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About Will Rodgers

I am a Northern VA residential real estate agent, a digital home marketing expert, a real estate investor, a husband and a father.

I am lucky to say that my career combines many of the aspects of life I am passionate about. I got my Virginia real estate license in 2013 and have never looked back.

This is why you should hire me to help you buy or sell your next home.

First of all, I love real estate. I grew up in many parts of Northern Virginia. My parents moved a lot. Wherever they moved, they remodeled. They even built a couple homes, one in Fairfax City where we lived the longest.

Homes are fascinating to me. It is something that functions as a shelter but also each one has its own unique character and design.

Homes can also transform lives by building your net worth. They can even make you wealthy as an investment. Everything about real estate is exciting!

Second, I love technology and marketing. I was homeschooled growing up. I enjoyed it. I did all my assigned school work as quickly as possible for the day. The rest of the time I was either playing sports, or on the internet.

I started my first online “company” at 15. I was selling digital goods on eBay and in forums. I made what I thought was a lot of money at the time on a handful of transactions.

Turned out that it was not a lot of money. So I also worked in a store that sold light fixtures putting together displays.

I built this website in 2014 with a few goals. One, to have a powerful, local platform to market homes that we sell to as wide an audience as possible.

Two, to give buyers a great home search experience that protects privacy and gives them a really great agent to answer their buying questions.

Three, to give free information and resources to anyone interested in Northern VA real estate.

And finally, I love helping people. I got my degree in Psychology from George Mason University. Before I sold real estate, I was a support counselor for adults with mental illnesses for a year.

I enjoyed that job, but unfortunately it was missing the excitement of my other passions.

There was one crucial lesson I did take with me from my days as a counselor. Client advocacy. Looking out for my clients best interest is a priority in my business.

My goal is to help you achieve your goals. I do not think of myself as a salesperson, but as an advisor. I try to listen more than I talk so I can help you get to where you want to be with your real estate needs.

Always improving and learning is the sign of a real expert. Real estate and the way it is sold is always transforming. To me, being a real estate expert is about keeping up with rapidly changing industry.

I work hard behind the scenes so that you, the client, can have the best possible result in every transaction.

I have completed more than 150 successful transactions. But most importantly, my clients reiterate that they are happy with their results.

I hope to meet you on your journey to buy or sell you next home.


-Will Rodgers

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