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Langley has developed a reputation of having some of the finest, largest, and most notorious homes in all of Northern VA.

However, it also has homes that have a neighborhood feel and sought after by anyone who wants to be close to DC and the CIA headquarters.

If you are looking for the combination of a luxury estate like homes and a great area, Langley is a smart place to start your search.

Langley is a community, not a town. Property owners in this area have a mailing address of McLean.

Langley is tightly associated with the CIA Headquarters, and often media and shows refer to the Headquarters itself as “Langley”.

But along with the CIA exists a variety of homes that range from older, relatively modest homes to brand new estates with a Potomac River view. This page covers some of Langley’s most popular neighborhoods.

Ballantrae Farms

Ballantrae Farms is a small but prestigious neighborhood in Langley. This area sees only a few sales per year; 3 is about average.

The land is very sought after and is known for having some important neighbors. Past residents include Colin Powell and the late Joe Robert, philanthropist and founder of “fight night”.

Ballantrae Farms has both a handful of classic estates (Robert’s home was built in 1925) as well as modern luxury mansions – new construction has been popular in this neighborhood for decades.

Broyhill Langley Estates

Broyhill Langley Estates borders Dead Run Stream Valley Park to the east, Churchhill Elementary and Cooper Middle School to the west. The homes lie just south of Georgetown Pike.

Much of Broyhill Langley’s homes were built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Starting in the early 2000s, builders began to tear down some of the older homes and build brand new constructions, which continued over the years.

The lots are smaller than some of the other Langley areas, and the homes are relatively more modest (but still quaint). Some of the new homes, though, are quite luxurious.

You can usually find homes for sale in Broyhill Langley, and if you do not, keep an eye out because quite a few sell per year.

Langley Oaks

If you are looking for a suburb in Langley with modestly large colonial homes, Langley Oaks is a great option.

This neighborhood sits in a great location, just south of the GW Parkway and very close to the Potomac River. The land between Langley Oaks and the Potomac is parkland; the neighborhood itself has ample green space.

The community was mainly built between 1975-1985. There is an HOA within in the community with a modest fee.

The HOA has an Architectural Control Committee, so any additions/alterations to properties are subject to approval.

Typical of Northern VA, homes with HOAs – including Langley Oaks – do not see the new construction homes consistently popping up like it does on other land in the area.

Langley Oaks is built around Langley High School to the west, making it very convenient to access the school.

Langley Forest

The Langley Forest neighborhood is full of attractive homes with a wide range of architecture. You can find everything from Contemporary, to Craftsman, to Colonial Mansions.

Langley Forest boasts large lots, with the average being an acre. New construction homes are a pillar of the community, and you can almost always find new spec homes for sale in Langley Forest.

The neighborhood is directly west of Langley High School, north of Georgetown Pike, and South of the GW Parkway. It is tucked just inside 495.

Langley Manor

Langley Manor is a small and quaint little neighborhood adjacent to Churchill Elementary, right off Churchill Road and Balls Hill Road in West Langley.

This neighborhood also has seen lots of new construction through the years. The original homes were built in the 1960s.

A majority of the homes sit on quarter acre lots. Although some are slightly bigger, this neighborhood generally has smaller plots than some of Langley’s neighboring subdivisions.

The neighborhood only sees a handful of sales per year, at most.

West Langley

West Langley is a small subdivision tucked between Balls Hill Rd and 495. This neighborhood is the farthest one from the CIA building, but is still easily driveable.

West Langley has lots that are between a third and half acre. The older homes are relatively modestly priced compared to those in the rest of the Langley area. However, starting in the early 2000s, the neighborhood has seen an uptick in new-construction homes.

Being on the west end of Langley has another perk: this neighborhood is only 2 miles from the McLean Metro Station in Tysons.

The Gold Coast

Saving the best for last…. The Gold Coast yields some of the most sought after, beautiful, and expensive land on all of the east coast.

A large mansion shown in Langley McLean, VA. Brick with slate roof and multiple dormers. An elegant awning and blue shutters with white trim. Manicured lawn and bushes.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ childhood home is located on the Gold Coast in McLean. Numerous celebrities, presidents and other DC and NOVA elite have attended gatherings at the home. It temporarily held the record for the highest sale in the area at $43 million in 2018. Photo by Gordon Beall.

“The Gold Coast” refers to a section of land that overlooks the Potomac River, just off Chain Bridge Road to the north. A majority of the land lies in McLean, VA; some of it just before Chain Bridge is in Arlington.

The plats of land vary in size, but the most prized lots have unobstructed views of the Potomac River from your home.

The area made waves in 2018-2020 when the home of AOL co-founder Steve Case and the estate of the late Jim Kimsey sold for $43 and $45 million, respectively.

The properties in this area have also attracted some of the areas most talented builders and architects.

If you are looking for an estate with breathtaking views, and wish to live among the Northern VA’s elite, then this area is most definitely for you. Buying a home on the Gold Coast takes patience.

It also is important to work with an agent who is willing to put in the work to find a property here. Many are privately listed, so it takes some hard work to find.

New Construction Homes in Langley

Langley has a premier location in Northern VA. Large lots, minutes to downtown DC, ample greenspace, and a quaint downtown McLean area make it attractive to anyone looking for some of the best homes in Virginia.

Because there are also very few HOAs and a high demand for large luxury estates, there is a constant flow of new construction homes for sale in Langley.

The area is also popular for fully custom homes – these are built for one specific client and will usually not hit the market.

New construction in the area attracts some of the best designers, architects and builders. If you are looking for a new home in Northern VA, see this guide.

Community Highlights

McLean has a lot to offer for its residents. Here are some of the highlights of living in the Langley area.

• CIA Headquarters. Among Langley residents in the Agency, the CIA building is their home away from home. Oftentimes, “Langley” is used as another way of referring to this building.

The building is approximately 2.5 million square feet. The CIA does not disclose the number of employees who work at the headquarters.

• Proximity to Washington D.C. The Langley area of McLean has easy access to downtown, the quickest route being Chain Bridge Road.

However, you can also get to Georgetown via the Key Bridge, or to the Kennedy Center via the Roosevelt Bridge.

Whether you work in downtown D.C. or merely wish to visit for the cultural experience, most residents in the Langley area frequent the city.

• Downtown McLean. “Downtown” McLean is actually just a small business district, but has plenty of things to do.

It has lots of great local shops and businesses, many of which have been staples to the area for many years. In 2018 plans were submitted for a re-development of the area.

• Tyson’s Corner. Tyson’s Corner is a large urban region with two shopping malls as the backstop. Tysons I is a large mall with a huge selection of stores, and Tysons II is comprised of more luxury and high-end stores.

Another section, Tysons III, was also added in the 2020s.

Tysons Corner also has a huge amount of residential and commercial buildings, in addition to multiple metro stops – the closest being McLean Metro Station. Driving to DC is faster, but if you would rather metro, it is easily accessible.

• Access to roads. The Langley area of McLean gives quick access to GW Parkway, 495 and 123. Getting around Northern VA, D.C., and Maryland is relatively easy.

• Value in the land. The location of McLean – and particularly the Langley area – makes it among the most valuable land in Virginia.

Moreover, much of the area has a very private feel to it, due to all the green area and trees. This is in contrast to Arlington, which has much smaller lots and a more urban vibe.

Selling a Home in Langley

The chart above shows the market activity for detached properties in the 22101 zip code over the least 2 years.

Pricing a home in the area is a unique skill, as the homes themselves are unique. It is important to get an expert to see the home and see the finishes and features.


If you are looking for a home in the Langley area, what is the first step? To talk to a professional who knows the area and can discuss your goals with you.

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