos.

The other area where you are likely to find condos is on the western end of McLean by Tyson’s Corner. Because of the proximity to the metro and amount of high rise buildings, new condos are common here.

New Townhomes in McLean VA

Of these three property types, new townhomes are the least common in McLean.

Though there is an occasional townhome development over the years, the land in McLean is mostly occupied with large single family homes.

For townhomes in McLean currently for sale see this guide.

New “Luxury” Homes

What is a luxury home? There is no set definition. So to some degree, it is quite personal.

In general; prime location, quality construction and finishes, size, privacy and relative market price all play a factor. In this sense, McLean is a prime area if you are looking for homes that are a notch above the rest of Northern VA.

Many new homes in McLean you will see marketed as luxury, and some are undeniably mansions.

There are also builders that specialize in building custom luxury homes that are a step above in finishes, architecture and size. Reach out to us if you want to know where to look, and we can set up some interviews.

New Homes in Langley VA

Probably the most popular area to find new construction in McLean is Langley. Langley is a part of McLean, but is distinctly recognizable by name.

“Langley” is sometimes referring to the CIA headquarters, which is quietly tucked into the woods off the GW parkway.

The Langley area also is known for having beautiful new construction in many of its neighborhoods. For more on neighborhoods and homes in the Langley area, see this guide.

Communities With New Homes

These neighborhoods and areas have a history of seeing new construction homes built.

Franklin Park

West McLean

Potomac Hills


Devon Park

McLean Manor

Salona Village

New Home Builders in McLean VA

Whether you are looking for a lot to build on, or looking to buy a new home that is on the market, you may have questions about your builder.

Many of the builders in McLean are smaller companies that specialize in new homes in Northern VA. There are many reputable builders.

It is always a good idea to check them out before buying or hiring them for building a custom home. Here are some tips for researching your builder.

Ask to see a model home or completed home. A good builder is usually a busy builder. Ask to see other projects they have completed in the area.

They may even have one similar to what you are buying and can let you walk through it to see the completed project.

Ask for references. Ask to speak with their last few clients, or a client who is living in a similar home. Ask them about how the building process went.

Lookup past projects. See how many homes your builder has built in the area that you are looking.

Use a real estate agent with experience. Ask your agent about the builder, a good agent will know who the best builders in McLean are.

Get a home inspection. No matter how expensive or talented a builder is, your home will not be perfect. It is still a good idea to protect yourself by getting a home inspection, even on a new home.

Have a Home to Sell?

If you need to sell your property to get a new home, the first step is to get an expert opinion on your home value.

We have helped many buy and sell simultaneously.

Living in McLean VA

McLean is a wonderful place to live. Here are some of the top reasons why.

• Proximity to the big city. Washington DC is right across the Potomac, and can be accessed via multiple bridges with a quick drive.

Entertainment, culture, dining, museums, sports and more are right there. Not to mention you may work in the city, as many McLean residents do.

• Prime real estate. The land is so close to everything and yet still offers many areas of privacy. This combination makes McLean unique and sought after.

• Business District. The quaint downtown area is a great mix of small businesses and larger stores to get what you need.

• Tysons Corner. On the west end, this small urban area features two large malls and some of the best dining in the area. It also frequently has shows entertainment. This is where the silver line metro is located.

•Schools. McLean is home to many private schools, for all ages of children.

This include The Potomac School, The Langley School, The Madeira School and many more.

For more information on the public schools in McLean, see greatschools.

•Accessibility. McLean has easy access to several of the Northern VA’s main highways and roads including 495, 267 and others.


Are you thinking of buying a new home in McLean? Trying to decide between new and resale? We can help. We have extensive experience in McLean and with new homes.

Get in touch today to chat about your goals or you can set an appointment to come by our office, located on Elm St. in McLean.

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