Union Park Condos & Townhomes in Tysons Corner McLean, VA

Homes For Sale in Union Park

This is a current list of homes for sale in Union Park, including both The Brownstones and Lofts. The list will constantly update as homes come on the market and sell.

Our MLS backed search also includes ‘coming soon’ listings and recently under contract properties.

Welcome To McLean

Union Park is a community of multi level condos built next door to the bustling East District of Tysons Corner in McLean, VA.

The community was built by the national builder Toll Brothers between 2021-2023.

The community is walkable both to metro, dining, entertainment, all types of shopping, nightlife and more.

If walkability, access to DC via train and a neighborhood close to tons of things to do is important to you, then Union Park is an area to keep on your short list.

The Homes

The homes at Union Park are all multi-level condo units. There are 2 level condos & 2 level with landing and loft (The Lofts) and 4 level townhome-style homes (The Brownstones).

The interior layouts vary, but overall utilize an open floor plan on the main level, with clear sight lines from front to back and large entertaining areas and central kitchen with an island.

The owner’s bedrooms are also well sized, many featuring walk in closets and private luxury bathroom.

Here are some of the features of each. The availability of these will depend on what is on the market at any given time, listed above.

The Brownstones

The Brownstones are 4 levels, and are built townhome style, so you only share 1-2 walls on the sides of the homes (depending on if you get an end unit or interior).

The models include the Guell, Humbolt, McCaren and more. Each has a different layout and slightly different features.

The Brownstones have a large 2 car garage and living space on the entry level of the homes, some of which are finished into bedrooms or offices with a bathroom.

These townhomes average about 2300 square feet, with some larger and some smaller but not by much. They feel larger however, and some finished space is sacrificed for the garage, rooftop terrace and elevator shafts.

The rooftop terraces are spacious and a great spot for entertaining or just relaxing.

Another unique feature of The Brownstones is the fact that they have an elevator shaft that travels all 4 levels. You can install your own, or it is possible that they already have an elevator installed.

The Lofts

The Lofts feature a handful of models, and some models have some variations in the floor plans which means there is a large selection of layouts to choose from. Most of them are based on the Hyde and Griffith models.

These condos vary in square footage from about 1500 square feet to about 2800 square feet.

The Hyde are 2 stories, with the bottom walk in level containing the kitchen and living areas. This level also has a 1 car garage entrance. The 2nd story has the bedrooms.

The Griffith, the larger model, has small first level than contains the garage and foyer area. The main level and upstairs contain the living area and bedrooms, respectively.

The Griffith models are special if you are looking for outdoor space. They have an optional rooftop terrace with a small loft area. Some of these rooftop terraces also were built with a fireplace.

The Griffith also has a covered terrace on the main level.

This model is perfect for you if you like to have a place to relax, take a break or work outside and still have some privacy and quiet.

Community Amenities

Residents in Union Park have condo ownership interest in their properties, which means the association maintains common areas and owns the land.

There is a fire pit for residents to enjoy with their neighbors and guests.

The exterior of the buildings are very attractive with brick siding and a modern look.

There are less amenities within Union Park than some other communities closeby. But, this also has historically kept the fees on the lower side of average for condo.

Fees adjust over time so if you want to know an estimate of the current fees reach out to us.

Union Park is also located in an extremely amenity rich and accessible area of Tysons Corner, so you will not need to go far to find things to do and to take care of any errands.

The Area

A map with markers that show the community, the proximity to metro and the areas major employer. This map covers Tysons Corner in Virginia.
Here you can see how close union park is to the metro, Scott’s Run, and Capital One. To the west you can also see Tysons Center & Galleria.

Here is just a sample of some of the things nearby to Union Park, both in Tysons Corner and driveable a bit farther away.

  • Tysons Corner Center. A quick drive, bus ride or ambitious walk away. This has high end dining, luxury shopping, entertainment and more.
  • McLean Metro. The silver line is just about a 10 minute walk to the north. This area also has shops, grocery stores and more.
  • Capital One Campus. Capital One is historically one of the biggest employers in the area and is headquartered just beyond the metro station, making it walkable in 15ish minutes.
  • Capital One Hall. A venue for music, plays, shows and other entertainment is also walkable for a night out. There are fine dining restaurants and more casual places nearby.
  • The Boro. Restaurants, grocery and more stores are located here, which is a quick drive away.
  • Tysons Galleria. A high end, luxury shopping center located to the north of the Galleria, this area has some great restaurants, luxury brand stores and find jewelry and gifts.
  • Walkable to grocery. There is a grocery store (and a couple of other small shops) that is just across from the development, with a gas station as well.
  • Downtown McLean. McLean’s business district is quieter, more quaint area than Tysons Corner, and accessible by car for Union Park residents. Great for a night out or to visit some specialty stores.
  • Scott’s Run. Easily walkable to Scott’s Run, which features a large amount of stores shopping, places to sit and relax and more.

Selling a Home

Do you need to sell to move into Union Park? Or maybe you are selling your property in the community.

Either way, our team of experts can help. The first step in a successful sale is having an expert evaluate your property.

Nearby Communities

Here are some other communities in the McLean/Tysons Corner area that are worth taking a look at.


Union Park offers large, multi level condos, many of them townhome style in the heart of Tysons Corner east district and Scott’s Run.

The townhome style units are elevator ready, or have their own private elevator installed.

Are you beginning to research purchasing a home? We are based in McLean and have real estate experts ready to help in nearly all areas of Northern VA.

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