New Homes in Clifton VA

New Homes for Sale in Clifton VA

Here are all of the new construction homes currently on the market in Clifton, including some coming soon properties.

Welcome to Clifton Virginia

Northern VA is a fast paced area. Over the decades, it has become more and more populated, with new construction popping up everywhere.

As the number of homes increased, the size of the lots and greenspaces have decreased.

Clifton however stands out from much of its neighboring towns. A large number of homes sit on plats of land are 5 acres.

This happened after zoning was changed in the 1980s to protect the Occoquan Reservoir.

Even the new construction in Clifton that is grandfathered in with smaller lots are larger than the average for the Northern VA market.

Residents of Clifton enjoy large yards, lots of buffer between properties and also build beautiful new construction homes.

Clifton is known for luxury homes, equestrian properties, smaller less congested roads and plenty of parks and trees.

If you want to build a new home in Northern VA, and you value land and privacy over convenience, building in Clifton should be on a short list of options for you to consider.

Town of Clifton

Tucked away from the density of surrounding areas of Northern VA, Clifton has a hidden gem that is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Clifton as a whole lies within the greater Fairfax County. However, there is also a small, independently incorporated historic Town of Clifton.

This area is on the National Register of Historic Places, and features some homes that date back as far as the 1800s.

As you walk along the Town, most of the Houses and buildings you see are well over 100 years old.

Down Main St, you will find some staple fine dining restaurants that are infused with the Old Town charm of the historic buildings they serve in.

The area is rich with history of many previous eras. The railroad running through was the catalyst for the town and delivered supplies to the Union Army in the Civil War.

There is even an iconic red caboose from the original railroad company that is still on display.

New construction homes within the Town limits do happen, but they are fairly few and far between.

If you are looking to build a new home within the Town of Clifton, you will want to act fast on the opportunity when it comes up.

Clifton Road runs off of Braddock Rd and will bring you all the way to the town, past many scenic homes and large open spaces.

Occoquan Watershed

In the 1980s, Fairfax County changed the zoning near the Occoquan Reservoir to eliminate excess pollutants entering the Occoquan Bay and the Potomac River.

As the rest of Northern VA began to become denser and approached the Clifton area, the County responded by changing the zoning.

The zoning move meant that new development single family homes could only be built 1 home per 5 acres of land.

A large portion of Clifton sits in this conservation zoning. You will find some lots that are smaller than 5 acres, however they were subdivided and/or built on before the zoning went into effect.

This zoning has kept Clifton largely wooded with lots of green space and room between properties. This is a sharp contrast to some of the neighboring towns in Northern VA which are much more densely populated.

Luxury Homes in Clifton

With much of Clifton requiring very large lots, you also will find that the homes are also larger than average and attract luxury home builders.

If you are looking for a new home or resale home, Clifton has many luxury homes with all different styles.

The price range varies greatly, as you will find everything from traditional colonials, to sleek modern homes and large well appointed estate homes.

Horse Properties in Clifton

Because of the low density and plentiful acres, Clifton has become popular among horse enthusiasts.

Some of the new construction homes are equestrian type properties.

On some lots you will see cleared land, fencing, barn, shelters, riding rings and other amenities so that you can have your horses with you where you live.

Some builders also add these kinds of amenities to new homes in Clifton.

If you have dealt with boarding horses far away from your house before, then you are probably well aware of the benefits of having them in your backyard.

There are not many properties that have the acreage required to keep horses in Fairfax County. The conservation zoning in Clifton has made this and keeps this possible.

There are also riding trails nearby for extended rides. The closest trail is likely to be Bull Run in Manassas.

Union Mill Road & Northern Clifton

Along Union Mill Road, Clifton becomes more densely populated.

As you near Lee highway to the north, you will even find several townhome communities.

Little Rocky Run is a community to the west of Union Mill that lies in Clifton.

This area of Clifton much more resembles the rest of Northern VA with homes on smaller lots much closer together.

You can find new construction development along Union Mill as well as farther down into Clifton.

As you go farther down south Union Mill, you will find a couple of popular golf courses and the properties begin to get larger with more green space.

This area to the south on Union Mill has also seen some new home development, and this section has some nice large lots.

Things to do in Clifton

• Dining in Clifton. The historic Town of Clifton has multiple fine dining establishments. People come from both in town and neighboring towns to come eat in Clifton.

The food is excellent, and the old town charm and historic homes add to the ambiance.

• Old Town Clifton. Clifton has more than great restaurants. The Town has lots of old homes, old buildings, a coffee shop, community events and other charming shops.

Wineries. Clifton has a winery called Paradise Springs. They have a wine club, events and a beautiful property bordering Bull Run.

• Golfing. Clifton has two golf courses within the town, both to the west off Union Mill. One is run by Fairfax County and the other privately owned, but both can be played by anyone paying greens fees.

• Parks. Clifton has multiple large parks that have sport fields, hiking and places to just relax and enjoy nature.

Next Steps to Finding a New Home in Clifton

If you are looking to build a new home in Clifton, here are some tips to find the right property.

• Look for new homes on the market. Builders have homes that they are marketing that they might have started to build or are going to start to build soon in the Clifton area.

• Find a new home expert. Often times a good real estate agent with experience in the new home market will be able to guide you to the best developers with upcoming projects.

• Read my guide on new homes in Northern VA. Doing some research can help you to get a more clear picture of what to expect when building a new home.

• Be patient, but ready to act quickly. Clifton is a small area, and does not have a huge volume of homes selling compared to other areas. But once you do find the one you like, act quickly to make sure you get it.

New homes in Clifton VA are unique, sought after and adored by those who live there.

Want to find new homes in Clifton or another town in Northern VA? Reach out to us.

We are a team of new home experts and real estate agents in Northern VA, DC and MD.

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