Real Estate Resources: Fairfax County

Fairfax County has long been the most populated County in all of Virginia.

This is a roundup of where you can find tools, information and other resources for owning a property or finding a property in the area.

All the external links go to official Fairfax County sites.

Fairfax County Tax Real Estate Tax Info

Whether you want to find out what your real estate assessment is, pay your taxes online, see who owns a property and what a home last sold for, you can do that through the Fairfax County website.

Here are some useful links depending on what you are looking for.

•Fairfax County property lookup.

•Current Fairfax County Tax Rates.

•Fairfax County real estate tax payment link.

Fairfax County has also historically sent assessments and tax bills to your home.

However, keep in mind if you have a mortgage on your property there is a good chance that you pay your taxes through an established escrow account. So it would be included in your monthly mortgage payment.

So you do not need to pay Fairfax County directly if you pay through your mortgage company.

Permits Lookup & Applications

If you are looking the status of a building permit, schedule an inspection, or want to find out permit history you can do that through Fairfax County online.

The Fairfax Inspections Database Online (FIDO) is a great resource for you if you are building an addition or doing any residential project that will require permitting. Here is the link to the database.

You can check on what inspections are needed next and what has been finalized.

This can also be a way to check on what projects were undertaken by past homeowners on your home, assuming there were permits pulled and it was done within the date range the database pulls from.

GIS Mapping

A photo of an interactive GIS map, different colors show different zoning and other master plans.
An image of Fairfax County’s GIS map. This one shows different zoning, comprehensive plans, etc.

GIS stand for Geographical Information System. In other words, a map displaying overlays of different information. Fairfax County’s maps have a ton of useful info if you are living or moving to the area.

You can look up current and upcoming road construction, amendments to master plans, zoning, parcel lookup and a whole lot more.

Here you can find the Fairfax County GIS map applications related to properties.

Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan is a group of documents and map that give guidance on how land is to be used in the county.

The plan consists of the Plan Policy, Four Area Plans and the Plan Maps.

If you are wondering what a vacant parcel of land nearby can be used for, you can find the answer here.

Here is the comprehensive plan page.

Fairfax County also has a “planner of the day” who is ready to answer calls with questions about the comprehensive plan and how it affects the real estate in a given area.

To reach the planner of the day call 703-324-1380, Ext. 711.

Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance

Zoning determines what can be done with a parcel of land within a certain area.

Simplified, the comprehensive plan are guidelines for the overall area, and zoning is the exact rules on pieces of land within those areas.

Zoning is what determines whether you can subdivide a lot, build commercial or residential building (or both) on a certain parcel.

This is Fairfax County’s zoning page. Here you can find maps, proposed zoning variances and amendments and more.

The Engineer of the Day

Another great free real estate resource in Fairfax County is the engineer of the day. If you have general questions about site development, subdivision plans, etc. you can call this number to talk with an engineer.

They are versed with the County rules and can be an important step in the process of learning more about a property.

703-324-1575, Ext. 711

Flood Plain Information

Fairfax County has a number of streams creeks and runoff areas, and has maps and more information about recorded flood plains.

Although the maps are also available from FEMA, the county provides this information here.

Real Estate & Homes For Sale in Fairfax County

Are you looking for homes for sale in Fairfax County?

Our site is updated constantly with the homes for sale in Fairfax County and neighboring counties in Northern VA. You will find below the newest listings for sale.


Although Fairfax County is large, it also is well organized with a large governing body. On this page are some of the top resources that are available to you as a property owner, or potential property owner in the County.

Keep in mind, we are not affiliated with Fairfax County. We are real estate agents and experts in Northern VA.

If you have a real estate question about buying or selling property, reach out below!

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