Townhomes Near Lake Anne Reston, VA For Sale

Townhomes For Sale Near Lake Anne Reston

Townhomes near Lake Anne in Reston are unlike any others you will find in Northern VA. I have sold townhomes all over the area, and these are some of my favorites.

For a full guide on buying a townhome in Reston, see our guide here. It will give you the full story of all the different sections of clusters.

The townhomes above are currently for sale, and will update automatically. Click on any listing for details. For a full search start here.

If you have a question about any of these townhomes, easily contact me from the listing.

Lake Anne Townhomes

Lake Anne was where the original vision of the founder became a reality.

The exteriors of many of the original townhomes are concrete and brick. They did not spare any expense on the materials.

Some speculate the unwillingness to build more cheaply is why Reston eventually ended up being completed by a different company.

If you like historic architecture with a contemporary style, you may be able to find a townhome in the list above if they are available.

There are many other clusters in the area that are newer. Some are larger and have garages.

The Benefits of Living In Reston VA

Whether you buy near Lake Anne or in Reston as a whole, it is a great town to call home. Here are some of the biggest reasons to search in this area.

• Outdoor space. Reston has more outdoor open areas than many of the other towns in Fairfax County. This was a part of the master plan that is now Reston.

• Amenities. Golf courses, multiple swimming pools, community centers, tennis courts and other entertainment are available. Most of them are covered by Reston HOA dues.

• Getting around. Reston has access to many major commuter routes. The toll road can get you to 495 & 66. There are also two metro stops in Reston. Wiehle Rd. and the Town Center.

• Convenience. Shopping and dining is plentiful. There are multiple “Village Centers” that have grocery stores and restaurants for you to choose from. Some are even lakeside.

A stucco home in Reston Virginia, this one was sold in 2014. Snow is one the ground and green shutters are seen against the gray stucco.
A townhome near Lake Anne that we sold. These are walkable to the Lake and have modern design.

Selling a Townhouse in Reston

If you want to get top dollar for your property, request a home value report.

We have helped many sellers in Northern VA sell and buy a new home or move on to another area.

Average Sales Price

The chart above shows the pricing trends for townhomes in Reston overall.

This is a great starting point to know where the market has been heading.

To get an update of where the market is this month, reach out to us below.

Get Help With Reston Townhomes

If you are looking for a townhome near Lake Anne in Reston, we can help. Are you looking for a specific cluster? Just doing research? Are you about to start your search?

No matter where you are in the process, reach out using the form below to get started or ask a question.

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