Northern VA Communities

A new kitchen and breakfast area are shown. Mostly white finishes and a large kitchen island.

New Homes in Falls Church VA

In real estate, location is (almost) everything. The rest is how much you love the home that you buy. These 2 factors have made new construction homes in Falls Church…

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A white colonial home with a grey roof and black shutters.

New Homes in Clifton VA

New Homes for Sale in Clifton VA Here are all of the new construction homes currently on the market in Clifton, including some coming soon properties. Welcome to Clifton Virginia…

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An overhead shot of homes in a large subdivision of Ashburn.

New Construction Homes in Ashburn VA

New Homes for Sale in Ashburn VA Here is a list of current new construction homes for sale in Ashburn. Follow the link for full results of all the homes…

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A map showing the Potomac Hills Neighborhood from overhead.

Potomac Hills, McLean VA

Homes For Sale In Potomac Hills Our MLS backed search also features “coming soon” properties. There are on average of around 10 sales per year in the neighborhood on the…

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A 3d rendering of a new home to be built in McLean VA. White with dark roof and large windows.

Salona Village McLean VA

Homes For Sale in Salona Village The homes above are currently for sale and updates constantly as new homes become available. It also includes “coming soon” properties and new construction…

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A modern style home with fading blue sky at night. Well manicured landscaping.

West McLean Communities, McLean VA

Homes For Sale in West McLean Above are the homes currently for sale in the West McLean neighborhoods. This includes “coming soon” properties. Living in McLean McLean is one of…

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A sign at the entrance to a community in Reston VA. The sign reads "Whisperwood". Landscaping surrounds the sign and the road to enter is seen.

Whisperwood Townhomes Cluster Reston VA

Townhomes For Sale in Reston’s Whisperwood Whisperwood is small, and also a very sought after community. This is also true of many townhome clusters in Reston. So if you see…

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A white sign with green posts and lettering that reads "Greenbriar" at the entrance of the Fairfax VA neighborhood. Green grass and a fence can be seen behind it.

Greenbriar Fairfax VA

Homes For Sale in Greenbriar This list are current homes for sale in Fairfax’s Greenbriar neighborhood. The list will update with new home listings as they come up for sale.…

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A large home in McLean, VA. The home has stucco and stone siding, a brown roof and a dark brown metal awning and portico by the entrance. A wooden garage door in front of the brick driveway.

New Homes in McLean VA

New Homes For Sale in McLean VA This map gives you an overview of McLean and where the current new construction homes are located. As you can see, there are…

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A black marble sign with gold lettering that says "The Reserve A Miller and Smith Community". The structural part of the sign is made of stone and you can see greenery behind it.

The Reserve in McLean, VA

Homes For Sale The Reserve in McLean VA The Reserve sees only a handful of transactions per year, on average between 5-10. If you see a home available that you…

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A traditional tudor style brick home with a black slate roof and lots of archways. Green english ivy is growing up the side of the home.

Franklin Park McLean, VA

Franklin Park, McLean VA Homes for Sale The homes that are available for sale in Franklin Park vary widely in both style, price and size of the lot. These are…

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A brick sign with mulch and landscaping in front. A tiny US flag hangs from the top. Mature tree trunks can be seen behind. The sign reads, "McLean Hamlet".

McLean Hamlet, McLean VA

Homes For Sale in McLean Hamlet McLean Hamlet experiences a decent amount of home sales every year, so if you are looking to move to the neighborhood you should almost…

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CIA headquarter building, seen surrounded by woods and two big buildings with lots of glass. Parking lot is seen in the background.

Homes in Langley McLean, VA

Homes For Sale in Langley VA This page will regularly update with homes for sale in each neighborhood. You can also create an account in our home search to get…

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A blue, new home that was built in Fairfax, VA. Clear skies and green lawn in front.

New Construction Homes For Sale In Fairfax VA

There is no place like home. Especially if it is a brand new home. Northern VA is a popular area for new construction. More and more land is being purchased…

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A sign surrounded by landscaping. Sign reads "Condominiums at Woodburn".

Woodburn Village Condos Annandale VA

Woodburn Village Condos for Sale These are all of the condos that are currently for sale in Woodburn Village. Browse through and if you have any questions about any of…

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A sign at the entrance to a community in Fairfax VA. The sign reads "Foxfield". The logo is an orange fox. Landscaping is surrounding it and stone pillars hold it up.

Foxfield Community Homes, Fairfax VA

The Community Foxfield is a neighborhood of townhomes and single family homes within Fairfax County in Northern VA. This post will contain more information about the neighborhood, about the Fairfax…

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Children play in a fountain in the Mosaic District in Merrifield, VA. Green grass open space is seen, on the right is the Angelika Film Center. A screen is outside for entertainment as well.

Homes in the Mosaic District

The Mosaic District brought a spark of excitement to Northern VA when it was built in 2013. Tucked into an area known as Merrifield, it is right where Fairfax meets…

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Prosperity Plains Community Homes, Chantilly VA

Prosperity Plains Homes For Sale There are more townhomes built in the community than single family homes. Therefore, if you want a single family home act fast when you see…

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Entrance to the Mantua neighborhood, a brick and stone sign carved with a neighborhood logo.

Homes in Mantua Fairfax VA

Mantua Neighborhood Mantua is one of Fairfax’s signature single-family neighborhoods. The serene setting with a backdrop of trees and parkland give the streets natural character and charm. This is combined…

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A set of concrete steps in Lake Barcroft up to a residential home.

Lake Barcroft Homes Falls Church, VA

Northern Virginia has its share of notable neighborhoods. The 1950s and 1960s was a period of expansion, which saw the rise of several large and distinct communities in our area.…

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