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Living in Fair Lakes, Fairfax VA Townhomes

If you are just starting your search for a home, welcome. Townhomes in Fairfax County are a good choice, and Fair Lakes offers some of the best amenities around for homeowners.

See my guide on Fairfax VA townhomes for an overview of the whole area.

As I stated above, townhomes are a good investment. For starters, townhomes have a history of going up in value, and many neighborhoods have a history of appreciation relative to a condo.

Also, they are not as much maintenance as a single family detached home because they have smaller plats of land.

If you stumbled on this article, you are probably looking to live in or close to Fair Lakes and are looking for more info on the area, or specifically what is available for sale.

Good news, I will cover all of this. If you want to get right to the properties, there is a link 4 paragraphs down so keep reading.

Let’s dive in to what Fair Lakes has to offer, and the different townhome communities in the Fair Lakes area. If you want to live somewhere that has a lot of options for restaurants, activities and also nightlife, it is a great choice.

The best option for trendy bars and restaurants is not far away at Fairfax Corner and Fair Lakes also has some good restaurants in and of itself.

It is located close to Rt. 66 as you can see from the map which makes for an easy commute in and out of the area.

Fair Lakes is a nice mix of suburban living, being close to things to do and access to main highways to get to get to DC or other parts of Northern VA.

Townhomes For Sale in Fair Lakes

Are you the kind of person who jumps in, and then will read the guide later? No problem. You can use the map to search for townhomes in Fair Lakes.

More about Fair Lakes

First of all, is Fair Lakes a city? A town? A mall? The term is said often by Northern Virginians but if you moving here from out of town, you might be confused.

Fair Lakes is actually not a town and does not have its own mailing address, however it is a Census Designated Place as of 2010 . It is composed of several shopping centers, and an office park on the western side of Fairfax VA.

It also has several townhome communities, and other types of properties and is closeby to some larger single family home communities as well.

Fair Lakes shopping center and office park were built and also currently managed by Peterson Companies.

The townhomes and other properties in Fair Lakes were built by various builders. Some smaller local builders and some bigger national builders.

Peterson Companies still has a nice office that overlooks one of the small lakes in the area, which is bordered by a walking trail.

Areas & Townhome communities of Fair Lakes

East Market

Fair Lakes has a huge amount of great amenities. One of my favorite spots in Fair Lakes is East Market. East market has a condo community in it called Elan at East Market.

Although these are condos and not townhomes, they are worth mentioning because they are walkable to the flagship Whole Foods in the area.

There are also some townhomes that are condo ownership behind this community, that are quite popular and equally convenient to all the shops at East Market.

East Market section of Fair Lakes is also home to Dicks Sporting Goods, Macys, Starbucks, Pei Wei and other good shopping options.

Whole Foods in Fair Lakes is the pinnacle of grocery shopping and a good time.

The Whole Foods at East Market is no ordinary Whole Foods, as it boasts multiple restaurants, a sports bar, an upstairs wine bar and is one of the largest Whole Foods on the east coast.

This is a great spot for a date night, dinner out, drinks, watching the football game or getting household groceries. If you do it all in the same evening you get a medal (joke). If you think it sounds too good to be true, go check it out!

Fair Lakes Square

The closest townhome community to East Market is a tiny community that is included in the greater Fair Lakes subdivision.

Called Fair Lakes Square, it is a small community of luxury townhomes built in 2009. There are only 13 townhomes.

Yep, you read that right, 13.

They are sought after because they are in a great location. Not to mention, also walkable to East Market just across Fair Lakes Parkway. If you want one of these, be patient and see this guide for some tips.

Cavalier Landing, two level condo style townhomes in Fairfax VA.

Fair Crest, Gates of Fair Lakes & Fair Valley Drive

Another section of Fair Lakes is directly to the west of East Market on Fair Lakes Blvd. Fair Crest is a group of units built by Centex in the late 1990s.

These units are what are known as “Townhome style condos”. That essentially means that they are condos, but live a bit like a townhome with 2 levels and bedrooms upstairs.

So you will not own the land that the home is built on, but you still get a multi level property with bedrooms mostly on a different level than the main living area.

The Gates of Fair Lakes is a community directly behind Fair Crest, and is another community that features late 1990s townhome style condos.

There are pros and cons to buying a condo style townhome in Fairfax VA so get in touch if you want to discuss that further.

This section is built similarly to Fair Crest, however they are a bit bigger and many of them have attached garages as well.

Right next to these two condo style townhomes on Fair Valley Drive are a cluster of true “fee simple” townhomes. In real estate speak, “fee simple” is a term that means you own your land.

With a condo, you own inside the walls. The townhomes on Fair Valley Drive were built in the late ’90s. Along with some great music of our time. Just me? …OK.

These townhomes are big, about 2,000 square feet. Additionally, they have what is common to lots of townhomes in Fairfax VA built in this era.

This is an open floor plan and higher ceilings that give a great sense of space. The kitchens generally open to the living or dining room.

One great feature of these townhomes is that many of them have a view of the next door lake.

Any lake view property will almost always boost the value of the townhome, although you will also pay a bit more. Paying for a view is a common occurrence in real estate.

Willow Oaks and The Green at Fair Lakes

West toward the Centreville VA border are two very popular clusters of Townhomes in Fair Lakes. Willow Oaks borders the otherside of the man made lake across from Fair Valley Dr.

Although they do not offer very good lake views, these townhomes are luxurious, with stone and brick fronts, and approximately 2500 square feet on some models with attached garages.

Bordering Stringfellow Rd is the Greens at Fair Lakes.

This community was built in the early to mid 1990s, and vary from about 2,000 square feet with the larger, end unit models going up to 2500 square feet.

Some of these units have 1 car garages, and some 2 car. They are brick and brick & vinyl exteriors.

The Greens sports its own lake to the east, with many of those townhomes getting really great lake views.

Many of the townhomes in Fair Lakes have been extensive updated with newer kitchens and bathrooms. However like all real estate that varies by what the owner has done.

Fair Lakes Shopping Center

Fair Lakes is built around a few large areas of shopping. However, the most iconic in the area is Fair Lakes shopping center. This area is across from the neighborhoods mentioned above.

There are a lot of stores that it includes as you can see from it’s website. Some of the notable stores include Target, Walmart, BJs and a whole lot of great restaurants, coffee shops and other conveniences.

North side of Fair Lakes

North of Fair Lakes Shopping Center on Fairfax County Parkway are a few townhome communities that are a great combination of quiet and convenient. The first is Birch Pond.

This is a great community because it has a combination of smaller townhomes, and also some very large, luxury townhomes that are stucco and stone exterior and are quite nice to look at.

The curb appeal are among my favorite in this area.

Second, right across from the parkway, there are a group of quaint townhomes that are classified as Fair Lakes subdivision and known as North Lake.

They are smaller contemporary townhomes with a relatively lower price tag than some of their neighboring Fairfax communities.

Last, the largest community in the north end is known as Stone Creek Crossing. This community has townhomes that are classic of luxury Fairfax townhomes built in the late 1990s.

Stately colonial looking brick fronts, two car garages, open kitchens and large master suites with master bathrooms with separate soaking tubs. This community goes right up next to Fair Lakes Court and Fair Ridge.

Fair Lakes Court and Fair Ridge Townhomes

The largest section of Fair Lakes Townhomes. They have a really good proximity to Fairfax Town Center, which has been redeveloped over the years. It could be brand new and flashy by the time you read this.

Fair Lakes Court boasts the larger townhomes of these two communities.

The average model is more than 2,100 sqaure feet, and many have attached 2 car garages. The townhomes in this area are in a great location because of the easy access to Monument Dr.

This road leads to Fairfax Towne Center, and once you cross route 66 there is the even larger town center called Fairfax Corner. In addtion to some of the nicest restaurants in the area, they also have movie theaters.

Row of townhomes in Fairfax VA.
A row of townhomes off of Monument Dr. on Vernoy Hills. The middle was listed by our team and sold.

Fair Ridge is unique to the Fair Lakes area because it was built in the mid 1980s, and is the largest by number of townhomes in the area.

It spans across Monument drive. These townhomes are a bit smaller than their counterparts built in the later ’90s. However, they have an incredible location.

And best of all, they are a quick drive to Fairfax Corner, and a large portion of these townhomes are walkable to Fairfax Town Centre.

If you see the link in the paragraph above, it is from the Fair Ridge association as they are quite interested in the progress of work being done at the Town Centre.

Cedar Lakes & Centrepointe III

Cedar Lakes is another great townhome community in the Fair Lakes area. They vary in size, and some have rear entry garages and some have no garages.

Many have an entrance on the first level as opposed to having a basement, which is typical of a lot of townhomes in the area.

We have sold several townhomes in this community as well, as it offers something for everyone and is very close to the large Town Center.

Centrepointe III is a relatively new community in the Fair Lakes area. The community is right on the east side of Fairfax Towne Center, and just a bit west from Fair Oaks Mall. Centrepointe III is unique to the area because of their contemporary look.

Construction started on this community in 2007, and the newest townhomes are 2010.

This cluster was built by renowned townhome builders EYA.

Importantly, they have a solid reputation for building luxury townhomes in Fairfax County, Arlington, Old Town Alexandria and also DC & Maryland.

Moving to Fair Lakes VA

If you are moving here, welcome. It is a great area.

As you can see, the Fair Lakes area of Fairfax has a little bit of everything. If you are looking for a townhome, it will have something that will suit your taste.

This post includes a lot of the communities, however there are others.

There are also a lot of townhome clusters that are very closeby.

Penderbrook is a great community that is only a few minutes up the road. Fair Oaks Mall and Fairfax Corner gives residents lots of options for dining and going out.

Fair Lakes has lots of great eating, entertainment, shopping and more without having to travel far. It also not far from Bull Run, if you are looking for a place for a long hike.

Helping with your goals

If you are unsure of where to start looking, get in touch with me to talk real estate.

Although we are experts in townhomes, we have lots of experience selling all kinds of properties. Sometimes a different property is right for your goals.

Likewise, if you are selling a townhome in Fair Lakes reach out and I can help. I can also give you a more in depth estimate by preparing you a market report.

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