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Homes for Sale in Burke Centre

Here are the homes currently available in the community. This list constantly updates as homes are listed for sale and go under contract in Burke Centre.

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Burke Centre Conservancy is a sought after planned community in the heart of Burke, a town in Northern Virginia in the Fairfax County jurisdiction.

This community consists of over 5,000 homes. Whether you are looking for a starter townhome or condo, or looking for a single family home with a yard, this is a wonderful place to live.

There are ponds and a lake, shopping, schools, gyms nearby, a train station, outdoor sport courts, pools, a library and 30 miles of walking trails that connect the whole community together.

On top of that, Burke Centre is a place where “community” is more than just where you live, but where you belong. There are a host of events, classes and more to get to know your neighbors.

So if you are looking for an amenity rich area surrounded by nature where there is always something to do, tour some properties in Burke Centre Conservancy.

Home Styles in Burke Centre Conservancy

Burke Centre has a very diverse selection of properties, with a wide range of sizes and price ranges.

The signature type of property is the single family home of colonial style. This includes colonials, dutch colonials and other variations.

You can also find many clusters of townhome. They vary in size and style.

There are also condos, apartments, semi-detached townhomes, co-op units and even a few luxury homes that fall within Burke Centre Conservancy HOA.

The Construction of The Area

Burke Centre Conservancy was built mostly between the years of 1977-1988.

The community is one of the larger planned communities in Northern VA, and has been recognized by different organizations as one of the best places to live in the area.

It was constructed with nature in mind, and filled with amenities, both HOA sponsored and outside organizations.

The community was built by a collection of builders, some finished large portions of the community and others a smaller section.

Some of the builders that constructed homes here are WM Berry, Van Metre, US Homes, Tipco, Southern Engineering, Ryland Homes, Ryan Homes, Pulte, Poretsky & Starr, NV Homes, Globe, George Darne & Sons, Costain, Corbett, Centex, Batal and others.

The sheer number of builders that put their stamp on the community give it the unique charm and variation in floor plans and types of places to buy.

Burke Centre has a large variety of properties, including some with water views.

Neighborhoods & Clusters

Here are the 5 neighborhoods, the clusters listed in each and what types of homes you can expect to find in each cluster.

Each cluster and neighborhood have their own organized structure within the HOA, and have committees that are elected every 2 years.

1. Commons Neighborhood Clusters

This neighborhood is comprised of townhomes, condos and apartments, and occupies the area between the VRE and the Burke Town Center.

Oakwood/Bridgetown Commons

This cluster features 3 level townhome style condos. There are ample green spaces and many of the homes are end units.

The condo fees here have also typically included water.

Burke Station Commons

This cluster of homes is unique, both for Burke Centre and the rest of Northern VA. These units are co-op ownership, some of the only ones in the area.

They are built like a low rise condo, however instead of owning the unit, each owner buys into a corporate entity that owns the community. There is a blanket mortgage that the company holds and is reflected in the fees.

Co-op ownership is different than other types, so before diving in make sure you know what exactly you will be owning. More typical in Northern VA is condo ownership, where you own the interior of your unit.

Burkshire Commons

Burkshire Commons (formerly Chase Commons) contains apartments in a wooded area of Burke. There are no units for sale in this cluster.

Scarborough Commons

This is a cluster of 3 level townhomes with a basement, most of them with nice large rec rooms in the basement.

This community is also walkable via trails to Burke Town Center, which has several stores, grocery and a large department store.

Seville Commons

Seville Commons is another townhome community walkable to Burke Town Center.

This is a small cluster of both 2 and 3 level townhomes. These townhomes tend to be very popular and sell quickly, one of the big reasons is that they have attached garages.

Walden Commons

This cluster features townhome style condos. Most of them are very spacious, and they have an attached garage.

Some of the models in Walden Commons also feature a 4th level, which contains the owner’s suite. Great if you are looking for extra privacy.

2. Landings Neighborhood Clusters

The Landings neighborhood has a wide variety of homes of different sizes and styles. Lake Barton is contained in this neighborhood, which is a favorite of homeowners.

Burnside Landing

This cluster of homes features single family detached style properties, on lots that are just under 10,000 square feet.

These homes vary in exterior design, but primarily feature a colonial look. Most of the homes have attached 2 car garages and finished basements.

Cove Landing

This cluster contains the Burke Cove Condo complexes, a collection of attractive low rise buildings that are built right next to Lake Barton.

These condos vary from 1-3 bedrooms and are good to take a look at either as a homeowner or investment property.

Eagle Landing Road

This cluster has a collection of single family homes, typical of Burke Centre with a colonial exterior style. The lots are around 10,000 square feet but some are larger, closer to 13,000.

Many of the homes in Eagle Landing are very convenient to the Burke Centre Library and Rt. 286.

Forest Landing

This community has a good number of split level and split foyer homes. This is nice if you like your bedrooms on the same level as the kitchen and main living areas and a partially above ground basement level.

The lots in Forest Landing are slightly smaller but still offer space for a nice backyard to entertain or for kids/pets.

Fulton’s Landing

These homes are large colonials, with very attractive exterior elevations and a variety of different looks inside and out.

The style is primarily colonial, with 2 car garages. The Bellehaven is a common model in this section, with the space above the garage finished.

1/4 acre lots are typical in this cluster, but that varies slightly. Very convenient to walk to the Burke Centre Library.

Heritage Landing

This is another section of single family homes, mostly colonial in style. It has some of the standard models built in this area. However, many are brick front siding which adds even more curb appeal.

On Heritage Landing Road/Court, some of the homes have private lots because they back to wooded areas. These streets are the southern boundary of the neighborhood, next to Rt. 286.

Martin’s Landing

This cluster features 3 level townhomes, just off of Burke Centre Parkway. Most of these townhomes are 3 bedrooms, but some are built with 2 larger bedrooms. Most have a finished or partially finished basement.

Powell’s Landing

This is another unique cluster of homes in both Burke but also Northern VA as a whole. These are duplex homes, also known as semi detached. In this community you will have another a neighbor on your side attached, but the other side is detached.

Living in a duplex is similar to owning an end unit townhome. But offer even a little bit more privacy because there are less properties per acre.

Powell’s Landing is also convenient to The Landing community center/pool and tennis courts.

Steamboat Landing

This small cluster contains the single family homes on Steamboat Landing Lane that are not contained within other above clusters.

There is some overlap on the streets for the neighborhoods in Burke Centre so homes on the street could be split between a couple of clusters.

Water’s Edge Landing

These townhomes are among the most sought after in Burke Centre for good reasons. First of all, they have great curb appeal with brick siding and unique entryways.

Secondly, many of them offer views or seasonal views of Lake Barton and the surrounding woods.

Woodwalk Landing

These are 1 over 2 condos, so they have a lower 1 level unit and then 2 level units on the top. Great whether you are looking for a starter condo or investment.

One of the nicest features of this cluster is the fact that it is walkable to the Landings pool and a bus stop.

3. Oaks Neighborhood Clusters

Oaks Neighborhood is on the western end of the community, with mostly single family homes and townhomes. The benefits of living here include the proximity to one of the elementary schools and the Burke Centre Library.

Bear Oak

The Bear Oak cluster homes were built in 1979 by the national builder Pulte Homes. These are colonial style single family homes with 1/4 acre lots.

They are convenient to the library and the elementary school, along with Rt. 123.

Burr Oak

This is a small cluster of homes contains the homes along Burr Oak Way not contained in another cluster (most 10800 street addresses).

These are attractive single family homes on smaller lots.

Calumet Oaks

A majority of the homes in Burke Centre are in Burke, but this cluster is actually right over the border in Fairfax.

These single family homes are most split levels, split foyers and dutch colonials. However there are also some ramblers.

These are part of the handful of homes in the master community that are north of the VRE train tracks. One perk of living in this cluster is the proximity to Lake Royal.

Carters Oak

Another cluster of colonial style single family homes. One benefit of this section of Burke Centre is many of the homes are very close to the elementary school and Burke Centre Plaza.

Crevenna Oak

These are a apartments, located just to the north of Lake Barton. These units are for rent only.

Freds Oak

These single family colonials are near the very center of the master community, so accessible to all the amenities offered.

They also have some models you might not see in other clusters, some with really great curb appeal.

Georgian Oaks

These are 3 level townhomes located in the land immediately off Burke Centre Pkwy. The nice thing about living in this cluster is you can walk to the shopping center across the street for groceries and more.

Jackson Oak

This is another townhome cluster, located just south of Georgian Oaks above. They have a unique contemporary style on the exterior and also enjoy being close to the shopping center.

Lakeside Oak

This is one of the more sought after areas in Burke Centre, because of its proximity to Lake Barton and the fact that some have views of the water.

These are townhomes, traditional style many built with brick siding.

Oakland Chase

This is a small cluster of townhomes. They are newer relative to many of the townhomes in the community, and enjoy a more open concept. They occupy the land just east of the commercial space next to Burke Centre plaza.

Oakland Park

This cluster includes the sections of Oakland Park Drive and Burr Oak Way not included in other clusters. They are all single family homes.

Oak Leather

Oak Leather is a nice cluster of single family colonial homes, many have yards that back to some green space and feature a big larger than average lots. Also many homes are walkable to the pool and tennis courts.

Split Oak

This cluster has single family colonial homes that are located just north of the pool and just to the south of Burke Centre Parkway.

Many of the homes are on pipe stem cul de sacs so the lots are a bit smaller than average.

Spring Oak

These are duplex style townhomes, built with 2 levels (no basement). Great for low maintenance living, and also are walkable to Lake Barton via the surrounding trails.

Summer Oak

Much like Spring Oak, Summer Oak is full of 2 level townhomes, most are duplex style so you will find nearly all end units.

Enjoys the same walkability to Lake Barton and also very close to Burke Centre Plaza shopping center.

Summit Oak

Summit Oak has rental apartments. No units are for sale.

4. Ponds Neighborhood Clusters

The Ponds have some very sought after clusters for many reasons, one of them is the fact that they have a collection of ponds and trails that run around them.

Bass Pond

This is a single family home cluster, with a collection of both colonial and split level/ split foyer properties. Some of them have water views and even contain a few waterfront properties to Bass Pond and Meadow Pond.

The lots vary in size with some below average for the neighborhood and others larger than average.

Beacon Pond

A small cluster of townhomes, they have a cool contemporary flair and many feature floor to ceiling windows that make them bright and welcoming. Most are 3 levels.

Burke Pond

This is a sought after section with townhomes built in the mid 1980s with varying exterior elevations and floor plans. The cluster is located walkable to the neighborhood’s pool and tennis courts.

Fern Pond

Another selection of 3 level townhomes, this cluster is also right next to the elementary school. Located just south of the shopping at Burke Town Center and the department store.

Heron Pond/Pond Spice

Cluster of 3 level townhomes, just across from the elementary school and just south of the department store across Burke Centre Parkway.

Lucas Pond

Lucas Pond consists of two small pipe stem cul de sac streets off of Burke Lake Rd.

Marshall Pond

This is a cluster of single family homes, mostly colonial in style. This street has gotten some local notoriety in the past for its elaborate holiday decorations and light shows. A great place to take the kids.

Martin Pond

A cluster of single family homes that includes 4 homes on Pond Spice Lane and also the homes on Marshall Pond Rd that are not part of the above cluster.

Meadow Pond

This cluster contains colonial and split level homes in one of the first completed portions of the community. There is also great access to the trails that surround the lakes in this portion of Burke Centre.

Mockingbird Pond

Traditional 3 level townhomes, they have both vinyl, brick front and mansard roof style.

Pine Pond

This cluster is made up of the townhomes that are adjacent to Burke Pond, easily walkable and some with nice views.

There are a few different elevations to give great curb appeal, including many with brick front and mansard roofs.

Quiet Pond/Pond Spice

This is woodsy townhome cluster of typical 3 level townhomes for Burke Centre. Many back to a wooded area, and are also walkable to the department store and Burke Town Center.

Renaissance Pond

This is a cluster of estate style luxury homes, on large lots. The homes are much bigger than others in Burke Centre Conservancy, and that is reflected in the price.

They have a Fairfax Station mailing address, but fall under Burke Centre Conservancy HOA so still enjoy all the amenities.

Spring Pond

This collection of single family homes are attractive colonials, mostly brick front and various styles from center hall to Dutch style.

The cluster wraps around spring pond, making for a convenient place to live for going on nature walks. A select group of homes have great water views.

5. Woods Neighborhood Clusters

True to its name, these clusters are in a heavily wooded section of Burke Centre Conservatory. On the northern edge of the neighborhood is Pohick Stream Valley Trail that leads to the VRE.

Bunker Woods

These are 3 level townhomes, some brick front and others vinyl. They have a traditional style. The cluster is convenient to this neighborhood’s pool, tennis courts and community center.

Burkewood Glenn

A relatively new cluster when compared to some of the others, these single family homes were built in the late 1980s.

The access to these homes is off of Burke Lake Road, and there are no through streets which make the pipe stems quiet. You can access the Bryce Pond via the trails at the end of the road.

Chestnut Wood

A 3 level townhome cluster, with pretty easy access to Burke Town Center. These townhomes are traditional style and have either brick or vinyl front.

Christopher Woods

This cluster contains some unique homes with a contemporary flair and unique floor plan, offering something different from the colonials that are a signature of Burke Centre.

These homes are on Wood Duck Ct and part of Coffer Woods Rd.

Coffer Woods

This section has colonials, split level homes and split foyers. Some of the colonials do not have garages but instead have bonus rooms off the kitchen. These were likely the model homes during the original construction.

Downeys Woods

Another unique cluster, this has small semi-detached duplex/townhomes. Although you have a neighbor attached at one wall, they live like a compact single family home with a nice little backyard.

The lots are around 4500 square feet. Some have garages as well.

Hemlock Woods

Very similar to Downeys Woods, these are duplex style townhomes with a good sized lot (compared to other townhomes). Some of these have garages, and some models even have 2 car garages.


Lincolnwood has a selection of colonials, split levels and split foyers with some varying models and floor plans. This cluster is very convenient to Bryce Pond, and a couple of homes are right next to the water.

Natick Woods

This section contains single family homes of varying colonial styles, including dutch colonials. Many of the homes on Natick Rd also back to wooded space, which makes for some nice privacy.

New England Woods

This cluster has single family homes, colonial style. You will see some variation in front elevation, with some unique floor plans.

Sassafras Woods

These are townhomes, nestled very close to both the neighborhoods community pool and walkable to the shopping and commercial spaces near Burke Town Centre.

They are 3 levels and have some variation in the look in the front of the homes.

Wards Grove

This is a large cluster of single family homes. Many of Burke Centre’s home styles are represented here: various colonials, dutch colonials, split level and split foyers.

Wooden Hawk

This section has single family homes in colonial style and split levels. Many of the lots here backup to a wooded area by the stream. You can also walk to the VRE (train) via a trail system.

Woods Flower

This small cluster has 3 level townhomes. They are very convenient to the pool, tennis and community center. They also allow quick access to the VRE.

Wood Mouse

Attractive cluster of 3 level townhomes, many have brick front and some vinyl. Lots also have a bump out bay window in the front kitchen. Some back to woods are convenient to the VRE path.

Wood Sorrel

These are semi-detached duplex style townhomes, some with garages and some not. The cluster is convenient to trails, the pool and shopping.

Woods Park

This cluster contains single family homes, and you will find some unique colonials with a more vertically built style than other Burke Centre properties. Some back to a wooded area and path next to Burke Town Center.

The section is right next to Burke Centre Parkway making it a convenient to access the rest of Burke.

Wood Wren

This small cluster of townhomes is a part of the Burke Centre neighborhood, but sits to the north of VRE and in a Fairfax mailing address.

These are convenient to Lake Royal, a large body of water with a nice running/hiking loop, playground, picnic area and more.

Burke Centre Conservancy Community Amenities

There is no shortage of things to do within the community itself. With a focus on nature and enjoying the outdoors, here are some of the things that living within the HOA offers.

• Community Classes

Classes are generally held at the 5 community centers, and have offered things like karate, fitness, cooking, art, soccer and more.

A great way to find something to do or get in shape without going outside the community.

• Pool Memberships

There are 5 pools throughout Burke Centre’s 5 neighborhoods. Membership is available to purchase and give you access to all 5.

Traditionally, memberships are available to both community members and non-residents. But being a homeowner has offered a large discount.

The Burke Center Swim Club is home to the youth swim teams.

• Community Centers

These 5 large community centers are available for rental by residents for various functions. They are also used by the community for meetings, groups and more.

They are conveniently located near the pools.

• Trails

There is an extensive trail system of over 30 miles that connects throughout the neighborhoods of Burke Centre. Great for walking to the pool, for exercise or just a relaxing stroll.

They also offer access into nearby trails and amenities nearby such as the VRE and Burke Lake. Here is a link to the map.

• Tot lots

There are numerous tot lots/playgrounds throughout the community for parents with kids. Great for taking a break on the trails to let the small ones play.

• Sports

Tennis courts are available for a key fee. There is are also pickleball, soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball fields/courts.

Whether you are playing pickup games or just practicing, you can find an open space for your chosen sports.

• Burke Centre Festival

This annual festival features a ton of activities including food, rides, wildlife shows, community booths, live music and much more.

This is a great opportunity to meet neighbors, new friends and bring the kids.

• Ponds & Lake

Having property nearby a lake is not something extremely common in Northern VA, but you can have that here at Lake Barton. The trails also go around the numerous smaller ponds in the neighborhoods.

Some residents also fish in the lake.

• Active Association

Burke Centre Conservancy HOA is constantly working to make living in the community a great experience for all residents. For more info on the HOA itself you can visit their site.

An empty train stop with a sign that says Burke Centre.
The VRE allows residents to travel throughout the area.

The Surrounding Area

The amenities and things to do nearby area also plentiful, adding to the benefits of calling this community home. Here is a sample of some of the things to check out.

• Burke Lake Park

Just south of the community is this large lake, with a trail around it of about 5 miles. The lake and park have fitness stations, boating, campgrounds, mini golf and a whole lot more.

Electric powered boating and other non gas powered craft are allowed on the lake. This is also a great place for fishing.

So whether you are looking for exercise, recreation or fun this is a great place to spend a day.

• Multiple Shopping Centers

Burke Town Center and Burke Plaza are conveniently located along Burke Centre Parkway.

They are walkable for many homes or an easy drive. They have lots of dining, grocery, specialty stores, medical offices, department store, gyms and more.

• Schools

The public schools that service Burke Centre Conservancy are convenient to the to community.

2 elementary schools are within its bounds.

Robinson Secondary (middle/high school) is where historically most homes in Burke Centre feed into (verify with the FCPS locator). Robinson is a short drive up the road.

• Country Club of Fairfax

This club has a golf course and is available for membership. Just to the west of the community.

• Virginia Railway Express

The VRE is connected to Burke Centre Conservancy via a trail system, and also has a large commuter lot. This train will take you to Old Town Alexandria, National Landing and Union Station in DC.

For many Burke residents this is their preferred way to commute for work.

• Burke Centre Library

This large public library has a really cool modern design, and can be accessed by most homeowners without going on a large road. Some of the homes back up to the library and are walkable.

• Fort Belvoir North Center

If you are in the military, this is very convenient to be just a short drive away. Fort Belvoir itself is also not too far and is driveable.

• George Mason University

This college is one of the biggest employers in the immediate area, and also a great place to get an undergraduate or graduate degree or pursue a professional certificate.

GMU also props up the rental market in the surrounding area, including Burke, if you are thinking of buying an investment property or may turn your home into a rental property one day.

• Old Town Clifton

A short drive away, this is a great place for a night out, to meet friends, or just to stroll around. They have some established fine dining restaurants and cool historic buildings.

Selling Your Property

The chart above shows the average price, by quarter, of homes sold in Burke Centre Conservancy over the last 3 years. It is separated by single family homes and townhomes.

This is great info for research, however once you get serious about selling you are going to want to bring in an expert to give you a free evaluation. Reach out to us anytime.

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