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Above are homes for sale in Kings Park West, if you want to get right into the action.

Kings Park West neighborhood has both townhomes and single family homes.

Welcome To Kings Park West

If you are buying in the greater Fairfax County area, there is a chance you have come across properties in this community.

Maybe you have had your eye on this area for some time or maybe you are still researching neighborhoods. Either way, welcome to our site. We can help.

If you are a homebuyer, homeseller or just looking for more information about the community, this page is for you.

The Community

Kings Park West consists of about 2200 homes. A large amount of these are single family, detached homes with yards.

To the northern section of the neighborhood are clusters of townhomes.

Chances are, you are looking for either a detached home or a townhome. Later, I will give you more info on both.


Kings Park West was developed Richmarr Homes. The same developer built Kings Park, another neighborhood in Northern Virginia directly to the east in Springfield.

The neighborhood was started in 1967 and built in phases continuing all the way up to 1986.

An elementary school was opened in the middle of the neighborhood, and on the west the community surrounds Robinson Secondary, which goes from middle school through high school.

Both schools were opened in the early 1970s.

Amenities & Location

Here you can see the proximity to GMU, Lake Royal, Robinson, VRE and more. © OpenStreetMap contributors.
  • Close to George Mason University. Whether you work here, are looking to rent out a property or just want to know your home value will be preserved, GMU is a large part of Fairfax.
  • Lake Royal. This lake offers boating, fishing, walking/running, fitness stations, soccer fields, a playground and more. Great place to spend the day.
  • Parks. There are several parks nearby the neighborhood for enjoying nature.
  • Close to the VRE. The Burke Centre VRE is a short drive south of the neighborhood.
  • Shopping. Burke Centre and other surrounding areas have grocery, large department stores and more.


First of all, they are large. Most of the models have more than 2,000 square feet. The end units are the biggest, with many reaching up to 2,500 square feet.

The basements usually are finished and many have a full bathroom and large extra rec room/office area.

The second reason they are so popular is the location. Kings Park West has a great location. But the townhomes are in perhaps the best spot for accessibility.

They are on the very north side of the community, and off of Roberts Road. The homes are up against Braddock Road.

Right across the street is George Mason University. Easily walkable for residents of the townhomes.

The last reason they are very popular is there are just many of them. In a fast moving market, they get snatched up quickly. If you are searching in a buyers market it is a good time to get one and hold it for the long term.

The location near campus has made the properties popular as a “buy and hold” investment to rent out.

But the size and proximity to main roads and transportation make them a good buy for anyone looking in Fairfax for a townhome.

Single Family Homes

There is a lot to love about this neighborhood. The single family homes give buyers a chance to own in a community with a great long term outlook. Here is why.

The community has a great Civic Association.

With that said, many properties have had large additions put on the homes. Many HOAs restrict this kind of thing, but I think in the long term it is good for the neighborhood property values.

Additionally, the neighborhood has a lot of nature around. The Rabbit Branch stream runs through the neighborhood, and there is a lot of green space to boot.

Many homes back to wooded areas. On the south side of the neighborhood is Lake Royal. Kings Park West is the homes that you can see when walking around the trail.

Water views are rare in Fairfax County, and this area has some of the most serene.

The homes themselves were originally built in the 1960s and 1970s, although some have been newly redone.

The original homes are a good combination of split levels, two story colonials and one level ramblers. The neighborhoods have basements with varying degrees of finishes.

The builder gave very royal names for the home models, such as The Baron, The Prince, The Regent, The King and The Queen.

Selling Your Home In Kings Park West

There comes a time to sell a home. No matter how much you love the neighborhood maybe it is time to move on.

The best first step in selling a home? Get an expert to take a look and let you know what it can sell for. Fill out our home value request to get an estimate.

Market Stats

The chart above shows the average sales price for homes in Fairfax and the average list price. This is a good indicator of what prices are doing. And also how much of the list price sellers are achieving.

Tips For Selling

• Work with someone who knows the neighborhood and also the surrounding area.

When buyers are touring homes, they do not always realize when they are in a community as special as Kings Park West.

Get an expert who can sell the community as well as your home. I know the community and can get you the results you want.

• Prepare. Check out this guide on selling your property. A well prepared home will mean more interest and ultimately more profit at closing.

• If you have a seasonal view, take a high quality photo of the view and save it for when you sell.

Let’s say you can see Lake Royal in the winter, but in the spring it is covered by trees.

• You can use the photo when the water view is at its best in the listing, so buyers will know they have a seasonal view of the lake.

• Know the market. If you want to know what kind of market you are selling in, get in touch with the form below. I can send you a free report.

Next Steps

• Nearby Communities

  • Townhomes near Royal Lake. – A cool section of Fairfax featuring a large lake surrounded by townhome communities.
  • Homes near George Mason University. – More homes that are nearby the college, and more information about GMU.
  • Burke Centre Conservancy. – Burke Centre is one of the largest neighborhoods in the area, and has the amenities to go along with it. It is just south of Kings Park West.
  • Truro. – Lots of really cool contemporary homes make up this neighborhood. It is to the east in Annandale.
  • Canterbury Woods. – Just south of Truro is another area of single family homes with wooded lots.
  • Little River Hills. – This is a small community with no HOA that has become popular for new custom homes on large lots.

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