New Construction Homes in Alexandria VA

New Homes For Sale in Alexandria VA

This is a list of currently offered new construction homes on the market in Alexandria. Our search is MLS backed and will update constantly. It also includes “coming soon” projects.

We work with many builders in the area and these projects have different completion dates.

Living in Alexandria

Alexandria is one of Northern VA’s first towns you will see across from the Nation’s Capital. It has a large mix of homes, activities and neighborhoods.

From the charming historic Old Town, the bustling National Landing area to the suburbs surrounding Fort Belvoir, Alexandria is widely diverse in its options for home buyers.

Because of it’s ideal location, Alexandria is highly sought after by developers, builders and home buyers looking to add or live in a new construction homes.

Alexandria has sections that are an incorporated independent city, and also parts that fall under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. Both have a healthy selection of new homes in most markets.

If you are starting to search, this guide can help: we are experts in Northern VA real estate and licensed Realtors, specializing in new homes in the DMV.

Here you will find new homes currently for sale in Alexandria, more information about some of the different areas and things to do when you become a resident!

Here are some of the most popular areas in Alexandria. These areas are all possibilities to find new homes.

How many you will find on the market will vary with the economy and the market.

Old Town Alexandria

A brick sidewalk in a historic district of Alexandria, townhomes with different colors of siding and different colored doors.
A street in historic Old Town filled with charming old row homes.

Old Town is the heart of Alexandria and a true landmark in Northern VA. It consistently wins awards for its walkability, river views and charming old buildings.

Old Town is located along the west of the Potomac River, within eyesight of DC. There are small shops, colorful row homes, waterfront dining, metro stops and more.

Because of its density, most of Old Town’s new construction are condos and row/townhomes. It is rare to find a new single family home in Old Town, but the small city feel is part of the appeal.

Many new condos in Old Town offer great views of the waterfront and/or DC landmarks.

The historic districts give builders some extra steps in permitting & approval to preserve the Old Town District. This is known as a “historic overlay district”.

Del Ray

Just to the North of Old Town along Mt Vernon Ave is the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. Del Ray is a neighborhood built around the boutique shops and thriving art scene that exist along the Avenue.

Long time home to The Birchmere, a music venue that has hosted many music icons over the years.

There are also events every month, beautiful murals along buildings, local restaurants, a farmer’s market and more.

If you want walkability and to live near Old Town and DC, Del Ray is a great place to start your search.

There are more detached new construction homes in Del Ray than in Old Town and National Landing (which have more condo and townhome living).

Most of the lots are about 5000-6000 square feet, so you can find a home with a small yard in the back as well.

Potomac Yard/National Landing

National Landing was named in late 2018 when Northern VA became home to the Amazon HQ2. This area covers different sections of both Alexandria and Arlington. The Alexandria portion contains Potomac Yard.

National Landing is a vibrant area with lots of job opportunity, shops, metro, adjacent to an international airport and a strong emphasis on walkability.

If you are looking for a new detached home closeby, your best option is likely to be Del Ray.

However, Potomac Yard does have both new condo projects and townhomes that become available from time to time. The area is highly sought after, so if you see something you like get in touch with us quickly.

West Alexandria

As you go west, Alexandria becomes less urban and more a mix of dense areas and suburban neighborhoods.

The new homes built in this area also start to vary, and you can find anything from large colonials with big lots to condos and townhomes.

This area is still very accessible and close to major commuter routes that lead into the big city.


Father inland from the Potomac to the southwest is Kingstowne, which brands itself as an urban community, a cross between the suburbs and convenience of city life.

The community is home to approximately 5300 residences.

Kingstowne has great community amenities such as swimming pools, sport courts, fitness centers, tot lots, walking trails, classes, events and more. There is also has a large town center that has both retail and office space.

South Alexandria

If you continue along south of the Potomac River, there is a large number of homes with an Alexandria mailing address. This area loosely encompasses Fort Hunt, Mt Vernon, Hybla Valley and other smaller neighborhoods.

This area is very much suburban, with larger lots and mostly detached single family homes. New construction homes in this part of Alexandria are popular, with most being put in place of an older home on a single lot.

Although removed from the hustle and bustle of Old Town, Del Ray and National Landing, it still is just a short drive from those areas if you are looking for something to do.

A big benefit of living in this area is the proximity to Fort Belvoir, if you are military or a military contractor this is very convenient.

Benefits of Buying in Alexandria

There are a handful of areas in Northern VA where new homes are very popular. Alexandria is one of them.

Here are some of the reasons that make Alexandria a great place to build a home and live.

  • Old Town. This waterfront area is perfect for business lunch, sightseeing, a night out and more.
  • Proximity to DC. A large amount of Alexandria residents have business in the city. Also provides easy access for museums, sporting events and more.
  • Amenity rich area. Convenience abounds here. There are large chains, as well as smaller locally owned stores, grocery, banks, gyms, yoga, specialty shops and a ton of other things to check out.
  • Recreation. Walking trails and other outdoor activities are close by to many areas of Alexandria.
  • History of price appreciation. Because of the proximity to so much, the area’s home values hold up well and most have steadily risen in value over time.
  • Historical sites. George Washington’s Mt Vernon estate and the Torpedo Factory in Old Town are a couple of tourist attractions for history buffs.
  • Job market. Bolstered by the government and Amazon’s HQ2, the area has a very strong job market.

What Type of New Construction Should You Buy?

Condos, row/townhomes and detached single family homes are the three primary options you have.

All have their benefits and drawbacks, but which one you should look for will depend on your lifestyle and goals.

If you are looking in the more urban areas (Old Town, Potomac Yard) condos and townhomes are going to be the most logical choice.

If you willing to buy outside of these areas, then you will have more options and also different size/style options of single family detached homes.

It usually comes down to work, recreation and convenience. How long do you want to commute to work? Do you value more space or more walkability in your next home? What is your budget? What is your timeframe to move?

These questions will all help guide you on what area and what type of home you will be looking for.

Builders in Alexandria VA

There are a lot of builders you will find in Northern VA.

Some are just getting started, some have been in the business for years. There are very large builders who focus on building many homes and smaller, boutique builders who build one or a few at a time.

The best way to find a good builder is to find out how long they have been building, where they have built and if possible get in to see a model home or completed home before committing.

Sometimes, the home you are buying will be mostly complete. This is a great chance to see what you will be getting before you sign a contract.

It is also a good idea to get a home inspection, even for new construction.

And if you are buying in one of Old Town’s historic district, it is a good thing to get a builder who has knowledge of the approval process in this area.

There are lots of good options.

Selling Your Home

Many times, building a new home will mean selling your existing home. Here are some different ways to sell and buy at the same time. The chart above can give you a general idea of what prices have done over the last 2 years.

Builders are used to buyers having to sell. But it is never too soon in the research process to get an expert opinion of your homes value.


From dealing with builders to narrowing down the best home, our team helps many buyers find the right new home. Use the contact form below and let’s get started!

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