Can an Introvert Succeed as a Real Estate Agent?

When you think of a highly successful real estate agent, who comes to mind?

For many, it is the “life of the party” type of person, someone who will approach strangers to start up a conversation just on a whim.

Or maybe it is the fearless person who is always taking risks and trying new things without thinking twice, door knocking all day and making new connections in bundles.

And if you are reading this article, you are likely neither of those people.

Can you succeed as a real estate agent if you are an introvert?

Absolutely. Here is how.

The Challenge

Most basically, extroverts focus more on the external world. Introverts focus more on their internal world.

Definitions of introversion and extroversion vary. But generally, Healthline sums it up well.

As far as people go, extroverts excel and thrive being around others. Introverts prefer to time to themselves or with small groups of trusted people.

For example, an extrovert would be excited to go and hold an open house. They get jazzed up when people come in the door and want to immediately get to know them.

An introvert could hold the same open house, and have to mentally prepare for it, and some would be downright hoping it ends quickly. Afterwards, the introvert would need some “recharge” time to themselves.

Most people are not all on one side or the other, and have times where they feel more introverted and times when they are more extroverted. But everyone has their dominant tendencies.

It is easy to see how someone more extroverted can sell more real estate. I know many top producing agents who love being around people all the time.

But I also know some who need extensive alone time, who are not social butterflies and who fall well within the introverted range of the spectrum.

I have spent the last 10 years as a real estate agent, and I am much more introverted than extroverted. This is a guide on how you can succeed despite not being outgoing, making fast friends and being the life of the party (or open house).

Becoming an Expert

Introversion offers some distinct advantages for the real estate business, and the best introvert agents find and use these advantages.

Perhaps the biggest one is the ability to become an expert in a given aspect of real estate, area or niche. Clients trust and want to work with agents who know what they are talking about, and can show confidence in their skills.

Introverts tend to learn quickly, gain a very deep knowledge of a subject and can educate clients to help them make the best decision.

The key is to find your strengths and develop them with a deep focus.

A link to the best books for real estate agents and investors. Background of some popular books.

Find Your Strengths

Find a couple of topics and become an expert. Read books, blogs, watch videos, take courses, go to a conference and learn how to become the best agent that you can be.

Here are some topics to focus on.

• Real Estate Technology

There is a difference between using tech as an agent and being ahead of the game. Being an expert in real estate tech will bring value to your clients.

I have become an expert on web marketing. I can show sellers exactly what I have done with my website, the traffic it brings to their listing and the tools I use to market their home online. Ultimately, this nets them more for their home.

Learn all of the newest apps to save your sellers time, convenience and help them get more for their home. You will stand out.

• Market Research

Real estate markets can be complex, and each neighborhood and town has its own micro market.

Introverts are very good at researching. Get into the MLS, look at homes for sale, homes that have sold, updates on each home, how long they stay on the market, etc.

If you have a listing appointment, learn as much about the neighbrohood and the data as possible.

• Content & Marketing

If you are a very creative person, you can produce high quality content either through writing, designing materials, or both.

Agents who master marketing and creating high quality content get plenty of clients.

• Strategy

Deep thinkers are strategic and careful planners. Being a real estate agent can be a very competitive business in major markets.

Figuring out a creative way to get a strategic advantage in business can make the difference between success and looking for another job.

• Contract Knowledge

Real estate transactions and negotiations involve a lot of contracts.

If you study and know the real estate contract inside and out, it can make a huge difference for your clients.

Once you are familiar with the contracts, take some classes and get to know some of the nuances of a transaction. Knowing creative ways to use contracts and clauses can make you great at negotiating and winning multiple offer situations.

Your clients will notice if you can answer their contract questions quickly and correctly.

• Real Estate Investing

Investing takes a lot of analysis, decision making and research to find the right properties. If you have a mind for numbers, percentages and returns, learn about real estate investing.

This can help you work with investor clients, and also build your own real estate portfolio.

Connect & Build Trust

The real estate business is about trust and relationships. Buyers and sellers will work with you if they trust you and like you.

Some introverts are slower to build relationships and develop trust. They develop deep friendships, but over a longer period of time. This is one area that you will want to focus on to be successful.

Many times potential clients are making quick decisions about who to work with, so you want to be able to compete.

Here are some tips to get started.

• Show Your Personality

Trust is important. But so is likeability. If you are like me, when you are in a group of people you would much rather observe for awhile before starting a conversation.

Shyness will not work when at an open house or at a listing interview. As difficult and vulnerable as it may be, show your personality off. Be upbeat, or quirky, or funny or whatever fits in with who you are.

As much as you can, channel your inner extrovert when you meet others.

• Listen Carefully

This one will come much easier for the more introverted. When you meet a potential client or new connection, listen. REALLY listen.

Take to heart what their goals are, and follow up with them in a way that aligns with those goals.

It is often said that sales is not as much about talking, but rather listening intently so you know the needs of your clients.

• Network Your Way

You do not need to be hosting parties and presenting at business groups to make new connections and friends. Often, if you are introverted you are more comfortable meeting new people one-on-one.

Make sure you are growing your network, but do it your own way. Invite a friend of a friend to get coffee or have a small gathering.

• Referrals & Past Clients

I have noticed that often times, introverted real estate agents tend to do a better job of keeping up consistently with their past clients than extroverts.

Use this to your advantage. Keep up with past clients and remember to ask who they know who you can help with real estate. If you did a great job for them (which of course you did) they will pass along referrals.

A referral comes with a built in trust factor. And the relationship is, in a way, pre-established by your mutual connection.

• Don’t Worry…Be Happy

As someone more introverted, I sometimes get into the bad habit of thinking about the future or the past, instead of living in the moment.

Real estate transactions can have a number of hurdles or potential hurdles that can come up at any time. Take care of the items that you are responsible for. The rest, practice letting it go.


Can an introvert succeed as a real estate agent? Absolutely. In fact, there are many different ways to succeed in the business. And introverts have the unique opportunity to gain an advantage in some areas.

However, it is a relationship business at the end of the day. So you want to make sure you are focusing on developing those skills.

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