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Welcome to McLean! McLean has a great mix of open greenspace, large lots, impressive homes and a convenient location.

McLean always has a large selection of homes for sale, from older split level homes to luxury estate style mansions.

In most markets conditions, there are also many new construction homes in McLean, replacing dated properties with brand new homes. Occasionally, there will also be a new home on a piece of raw land or subdivided lot.

Rosemont is a neighborhood reflective of this new construction turnover. Over the years they have seen many new homes built.

Homes for Sale in Rosemont

Single Family Home For Sale
6911 Rosemont Drive
Mclean, VA 22101
Rosemont Subdivision

Community Info

Rosemont is a small neighborhood, of just under 200 homes.

It is split in two sections, both adjacent to McLean High School. One is directly to the east of the school, the other directly to the south.

Satellite image of a neighborhood of homes, a high school is seen in the middle. Green markers mark each property.
Here you can see the two sections of homes on either side of McLean High School.

Streets to the east of the high school include homes on:

• Rosemont Drive

• Rosemont Court

• Simmons Drive

• Simmons Court

• Craig Lane

• Westmoreland Street

• Woodmor Lane

• Old Chesterbrook Road

Streets to the south of the high school:

• Margie Drive

• Girard Street

• Tyndale Street

• Rupert Street

Real Estate Overview

The average lot in Rosemont has roughly .3 of an acre, but you can find anything from a .25 to .5 acre. This is a good size whether you are looking to build new and also still want to have a yard.

The neighborhood is similar to other homes nearby, the original homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s, and depending on when you read this may be able to still find some for sale.

The rest of the neighborhood was construction at different time as the old homes have been razed for a more modern look.

Living in Rosemont & McLean

Rosemont is located in the western portion of McLean. It is very close to Tysons Corner. If you do buy a home in Rosemont, you can also enjoy the convenience of living close to Falls Church City and McLean’s business district.

This will give you plenty of access to both large stores and smaller local shops.

You will also be “inside the beltway” which refers to the homes in Northern VA that are on the DC side of 495, a major highway. This area is known for its easier access to the City and other parts of NOVA.

Northern VA has a lot to offer as far as things to do and places to see.

Selling a Home in McLean VA

If you are looking for a Realtor to sell you home in McLean, I can help. My team is local, hardworking and have a great track record of getting results.

What’s Next

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