New Construction Homes in Reston VA

New Construction Homes for Sale in Reston VA

Above is a list of currently available new construction properties for sale in Reston.

Our MLS backed search includes “coming soon” properties. Many new construction homes that are still under construction can be customized.

Welcome to Reston

Whether you love contemporary architecture, outdoor time, lakes and pools, urban town center living or a combination of all of the above, Reston VA is a great place to look for new construction homes.

Reston is famous for being one of the early master planned communities in the 1960s. The community had written values at its onset by its founder, Robert Simon.

These values include leisure and cultural facilities, natural beauty and a community where you could work, play and live all in one.

Reston has embodied these values over the years, and has added a slew of modern conveniences on top of them.

Along with these improvements come new homes of different styles, sizes and type.

If you are searching for new construction homes in Reston, welcome. It is a great area and offers a unique landscape that acts as a retreat for those who prefer greenery to densely packed urban areas.

If you are considering other area of Northern VA to buy new construction, our new homes guide is a great resource as well.

Reston’s Many Amenities

Reston’s Lake Anne Plaza, full of shpping, dining, outdoor seating and more. Kayaks and other non gas powered boats are allowed on the lakes.

True to the vision of the original developer, Reston embodies the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle.

Reston has a master HOA association that most homes in Reston will be a part of and pay into. This allows them to maintain common amenities.

Here are some of the amenities you can expect when buying a home here.

  • 4 large man made lakes throughout the town.
  • Waterfront dining, shops and trails at Lake Anne and Lake Thoreau.
  • Walking trails throughout the community.
  • Lots of green space, parks and playing fields.
  • Tennis courts, basketball courts, racquetball court and golf courses.
  • Multiple pools with diving boards, lap lanes, water slides, etc. HOA members have memberships to all.
  • Reston Community Center with a year round pool and many different classes on a range of subjects.
  • Access to the W & OD Trail for biking, running and walking.
  • Focus on culture and art throughout the community.
  • Contemporary architecture in some of the early sections such as Lake Anne Plaza.
  • Reston Town Center offers a small downtown section with restaurants, nightlife, office space and more.

On top of the amenities, Reston is very commutable by driving and metro. The Dulles toll road will link you eventually into commuter routes into the airport and into 495/66.

Types of New Construction Homes in Reston VA

Northern VA as a whole has three primary types of homes you can find. Reston follows that trend. Here are some properties you can find in the area.


New townhome clusters crop in Reston fairly frequently. Most commonly these are 3 or more levels, sharing the sides of the home with a neighbor. The townhomes on the end share 1 side with a neighbor.

Townhomes are nice if you are looking for less maintenance than a single family home without sacrificing too much space.


Condominiums are more like apartment living, with one level unit and the rest of building is common area. Condos, especially new construction condos, are the lowest maintenance option you can find.

For most communities you only need to maintain what is within your walls.

You may also find a condo with multiple levels, or a penthouse that is on the top floor of a highrise.

Reston sees new construction condos in waves, as land becomes available and buildable for larger developers.

Single Family (Detached) Homes

This is the largest option square footage wise, and best option if you want some land to go with your yard.

New construction single family homes are the most rare to find in Reston, because of how established the neighborhood is and also the HOA wanting to keep the spirit of the original community in tact.

It does not mean they are impossible to find. But if you see an opportunity, act fast.

Amount of New Construction Homes in Reston

The number of new homes in Reston is on average much lower than some of its neighbors such as Ashburn, McLean and others.

This is because it was a master planned community and there are associations that work to keep it’s original intent of open green spaces.

There are also commonly two HOAs in many communities, both the master Reston HOA and the neighborhood HOA.

Although new construction is rare, it is not impossible to get a new home in Reston. It will depend on the market cycle, turnover of land and approval process for the boards and also Fairfax County.

Selling Your Home First

If you are not buying your first home, you may be trading up to a new property.

Builders have different policies with home sale contingencies. However, usually you will have time while your home is being built to get your property sold. The best builders give frequent updates on timing and estimated completion dates.

The best first step is to get your home looked at by a professional real estate expert.

Resale Properties in Reston

If you absolutely must live in Reston and cannot find any new constructions homes you can consider looking at all homes for sale instead of waiting.

Reston has some very unique, striking homes and if you find one that has been newly remodeled it could be a very good buy as well.

What’s Next?

If you are starting to search for new construction, you want representation. From finding a property, negotiating with builders and getting you through the nuances of the process we can help.

What are your real estate goals?

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