Homes For Sale in McLean VA

McLean VA is among one of the most sought after areas for homebuyers in Northern VA. And for good reason.

It is a unique town, offering a very rare combination of greenscape and ultra convenience for those who want the ability to be in Washington DC quickly.

McLean’s signature real estate is very much high-end luxury homes. Some of the largest and most valuable property has a McLean address.

However, the local market is more versatile than you may think. There are condos, townhomes and smaller more modest single family homes for sale at any given time in McLean.

Of course, if you are looking for a high-end estate, you will find that as well. There are many styles of luxury homes in McLean from Colonials to Contemporaries.

McLean also has a very active new construction home market. You can find both spec builds and older homes that are sold for the land. Some are in neighborhood settings and others offer larger, more private lots.

This post will give you a list of current homes for sale in McLean and links to more information on some of the most sought after neighborhoods in the area.

Homes Currently For Sale in McLean VA

This is a current list of homes that are on market. If you want a list of homes that are coming soon in McLean and not yet online, reach out to me and let me know where you are looking.

McLean has a large selection of neighborhoods of varying sizes, settings and styles. This is a selection of some of the most popular that see a lot of listings.

McLean has many iconic subdivisions and different sections, each with its unique benefits. Here are some of our favorites.

McLean Hamlet

McLean Hamlet is a community of mostly colonial single family homes just outside the beltway (Rt. 495).

The neighborhood is adjacent to Tyson’s Corner, giving it a boost of convenience.

However, considering how close it is to all the action, it is relatively quiet as there are not any through streets. The Hamlet also has some nice parks and green spaces.

McLean Hamlet is popular in its own right and often buyers will wait for a home to be for sale in the neighborhood, rather than looking elsewhere.


This area is a collection of neighborhoods rather than just one. It is home to a high-end real estate market that would appeal to you if you are looking for a large home just across from DC.

There are both neighborhood settings and more private estates in Langley.

If you have watched a lot of spy movies, the name probably sounds familiar. The CIA headquarters is in Langley.

If you want/need to be close to the city, but also are interested in more open land than you can get downtown, Langley is for you.

Salona Village

Salona Village is a small neighborhood built around an area with a rich historic background. In the middle of the neighborhood is a large plat of land that has an estate with significance dating back to the war of 1812.

This gives Salona Village an open feel. It has been a popular area if you are looking to build a new home in McLean.

Parts of the neighborhood are also easily walkable to McLeans small downtown area.

Franklin Park

Franklin Park is located on south east side of McLean and is right next to Arlington.

The land here is highly sought after for development. The lots are larger than average, which means the homes are big… most of the original smaller homes have been developed over the years.

Franklin Park gives better access to the Key Bridge into downtown than other parts of McLean, which goes over the Potomac into Georgetown.

Potomac Hills

Potomac Hills is located north of Old Dominion Dr, and south of Chain Bridge. Some would consider it part of the Langley area.

A community of homes originally built in the 1960s, it is built up against Pimmit Run, which has a hiking trail that leads along the Potomac.

It is another convenient option if you want a suburb feel, yet want to be close to Langley and Chain Bridge entrance to DC.

West McLean

West McLean is an area tucked in between Tysons Corner and downtown McLean. There are several small neighborhoods in this area.

Most are single family homes on smaller lots. There has also been new construction in this area, following the trend of McLean as a whole.

This is a great area if you need to get on the beltway quickly. It also gives great access to the Metro Rail which runs to many parts of Northern VA, DC and Maryland.

The Reserve

The Reserve is in the 22102 zip code, which is more wooded, closer to Great Falls and offers some privacy.

The neighborhood is as good as it gets if you are looking for estate living. It is well designed, has 24 hour security, colonial mansions, and beautiful yards. Many feature pools and extensive hardscaping.

The lots are also large, most hovering around one acre.

The Verse Condos at The Boro

The Verse condos are an ultra convenient complex walkable to the metro, shopping and much more.

It was built above the flagship Whole Foods in Tysons Corner.

It is part of The Boro development, across the street from the silver line metro.

The Rotonda Condos

The Rotonda is a large condo community made up of several buildings. The Rotonda has lots of things to do right within the community, from an indoor/outdoor pool, spa, convenience store, gym and more.

It is a great place to look for both investment properties or primary residence alike.

Townhomes in McLean

There are a handful of townhome communities in McLean as well. Most are close to downtown McLean, and walkable to that area.

They vary in size and style. Some are more in line with what you would see in other Northern VA towns, and others are very large with special features such as elevators.

Townhomes offer a good alternative if you want to live in McLean but are looking for less maintenance and do not need much yard space.

New Construction Homes in McLean

McLean has steadily attracted new home builders over the decades.

Although there is little raw land left to build large communities, if you drive around the neighborhoods in McLean you will see new construction being worked on in the place of older homes or other properties.

All of the reasons that make McLean a great place to live also make it a great place to build.

If you have been thinking of looking for a new home in Northern VA check out this guide.

More Tips

Finding a Real Estate Agent in McLean VA

Good news. You already have.

But in all seriousness, I have extensive experience with the McLean and real estate market and have helped many clients find their home in the area.

Reach out to me with any questions about the process whether you are building new or buying a resale home.

My office is also conveniently located in downtown McLean off of Elm St.

Where To Start Your Home Search

McLean has a few distinct areas, each that have their pros and cons. Many people in the Langley area would not want to move to The Reserve, and vice versa.

A lot of this depends on your lifestyle, the type of home you want, your tolerance for commute and what amenities you want nearby.

The good news is with a good real estate pro who really knows the area you can narrow it down to one or a few neighborhoods, or type of home if that is more important.

So start anywhere, and then narrow down as you tour more properties.

Getting to Know the Market

Again, an expert can help you with this answer quickly. McLean is a popular area, so knowing the kind of market you are going into can help you get the best home in the least amount of time.

Keep in mind different types of properties could have different market conditions. If you are looking for a high end home, that takes a different approach than looking for something more traditional.

Chat with an expert to know what is going on. Feel free to reach out to me.

Living and Working in McLean

There is a large job market within the McLean zip codes. Although many McLean residents do commute elsewhere (specifically DC) there are others who both live and work in McLean.

Tysons Corner is right on the outskirts and parts of that area do lie within McLean. There are lots of office parks, commercial high rises, and large companies that call this area home.

Capital One Financial has been a huge employer in the area and has built several tall building full of employees. There are many other tech, finance and various small to larger businesses.

In the heart of McLean is the downtown or business district. This area is historically quieter and less congested than Tysons. It is home to a collection of small businesses, chains and also lots of commercial space.

Downtown McLean is where I am writing this right now in the Keller Williams real estate office.

The other large employer in the area is the CIA headquarters. Although they are hush-hush on the number of employees they have there, it is a large number.

The less well known TF Highway Research Center is another government agency in the area as well.

McLean is not only a great place to live, but has abundant work opportunities as well.

Next Steps

Are you ready to search for homes in McLean, or just wondering about what is for sale? Want to visit some neighborhoods?

I can help. Get in touch and we can work together to find you a new home.

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