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A photo from the walking trail around Lake Royal. Royal Lake park includes the wooded area.

When someone mentions lakes, Fairfax usually does not come to mind.

On the other hand, Fairfax County as a whole has quite a few. Some, like in Reston, are very popular.

However, Fairfax itself is not known for water activities. This is what makes Lake Royal such a hidden gem.

The lake also has townhome communities close by that are sought after for their views and proximity to the lake.

Nearly all of the townhome communities are walkable to the lake. Some, however, are much closer than others.

Additionally, some townhomes even have lake views from the property. Royal Lake Park includes the 36 acre lake and also 8 acres of land surrounding.

Activities in the park include basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic field and a picnic area. Also, there is a trail for walking and biking around the perimeter of the lake.

Fishing and non-motorized boating are also popular for residents and visitors.

This post will go over the townhome communities on the Fairfax side of Lake Royal. On the other side of the lake to the southwest there are also some great communities in Burke VA.

For more information on Fairfax VA townhomes see our guide. Now let’s get into the communities.

Townhomes For Sale Near Lake Royal

These are all the townhomes in the area that are currently on the market. This also includes “coming soon” listings.

If you see something you like, make a showing request.

Communities Near The Lake

Woodlynne Community Townhomes

Sign that says "Woodlynne", which is a community of townhomes in Fairfax VA.

The Woodlynne community is west of Lake Royal.

The 173 Townhomes are set between Zion Dr. and Roberts Parkway in Fairfax. The community was started in the mid 1970s, with the last phase completed in the mid 1980s.

Features of the community

+Woodlynne has a lot of different models to choose from. Many of the models have all brick exteriors. Some of the elevations (front of townhomes) are staggered, giving them nice curb appeal.

+Interior floor plans also have something for all tastes. Some kitchens are in the front and others are in the back corner.

Many of the townhomes that go to market have remodeled kitchens with large breakfast bar/islands.

+There are some models that have a step down living room. This gives you extra ceiling height and a larger feel.

+The townhomes come with either walkout basements, or a walkout on the main level to the exterior.

+Woodlynne community decided to keep a lot of open spaces in their community. Green space give the community a feel of being in nature, and not tightly packed together.

More information about Woodlynne Community Townhomes

Since Woodlynne is a small community, it averages 7-10 sales per year.

That number can vary. The community is also very convenient to the VRE, with sections of it walkable.

In addition, it has its own tennis and basketball courts. It shares a pool with Colony Park.

It also has a very active HOA. Their website can be found here.

Whitfield Green Townhomes

Whitfield Green is a group of 154 that are directly off of Roberts Rd to the west. The community has townhomes on either side of New Guinea Rd.

It was built relatively quickly unlike Woodlynne. These townhomes were constructed between 1984-1987.

Features of the community

+Whitfield Green is more affordable on average the the other neighborhoods in this area. The townhomes are smaller, some only 2 levels (no basement).

But this gives you an option if you are on a tighter budget.

+Whitfield is also very close to Target, the VRE station and elementary school.

+Whitfield has both vinyl siding options and brick front. Both are lower maintenance than other materials.

+Lower average HOA fees. Whitfield Green has HOA fees that have been on average lower than neighboring communities. This goes along with the affordability factor.

More information about Whitfield Green Townhomes

Whitfield is the farthest of this group from Lake Royal and the surrounding park.

However, they are priced competitively and are very close to other amenities. Whitfield also sees about 5-8 sales per year on average.

Colony Park Townhomes

A sign that reads "Colony Park". Entrance to a townhome community in Fairfax VA.

This is a larger community, weighing in at 326 townhomes. Colony Park was constructed between 1983-1986.

It is connected to Woodlynne, and the community is tucked inside of Colony View Dr.

Features of the community

+Colony Park has a wide variety of models. The most common is 1,280 sqaure feet, but that does not include finished space in the basement.

+Many of these townhomes have 2 full bathrooms upstairs, a powder room and also a bathroom (half or sometimes full) in the basement.

“Full bathroom” in Northern VA has a shower or tub.

+ Just like the interiors, Colony park also has a large variety of exterior looks. Or the cool way to say it: exterior elevations.

There are bumpouts with tin roof sections, brick, covered porch awnings and vinyl with decorative trim.

+The VRE bus that takes commuters and travellers to the train has stops inside the neighborhood.

More information about Colony Park Townhomes

Colony Park has a pool and basketball court on the south end of the community, that is shared with Woodlynne’s Townhomes.

Being double the size of the previous communities, it also sees about double the amount of listings. 15-20 is the norm for number of sales per year in Colony Park.

The Village Park Townhomes

A row of townhomes in Fairfax VA. Some are all brick front and another has a mansard roof in the front.
A row of townhomes in Village Park.

Separating the next two communities is Zion Dr. and a group of larger detached homes. The Village Park is the smallest group of townhomes.

It has just over 100 built in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Features of the community

• The Village Park townhomes are truly walkable to Fairfax’s Lake Royal and Royal Lake Park.

Meaning, you can get there right through the neighborhood without going over any through roads.

• This is a smaller community in number of townhomes, but they offer some of the larger models available in this area. They also have large rec rooms in the basement, many with fireplaces.

• Lots of green space. Some woods, but also has some open areas to play sports or walk dogs.

More information about The Village Park Townhomes

A portion of this community backs to Guinea Rd.

There are busses to the VRE along Guinea or along Zion Dr.

Across from Guinea there is also some commercial space that has fitness centers and historically, a bowling alley.

Glen Cove Townhomes

Glen Cove was also built in phases over a longer period of time. Therefore, they are dated from the early 70s up until 1980.

Saving the best for last, Glen Cove is built on prime land by Lake Royal.

You will find these townhomes just North of Village Park community, with another cluster to the east. They are right next to the lake.

Row of townhomes in Fairfax VA. These have vinyl siding, and different exterior styles.
A row of different style townhomes in Glen Cove.

Features of the community

• Glen Cove has views that are some of the best in the area. From the townhome rows right next to the lake, you can get views from the master bedroom, main level & decks.

For some this is seasonal, when the trees drop their leaves in the late fall/winter.

• In addition to having some great lots, Glen Cove has some of the most unique exteriors.

Some of the earlier townhomes have red tin awning over thee door and sunken window with different siding material.

This gives it a quaint Northern cottage style look to the townhomes. Others are more in line with the rest of the Lake Royal area.

• Glen Cove HOA fees are on average lower than surrounding areas. This is especially true considering the amenities.

More information about Glen Cove Townhomes

Glen Cove also has a very active HOA, with a history of reasonable fees. They have a great website with updates and more community info.

Glen cove also has a large pool that hosts events throughout the year. It has a swim team as well.

A great community combined with the fact that you have walking trails connecting to Lake Royal make Glen Cove among the most popular townhomes in Fairfax.

If you are waiting for a townhome in Glen Cove, the wait should not be long. They come on the market frequently and see 15-20 listings per year on average.

The Surrounding Area

Lake Royal also has townhomes on the east and to the south.

These communities are in Burke. If you are looking through Fairfax it would be a good idea to also check out these communities. Contact us if you would like more info.

This area is also popular for buy and hold investing, as rental prices and home values have increased over the years.

It is also close George Mason University. This is great for renting to students, but also if you work at GMU and would like to use the home as your primary residence.

Secondly, Lake Royal is a quick drive to 495. This makes it good for commuters heading to other parts of Northern VA or DC/MD.

Tips for Finding the Right Home

Walk around the lake, and decide if it is important to be walkable to the Royal Lake Park trail.

For example, if you walk everyday, have a pet or enjoy fishing and boating you may want to look at a lakeside community. If so, Glen Cove is the closest to the Lake on the Fairfax side.

If you want one specific community reach out to us.

As you search, we can be a resource for real estate questions and be ready to help you move quickly if you see the right property.

With this knowledge, you can beat other buyers to the listings. Fairfax has a lot of popular townhomes, but Lake Royal properties will go faster than most in a competitive market.

Selling Your Townhome

If you are getting ready to sell a property we can help. Whether you need to sell to buy the next home, or are selling for another reason, we have helped clients in all kinds of situations.

The best first step is to fill out a home value request.

• Home Value Stats

Above is the average list price vs sold price of townhomes in Fairfax.

This will give you the general pulse of the market and where values have been over the last 2 years.


Are you looking for an area near a lake? Lake Royal is a quiet park with a large lake, many townhomes that have water views.

Whether you are just starting to research buying, want to start touring, or are looking for an estimate of your property’s value, get in touch below.

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