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Searching for a Realtor can be tough, especially in a competitive market like McLean. There are a lot of us around, each with their own style.

You can find Realtors with lots of experience and others just getting started in the business. And other Realtors with all types of different marketing tactics and techniques. You can also find different levels of service and cost, from full service to limited service.

So how do you know which Realtor is the right one to hire? It is tough to know where to start.

This post will help you narrow down what look for in the right professional to hire.

Realtor for Selling a Home in McLean VA

If you are searching for a Realtor, chances are you have a property you want to sell in McLean. Perhaps you are wondering what your home is worth, or maybe you are ready to get started.

Either way, we am glad you found our page. we can be a resource for you as you start to make plans to get your home on the market. See this guide on selling your home for more helpful info.

Here are some of the top things to look for in a great listing agent that will help you to maximize your profit at settlement.

What to Look For in a Listing Realtor

• Honesty. Selling a home can be full of ups and downs. It takes prompt and honest communication to help you navigate from getting your house prepared for sale to getting it sold and on the next chapter of your life.

You have to be able to trust what your Realtor is telling you, from pricing your property to negotiations and more.

• Online marketing. Buyers or their agents find the home that they eventually purchase online a majority of the time. Your listing agent needs to understand this.

Your property should have a strong grasp of buying trends. Homes are sold today through technology. Print marketing, while nice looking, does not sell homes.

• Understanding YOUR market. Real estate is hyper local. And the best Realtors in McLean know that there are a large variety of properties here.

Your Realtor should know the overall market conditions. But more importantly, how McLean is specifically reacting to the market. And also how your listing will fit into the market to maximize your profit.

• Experience. This one is simple. You want someone who knows what they are doing, which means they have experience selling home and have experience in McLean with your type of property.

• Network. Your Realtor’s network can help sell your home. This is where it pays to go with a proven company with a local office.

Local Realtor in McLean VA

Do you need a local McLean Realtor to sell your home? Not necessarily. But if an agent is from another area, this may mean you will sacrifice local market knowledge, experience with similar properties and possibly more.

We are the Alper Real Estate group, and we are hardworking, local real estate agents with vast knowledge of residential real estate, digital marketing and a strong network.

Hiring us will allow you to get the best possible result from your home, which means the most money possible in a timeframe that works for you.

Our office is on Elm St. in downtown McLean. Keller Williams McLean, our brokerage, has been a consistent award winner for selling properties in the area.

If you are looking to sell a home, we can help.

Home Values in McLean VA

One of the biggest reasons that you may want to talk to a Realtor is to know how much your home is worth. Every property is different. An automated system can give you a rough estimate on your home.

But the whole picture of what your home will sell for goes much deeper.

For starters, it does not account for the condition of the home. For example, you may have just put in a brand new modern kitchen, and the other homes recently sold had more traditional kitchens.

Alternately, maybe your house could use some updating compared to others selling nearby.

Your basement could also throw off the automatic estimates. Automatic estimates usually use tax records to figure out the size of your home.

However, in McLean the tax records often do not accurately reflect below grade square footage. This can also throw off your number depending on how much square footage you have below your main level.

The bottom line is this: a Realtor who knows the current market and is willing to do the research on your specific situation will be able to prep you for what the market will bring you for your home.

Fill out this form to get a custom home value report for your McLean property.

What’s Next?

Do you have questions about the McLean market? Ready to work with us on getting your home sold? Let’s get started. We have many years of experience as local Realtors based in McLean.

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