Whisperwood Townhomes Cluster Reston VA

By Will Rodgers / June 6, 2020
A sign at the entrance to a community in Reston VA. The sign reads "Whisperwood". Landscaping surrounds the sign and the road to enter is seen.

Welcome to Reston If you are just starting to look into Reston, welcome. Reston is a gem of a town and community in Northern VA. The area is a perfect blend of nature, art/culture and convenience. Reston has many clusters of townhomes built during different eras and of different size…

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Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / September 12, 2019
An entry to a neighborhood in Fairfax VA. Surrounded by colorful flowers and trimmed shrubs. Sign says "Fair Woods".

Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA Interested in Fair Woods townhomes in Fairfax VA? Since we have found each other you likely are. Maybe you saw the community and typed ‘Fair Woods’ in a search. Or maybe you have had your eye on the community for some time. Either way, welcome.…

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Homes For Sale Near Inova Fairfax Hospital

By Will Rodgers / July 26, 2014

Homes For Sale Near Inova Fairfax Hospital One of the top employers in the area is Inova Fairfax. The biggest hospital is located in Falls Church/Fairfax border. Real estate in Northern Virginia as a whole has grown over the long term. Our home search allows you to see all the…

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Strathmeade Square Townhomes Annandale VA

By Will Rodgers / July 18, 2014
Strathmeade Square reads the sign that is sitting above landscaped ground outside a community in Annandale VA. Pink flowers and green shrubs.

Strathmeade Square Townhomes For Sale If you are looking for townhomes in Strathmeade Square, they are listed below. If you are looking for townhomes in Annandale as a whole, or in Northern VA here is my home search. It is fast, up to date, fun to search and you can…

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Hallcrest Heights Townhomes McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / July 9, 2014

Hallcrest Heights Townhomes For Sale Moving to McLean? McLean Virginia has a few communities of townhomes that offer some great options for those who want inside the beltway living in a great area. Hallcrest Heights Townhomes is one of my favorites. Use our home search to see the inventory currently…

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Beech Grove Townhomes Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / May 8, 2014

Beech Grove Townhomes For Sale The list below shows all of the townhomes available in. If there are not any for sale in Beech Grove, the next section has Fairfax VA townhomes closeby. Northern VA Townhomes If you have seen my other articles, you will more than likely see that…

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