New Construction Homes in Arlington VA

New Homes For Sale in Arlington VA

This is a list of the new construction homes currently for sale in Arlington VA. Our search is backed by MLS data and also includes “coming soon” properties.

Welcome to Arlington

There are parts of Northern VA that thrive on the happenings in nearby Washington DC. The city is full of culture, jobs, government and entertaining. It is the US Capital. However, DC itself is rather small.

The city is just under 70 square miles, and it is not known for skyscrapers like some other major cities.

So many who want to be close to the city seek out parts of Virginia so they can enjoy more space, yet be a quick drive or train ride to downtown.

There is one town that is the best suited for convenience for this purpose.

Arlington VA is the first stop coming from DC, and sees a constant supply of new construction homes because of its location.

Living in Arlington

However, you do not need to have a life based in DC to enjoy and live in Arlington.

The town is a destination in itself, where you can do everything from visiting memorials, hiking along the Potomac River, eating at great restaurants, enjoying a happening nightlife and much more.

There is also a wide range of properties and areas, from dense urban communities featuring mostly condos to more suburban sections with a variety of older and new construction single family homes.

So have a look at Arlington if you are starting to look for new homes in Northern VA and want to be close to where the action is.


Arlington has a wide variety of employment opportunities. In 2018, Amazon decided to make a headquarters in Arlington and began to make plans to develop the National Landing neighborhood.

The continuing construction by Amazon has been a huge addition to the area, bringing both jobs and entertainment as well as some very unique architecture.

Amazon is far from the only gig in Arlington. The Pentagon is also located on this side of the river, which is a huge source of jobs.

There are also robust healthcare, technology, hospitality, government, construction and other sectors for job seekers.

Even if you are gainfully employed already, the huge job market in Arlington keeps housing demand high and home values bolstered. So it is a positive if you are looking to build here.

Things to Do

Northern VA is large and diverse and it is full of things to do and places to see. You also do not need to leave Arlington if you are trying looking for local activities.

Arlington has tons of restaurants of all types, from chains to local staples. Courthouse, Clarendon and Ballston also have great spots if you are looking to go out for drinks, dancing, etc.

There are also plenty of family friendly activities like parks, nature walks, memorials and the Potomac river if you like sailing or boating.

Arlington has multiple shopping malls, gyms, sport fields, water views and much more.


The view over a bridge from Arlington to Washington DC. There is a sunset and monuments in the photo.
This photo was taken from Arlington, and shows just how close to the city it is.

As mentioned right off the start, one of the biggest draws of living in Arlington is accessibility. There are multiple major commuter highways that run through Arlington that I will not bore you to list. But trust me, they are there.

To get to DC, most of the time you will have to go through Arlington. Arlington has multiple bridges that go into either Georgetown, downtown or southwest DC.

On top of that, you can get easily to the city via multiple metro stops that run through all of Arlington’s major arteries.

If you are going west away from Arlington to the rest of Northern VA, it is also convenient for those purposes via major highways or the Metro, which runs to multiple nearby towns.

Sections of Arlington

New construction homes of many types pop up all the time in Arlington, as it is considered one of the most popular areas to build in Northern VA.

Here are some of the areas that you may look at, depending on your budget, type of property, etc.

Some of these are a bit non-official with no real boundaries, so there is some overlap here. The most important thing is getting a home you like in an area that you want.

North Arlington

North Arlington is what I would consider to be contained within the 22207 zip code. If you are looking at new construction single family homes, start here.

North Arlington goes all the way right up to the Potomac River, which is roughly the boundary for DC.

The area consists of lots of neighborhoods, with modest size lots (think quarter acre or less on average) and a charming mix of homes from different eras.

The homes range in style and size. If you are looking for an estate style luxury home, look for properties near Chain Bridge Rd.

For a more neighborhood feel, there are also a selection of subdivisions that are established and see new homes in place of older homes.

Cherrydale, Country Club Hills, Bellevue Forest and Lyon Village are a few examples of North Arlington neighborhoods sought after for new construction.


Ballston is the start of Arlington’s city like feel, which begins on Fairfax Dr. near the western border of Arlington.

There is a metro stop here among the many high-rise residential and commercial buildings.

Although the area is built up, you will find the occasional new condo development where approval and space allow.

In the southern portion of Ballston there are also single family homes built on small lots that are walkable to the central Ballston area. These lots are prime real estate for tear downs and building new.

Clarendon/Court House

The next stop toward DC are the Clarendon and Court House areas. This is a hot spot filled with great restaurants, nightlife, a couple of metro stops and also popular places to live and work.

Clarendon is home to large condo buildings, and again space is limited but you may find a condo complex at some point. There have also been both townhome communities and single family homes built close enough to walk.

Court House is just east of Clarendon, and there are even more condos in this area. If you are looking for a new construction development, act fast because a new building is a fairly rare occurrence.


Rosslyn is the last stop before DC, straddled by the Key Bridge and Franklin Roosevelt Bridge into the city.

Rosslyn has awesome potomac views, and many condos have views of DC landmarks as well.

As the landscape becomes more like city life, the options for new construction are more and more condo buildings.

National Landing

A rendering shows a futuristic building that resembles a helix, with trees growing throughout. Skyline of National Landing in the background.
Amazon’s Helix building rendering, along with the National Landing Skyline shown from the Pentagon side. Image courtesy of Amazon.

National Landing exploded onto the map in Arlington when Amazon announced the placement of a headquarters here.

National Landing encompasses Crystal City, Pentagon City and the Potomac yard. There has been extensive building of new homes in the area, mostly condos and single family.

This area is home to the Pentagon, Amazon HQ, Reagan Airport, several metro stops and also has convenient access to both DC and Old Town Alexandria.

New Construction Single Family Homes in Arlington

Arlington has a wide variety of new single family homes.

The styles change with the times, just like any other trends. But you can find craftsman, modern farm homes, traditional colonial style, contemporary and other customized styles.

North Arlington has the largest concentration of single family homes in the area and the opportunity to buy the largest homes.

There are also many communities to the south with much more walkability than North Arlington, usually located close to more developed urban areas.

New Construction Condos in Arlington

Arlington has a huge amount of condos because of how densely populated it is from Ballston to Rosslyn just before the Nation’s Capital.

Just because you can find a lot of condos in Arlington, does not mean you will easily find new construction condos. Arlington is well established, so they are not putting up new buildings left and right.

But you can still find new condos being built in the place of older structures or occasionally on other available land.

New Construction Townhomes in Arlington

Townhomes are popular in Northern VA, usually 3 or 4 level row style homes that are attached to another home by either 1 or 2 walls on the side.

They offer a good amount of space, often a garage and are a good mixture between a single family home and a condo.

Arlington often has new construction townhome communities that pop up. Mostly, these are small little clusters of homes, rather than huge communities.

Tips To Find a New Home in Arlington

• Get your timeframe down. This will decide if you need a nearly completed home or can find one earlier in the building process.

• Ask about the builder. There are a lot of home builders in Arlington. Some of them are small, some large. Either way, it is a good idea to see a finished project and do some research before committing.

• Work with an expert. A real estate pro can help you through the process seamlessly and make sure you find the right home and meet your goals.

• Ask that expert about coming soon properties. Builders sometimes have properties that are not yet being fully marketed to the public that they are planning to build.

More Resources

Here are some more useful articles if you are looking to buy a new home in Northern VA.

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If you are looking in Arlington you may also want to check out the neighboring towns of McLean and Falls Church, which are neighboring towns, with a little different style.

Selling A Home

New construction homes are commonly “move-up” properties, which require you to sell your existing home first.

The first step to get the process done smoothly is to get an evaluation of your current home.


The location, opportunity and infrastructure in Arlington has made it one of the most popular areas over the years to buy a new construction home.

Are you in the market for a new home? Have questions for an expert? Reach out to us and we can help.

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