Open Houses in McLean VA

Upcoming Open Houses in McLean VA

The map and list below currently have open houses scheduled at least once over the next 2 weeks in McLean, VA.

McLean is a sought after area of Northern VA, and there are a wide range of open houses at any given time. The most common open house days are Saturday or Sunday. Occasionally you will find them during the week as well.

Open House Tips

• Follow the rules. Sellers and their agents may request that you remove your shoes, sign in or have other dos and don’ts for the property.

• Give your agent’s information. If you are working with an agent, giving their contact info to the listing agent when signing in helps to facilitate any needed follow up. It also will make sure the listing agent knows to contact your agent, not you. Need to find a Realtor in McLean or other Northern VA areas? Reach out to us.

• Avoid distractions. Try to stay focused on the home so that you can get a feel for the home’s condition, features and if it is a fit. In a fast moving market…or a sought after home…sometimes you do not get multiple showings of a property.

• Give yourself ample time. Some homes in McLean are quite large, so for open houses give yourself enough time for each property. Most open houses run from 2-4 hours and most buyers spend about 15-20 minutes in each property for a larger home.

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