Salona Village McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / July 6, 2020
A 3d rendering of a new home to be built in McLean VA. White with dark roof and large windows.

Welcome Residents of Salona Village in McLean have it good. They can walk to restaurants or get a cup of coffee on one end of the neighborhood, and on the other walk along a nature trail. On top of that, Salona Village has some of the best new homes in…

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New Homes in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / May 26, 2020
A large home in McLean, VA. The home has stucco and stone siding, a brown roof and a dark brown metal awning and portico by the entrance. A wooden garage door in front of the brick driveway.

Intro McLean is easily among the best of the best in Northern VA. It has premier land, located along the Potomac river and stretching to Tysons Corner. And unlike some of the neighbors to the east, the lots are large with ample green space. McLean also has among the best…

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McLean Hamlet, McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / May 11, 2020
A brick sign with mulch and landscaping in front. A tiny US flag hangs from the top. Mature tree trunks can be seen behind. The sign reads, "McLean Hamlet".

Welcome to McLean Hamlet The McLean Hamlet is a community of 507 single-family homes with a colonial style on the western end of McLean, VA. It is conveniently located in the land that occupies the space between Lewinsville Road, The Dulles Toll Rd (267) and Route 495. The neighborhood is…

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Home Inspection on a New Construction Home: Should You Get One?

By Will Rodgers / April 20, 2020
A white new construction home made of concrete or possibly stucco. The home has modern features such as wall to ceiling glass panes, and clean boxy design.

The New Home Experience The experience of purchasing and building a new home was made to be exciting. Picture this. You walk into a model home. There is a friendly builder rep inside a home with all the latest shiny trends. The kitchen is what dreams are made of. The…

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3D Printed Homes in Northern VA? The Future of New Homes Construction.

By Will Rodgers / November 23, 2019
New construction home that was printed out of concrete. Steel beams support the wood and metal roof. Nice patio exterior out of poured concrete foundation.

2020 Update: 3D Printed Homes in Northern VA Interested in a 3D Printed Home? Are you looking to be a 3d printed homebuyer in Virginia? Fill out the form and let me know. I have been talking with developers to see if and when 3d printed homes could come to…

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New Homes in Northern VA: The Real Guide

By Will Rodgers / October 22, 2019
New home is shown, still under construction. It is still waiting for siding. New home.

New Construction Homes In Northern VA Early Education Of A New Home Expert My first memory of an experience with new homes was not in Northern VA. Rather, it was about 130 miles north. At the time I was about 8 years old and standing in the cold winter, in…

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