Pimmit Hills in Falls Church, VA

Very few subdivisions in our area are recognized by name. Pimmit Hills in Falls Church VA is one of them.

The center of a transforming area, Pimmit Hills has seen its share of change.

It was the namesake for a TV show, a prime area for new construction and has attracted multiple press pieces over the years.

Beyond all that hype is a great neighborhood, close to everything you could want and with a large variety of homes for choose from.

Whether you are just researching, or ready to make a move, this page is for you.

As you will see, the homes in this neighborhood vary. Some are older, some have an old footprint but have additions and some are brand new.

The neighborhood is large, with over 1600 homes including all of the sections. The lots range in size but most are .25 – .3 acres.

The original homes were modest sized, and the new construction homes include varying styles and sizes.

Location & Amenities

Commuting Options

Pimmit Hills is nestled into one of the most bustling areas of Northern VA. The neighborhood is bordered by multiple commuter routes.

The neighborhood ends on the south at Pimmit Run, a stream that runs behind the homes on Pimmit Drive.

Just beyond Pimmit Run is Route 66, one of the major highways that runs east/west through DC and VA.

Two major exits include Route 7 and also 267 (The Dulles Toll Road).

The east side of the neighborhood is closely bordered by Route 7, which leads right to Tysons Corner and Falls Church City. It also connects to 495.

The west side of the neighborhood is bordered by the 267 toll road.

To the north is Scott’s Run stream, and a buffer of condo complexes, townhomes and commercial space. Beyond that area is 123 and 495.

Metro Access

One of the reasons Pimmit Hills has seen periods of growth over the years is the proximity to the metro.

The metro in the area gives commuters easy access to some major veins of both DC, VA and MD.

Most metro stops in VA are built over highways at major exits. Pimmit Hills is accessible to 3 stops.

West Falls Church on the orange line is in the south side of the neighborhood at Rt 66. The homes are also close to 3 silver line stops, Greensboro, Tysons Corner and McLean.

Many homes in the northern part of Pimmit Hills give you convenient access to the McLean stop.

One huge perk of living in the neighborhood is metrobus access.

The neighborhood enjoys many bus stops within the neighborhood. This saves you from having to walk to the metro if you do not want to.

The metro also has parking.

Depending where your house is located (and your definition of walkability) you can also walk to the metro.


The amenities and things to do when you live in Pimmit Hills are immense. More have sprung up with time.

Development and redevelopment in the area will continue in times of economic expansion, since it is close to so much prime real estate.

Tysons Corner Center is less than 2 miles from Pimmit Hills. It features some of the best shopping in the area. Everything from high end stores to boutique shops.

There are also numerous other shopping centers nearby, both large and small. Grocery, banking, entertainment, schools and jobs you find in the immediate surrounding area.

Tysons Corner continues to develop and become one of the most popular urban areas in Northern VA. This growth helps the value in Pimmit Hills since it is so closeby.

New Homes in Pimmit Hills

New home with blue hardiplank siding, white trim, black tin roof and lots of windows. 2 car garage and some stone on the front patio.
A new home sold in Pimmit Hills.

New Homes For Sale

For new homes for sale in Pimmit Hills, see the list and map at the top of the page.

Pimmit Hills is a popular spot to build a new home. For more information about new homes in Northern VA, see this guide.

The trend of new construction in Pimmit Hills started just after 2000, and has continued. Low mortgage interest rates in the 2010s fueled more new builds in the area.

Pimmit Hills should continue to change with time, especially in markets where there is lots of demand.

Their is a few reasons that this neighborhood has been so popular. First of all, there is no HOA that restricts building or additions. They do have a very active civic association.

Second, the location is sought after. Tysons Corner does not have many detached single family homes this close by.

Lastly, the original homes are/were considerably smaller than other neighborhoods surrounding. This has kept the price for the land lower than other neighborhoods in the 22043 zip code.

The type of homes built have changed over the years, and will continue to change as trends evolve.

Selling to a Builder in Pimmit Hills

Builders are looking for lots in Pimmit Hills. If you are planning to sell to a developer, reach out to me first. The best option is usually to get bids from multiple developers.

The best time to sell to a developer is in a seller’s market where there is a lot of new construction in Northern VA, and Falls Church tends to see lots of new homes including in Pimmit Hills.

Builders are more aggressive during markets with lots of buyers. Therefore, they become buyers as well of older homes in teardown condition.

Looking to sell a home in Pimmit Hills?

Flood Plains/RPAs in Pimmit Hills

Virginia has a history of being a “caveat emptor” state. This means the buyer must do due diligence to uncover any defects in a home before purchasing.

This includes if the house is in a flood plain or Resource Protection Area (RPA).

Flood plain maps are controlled by FEMA.

Check here to see if the homes you see for sale in Pimmit Hills are in a flood plain. Take note, that FEMA mapping system takes a long time to load. If it does not load, try refreshing your browser.

Flood plains can affect your insurance premiums if lender require separate flood insurance, and also future development of your prospective home.

RPAs are also regulated and can very difficult to build or put an addition on a home in an RPA. To check for RPAs in Fairfax County, see this site.

Pimmit Hills does have lots that are in flood plains, and some in RPAs.

RPAs and flood plains can be redrawn, but historically that does not happen often.

Due diligence is always wise, which is why these websites should be part of your search. It is not a nice surprise to find out after closing that your home are in these zones.

Olney Park

A small home in Olney Park. This home has a basement, which is rare for Pimmit Hills.

Olney Park is an area in Pimmit Hills, that usually is included when you refer to Pimmit Hills. This is a small section of the neighborhood that runs along the Dulles Toll Road, including Olney Road.

This section is popular because its proximity to Mclean Metro station.

History of Pimmit Hills

Pimmit Hills has an uncommonly rich history. This is because of the drastic transformation of the the area since the original development built in the 1950s.

Before Tysons Corner was it is today, it was a small rural road surrounded by farming communities. Pimmit Hills was primarily used for farm land right before development.

Pimmit Hills was built with Korean and World War II veterans in mind. It offered an affordable place to live in a large community of compact homes.

At the time the neighborhood was finished, it was the largest subdivision in Fairfax County. A majority of the neighborhood was built by George Offut in the early 1950s-1960s.

However, other builders have done different sections all the way up to 1970s. After 2000, the neighborhood began to see a large amount of new construction which continues to this day.

There has been a staggering amount of development around the neighborhood since its inception.

Tysons Corner buildings and malls, metrorails, townhome and condo communities and more have altered the landscape of the area from rural, to suburban to urban.

Some great resources for more history on Pimmit Hills include this 2017 book. It is academic in nature, written by Patricia Farrell Donahue of George Mason University.

The Pimmit Hills Civic Association also has a section on the history of the neighborhood.

Benefits of Buying in Pimmit Hills

Pimmit Hills is very popular. There are reasons for that, here is my top reasons to look at real estate in this area summarized.

  • Convenience. This neighborhood has multiple major commuting routes, and also public transportation.
  • Land values. Over time, land values have risen with the new construction in the area. As more of the neighborhood turns over, this could continue.
  • Proximity to schools. Pimmit Hills assigned schools have been very close historically and close to private schools as well in Falls Church VA.
  • Tysons Corner. This area should continue to see growth and development, with Pimmit Hills reaping benefits as one of the closer single family homes neighborhoods.
  • New homes. Pimmit Hills has new homes coming up often, which is good if you are in the market for one and to increase land values long term.

Selling Your Home

Pimmit Hills Pricing Trends

Above, you can see the sale price vs list price increases/decreases by quarter over the last 5 years.

Pimmit’s large rise in values in in part because of the number of additions, new construction and renovations in the neighborhood.

It also has a history of strong yearly appreciation.

Wondering what your home is worth? Automated numbers are just a start. Fill out our form and an expert will get in touch with you.

The Next Steps

Are you looking to buy in Pimmit Hills, or Falls Church VA as a whole?

We have extensive knowledge of the area and can help you find the right home for your needs. Get started by reaching out below.

Are you selling a home in Pimmit Hills? We have sold multiple properties of different types in the neighborhood. Get in touch and let’s talk!

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