Covington Townhomes in Fairfax VA

Covington stone neighborhood sign that is at the entrance of the neighborhood. Townhomes are shown in the background. This sign is in Fairfax Virginia.

Covington Townhomes Fairfax Virginia

If you have found this article, chances are you either live in Covington Townhomes, or you are in the process of looking to find a townhome for sale in the Fairfax VA area. Either way, welcome!

If you would like to learn more about Fairfax Townhomes, check out this guide as well.

Covington is a sought after community that offers both an ideal location and a lot of different models of townhomes. See below for all of the townhomes currently for sale in the neighborhood.

The area has had a lot of development on both sides of the community, in addition to being close to major commuter routes.

Covington Townhomes were built directly in between Rt. 50 and Rt. 29 in Fairfax VA.

Covington Townhomes For Sale

For the most up to date search of Townhomes for sale in Covington, use our home search. If you see a townhome you like you can ask me a question right on the page and I will email you back quickly.

If the map is empty…well, Covington is popular so you can create a search here.

Covington First Section

The first section of the townhomes in Covington are mostly 2 level, with a contemporary style and large windows.

The townhomes were made in a couple of different phases, each with unique styles. The section close to Rt. 50 consists of compact, contemporary style townhomes.

Some are 2 level, others are 1 level. The townhomes in this section do not have any basements. They were built in the early 1970s with wood siding.

This section offers both 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom models. One unique aspect of this area is the garages! Some of these townhomes boast 1 or even 2 car garages.

The garage is a unique feature for not only Covington Townhomes, but also this era of Townhomes in Fairfax VA as whole. Most of the time garaged townhomes in Northern Virginia are much newer.


The other portions of the neighborhood was built a few years later, and extends north of Rt. 50 up to border Rt. 29.

If you are just getting used to the area, or are still just researching Townhomes from out of state and have no idea what these roads are….these are good roads to be close to for commuting. Trust us native Northern Virginians.

They allow highway access so you can get to many other towns and cities in the area via 495 and 66.

Mosaic district in Fairfax VA. The sign with the stores is shown. Closeby to Covington townhomes.
Mosaic District in Fairfax VA is a short drive from Covington Townhomes.

This second section of Covington consists of larger townhomes, and are more typical of the types of townhomes you will find around Fairfax VA with 3 levels, 1 being a basement and most are 3 upstairs bedrooms.

The basements are usually partially finished with the utilities downstairs.

Some are “walk out” basements, which mean there is a seperate entrance in the rear of the basement. Others do not have the walkout and are mostly below grade.

Both types of the Covington townhomes are desirable, and in many markets they sell very quickly and have seen good overall appreciation through the years.

Towns of Covington Square

The Towns of Covington Square was built in 2004, and consists of just over 40 townhomes. This subdivision is located northwest corner of the section of townhomes, bordering Lee highway.

Compared to Covington, these townhomes are larger with more open floor plans. They also feature attached 2 car garages.

The price of these townhomes are consistently higher than Covington because of what is offered. If you are looking for some more space and an open concept look here. There is also a walking trail that goes right to the nearby commercial area.


Braxton is another subdivision that is built in the northern end of the cluster of townhomes between 50 and 29 that includes Covington. It also borders the Towns of Covington Square.

These townhomes were built in the 1980s, and vary a little bit in style compared to the Covington townhomes. There are just under 80 properties that fall into the Braxton HOA.


One of the biggest positives for the community is what is closeby. The old saying goes, “Three things matter in property: location, location and location”.

We are not 100% sure who said this first but real estate investors and homeseekers alike have been saying it for 100s of years.

Let’s go into why Covington townhomes and Fairfax VA as whole are prime as a long term investment.

Directly to the east of Covington townhomes and easily accessible by car is the Mosaic District.

The area features everything that a Fairfax VA dweller could want- trendy shops, Target & a specialty grocery store, movie theatre, open green space, several coffee shops, a gym and much more.

There has been more development to the older era shopping centers around Mosaic and it has expanded through the years.

“Mixed use” is what most of the Fairfax VA development is. That means retail, grocery and residential in one area. So in a sense it is also expanding.

This development has done well for home values in the area as of this writing. Contact my team if you are wondering what all this action has done for your home value.

In addition to the Mosaic District, the Pan Am shopping center is walkable from Covington townhomes. The shopping center has a grocery store, restaurants, shopping and a coffee shop.

There are several banks that call Pan Am home as of this writing. This shopping center is the most convenient for day to day living if you are living in Covington townhomes.

Not only is the neighborhood close to major roads, it is also very close to the metro.

About 2 miles by car and walkable to the neighborhood is the Vienna/Fairfax GMU stop of the orange line of the metro.

This makes access from Fairfax VA to other areas of Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland much easier during times of high traffic, or if you are not a car owner.

Being close to the metro is also good news for Covington townhome owners and surrounding Fairfax VA homeowners as proximity to metro is good for home values.

More Development

To top it off, directly to the west is Scout on the Circle, another mixed use community that provides more convenience and amenities to an already bustling area.

This is the icing on the cake for Covington, which is already considered to be in the middle of everything in Fairfax.

Scout on the Circle brings another set of shops, grocery store and also some residential units. It is a popular area, and brings another option for local residents to shop.

A development in progress, Scout On The Circle in Fairfax VA.
Scout on the circle, under construction in 2019.

Whats Next

To summarize, Covington is a great neighborhood and known for its convenience, walkability and functional townhomes.

If you have questions about Covington townhomes, I am an expert in Fairfax VA and also Northern Virginia as a whole.

Get in touch with me anytime with questions about this neighborhood.

Covington has been a popular neighborhood for decades. It will continue to be. If you want to live in these townhomes the time is now to talk to an expert.

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