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Articles for Real Estate Agents

A piece of a real estate sign says "for sale".

A 2023 Guide For New Real Estate Agents : Your First Year

By Will Rodgers

Welcome to 2023 This year is shaping up to be very different than what we as agents have gotten to know over the last decade. In an industry that is very sensitive to rising interest rates, they are now near 20 year highs. If you are new to the business, 2023 is an opportunity. Businesses…

Interior of a home being renovated. Just framing is shown, drywall, electrical and plumbing have been removed. This is a home flip.

How To Make Money in Real Estate : 8 Methods

By Will Rodgers

During the housing boom of the mid 2000s, real estate investing was at a fever pitch. Flipping homes was not too difficult, because by the time you were done with construction the market had gone up another 10%. I was in high school, so had no money and no access to capital. But I caught…