Luxury Homes in McLean VA

Luxury Homes for Sale in McLean VA

This is a selection of the high end real estate market in McLean. This list will update constantly as new luxury homes come on the market and others are sold.

Our MLS backed search includes ‘coming soon’ and recently under contract homes as well. Schedule a showing from within any listing detail page.

Virginia has a great selection of luxury homes for sale at any given time. Many of the best are located along the Potomac River, allowing property owners to easily access DC if needed for work or events.

McLean is a town that is renowned for luxury properties. First of all, much of the land sits inside the beltway (495) or just outside of it, making it extremely convenient to commute.

Secondly, many of the homes feature larger than average lots for the area and offer ample yard space. Other neighborhoods close to DC offer less land.

And lastly, The architecture is attractive, with many home types represented from colonial style to more modern looking homes.

Many portions of McLean are heavily wooded and offers some great views of the Potomac or streams surrounding it. The area is also rich with amenities.

If you are beginning your search for a luxury home and want to be close to DC, McLean should be on your shortlist of towns to tour properties.

There is a strong focus on quality amenities, both inside and outside, in a luxury home.

What Makes a Luxury Home?

There is no universally accepted definition of what makes a home a “luxury home”. With that said, there are general characteristics of the most expensive homes in an area that set them apart. Here are some.

  • Square footage. Luxury homes have significantly higher square footage than other homes on the market.
  • Finishes. The materials used to complete the home are of a much higher quality than what is typically used.
  • Amenities & features. There are spaces both inside of the home and on the land that are unique. This could include gyms, pools, saunas, sport courts, wine cellars, safe rooms and much more.
  • Lot size & location. Luxury homes tend to have more privacy with a large lot, a sought after location or a combination of both of these.
  • Views. There is often a correlation between land with a great view and how nice of a home is built on it. Luxury homes frequently have water, mountain, skyline or other attractive views for the area.
  • Architecture. Designs and house plans are usually custom made for each specific home, as opposed to built from a cookie cutter builder plan. Many of the best residential architects work with builders on these homes.
  • Price. Luxury properties are the highest priced homes in a given market.

Sometimes “luxury” is is a word thrown around in real estate as a marketing buzzword. I have seen properties called luxury that were not, in my eyes, truly a luxury home.

You will know luxury when you walk into it. If you are in the market for a high end home, it will become obvious which are truly fine estates.

A luxury home rendering of a property to be built. White brick, dark columns and floor to ceiling windows.
A rendering of a new construction home that was constructed by CRT in McLean’s Langley Forest. Photo courtesy of Bill Hoffman at KW McLean.

New Construction Luxury Homes

There are many new construction homes in McLean that I would consider luxury homes. Builders and developers that build homes in McLean are some of the most talented in all of Northern VA.

As homes age, even luxury homes, sometimes they no longer cater to the needs of a modern homeowner. In these cases, sometimes these homes are razed for a new luxury home.

Of course, others are timeless. Many luxury homes in McLean were designed by renowned architects and well built. Homes like this tend to stand the test of time, and renovation is called for over building new.

Overall, McLean has a healthy balance of luxury homes built in different eras of different styles.

Tips for Buying High End Properties

Here are some tips for finding the right property.

  • Find the right agent. The key is to find a hardworking, local agent who has experience with luxury homes and is in an office with a well above average sale price.
  • Get clear on your needs. Even if your budget is 8 figures, the property will not be absolutely perfect. So what do you need in your home? Getting clear can help your search.
  • Be decisive. There can be competition even with the highest priced homes in the world. If you find the right property, make an offer.
  • Have financing lined up before touring. Many times, luxury homes sell for cash. Other times, you may choose to finance a portion of the property. Either way, be ready to show proof of funds so you are not moving finances around last minute waiting to make an offer.
  • Ask your agent what is upcoming. Coming soon properties and office exclusive listings can help you broaden your search.
  • Look for new homes. If you get involved early in the process, you can also make changes and pick out the finishes.

Property Types

Single Family Homes

The largest and most sought after luxury homes are single family residences. Most of this article refers to these types of properties.

There are lots of areas in McLean to find single family homes, each offering unique qualities.


There are also a good selection of large townhomes in McLean, many are located nearby to the small downtown area.

There are also some with unique amenities such as elevators.


There are a selection of buildings in McLean that are high end offering extensive amenities and also penthouse top floor units with expansive views.

Check out The Bexley, Union Park and The Boro. The best buildings are usually found close to the Silver Line Metro stops near Tysons.

Popular McLean Areas for Luxury Homes

Here are some of the areas in McLean which are popular for high end homes. This is by no means all-inclusive, there is a wide selection of communities.

Langley is a section of McLean that has a handful of very sought after communities with large luxury estate style homes. This is also home to the CIA headquarters and offers quick access to DC.

The Gold Coast is home to some of the nicest luxury homes in Virginia. These homes are located in the land along the Potomac River, many with scenic views of the river and beyond.

Salona Village is a community located very near the business district of McLean. It has seen significant transformation over the decades, and now contains an extensive showcase of luxury properties of different types.

Franklin Park is a neighborhood that has seen plenty of luxury properties being built over the years. The location is excellent and offers easy access to DC.

The Reserve in McLean is in the 22102 zip code, this area is heavily wooded and has large lots. This neighborhood features stunning colonial estates with extensive outdoor hardscaping.

What is Next?

Are you planning to tour homes in McLean? Do you have a property to sell first? I operate a partner network of real estate agents in McLean Virginia with extensive experience in the luxury home market.

Reach out below if you would like to tour homes or have real estate questions.

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