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Beech Grove Townhomes For Sale

The list above shows all of the townhomes available in Kendall Square/Beech Grove. If there are not any for sale, the next section has Fairfax VA townhomes closeby.

Northern VA Townhomes

Fairfax County and the surrounding areas are what we have come to know as Northern VA. See this guide on Fairfax Townhomes for more communities and areas.

Townhomes are very popular in Northern VA and the greater DC region. They come in various shapes and sizes. They are also still being built new all the time.

If you look at historical sale data in this area, townhomes have done very well and shown appreciation through the years.

Real estate in this area is hyper local, but overall townhome communities have performed very well compared to other types of homes.

This is case by case and changes with the market so if you are wondering about a community feel free to reach out.

Location & Kendall Square

Located off of Blake Lane near Lee Highway, these townhomes provide convenient access to downtown Fairfax City, Fair City Mall, and the exit for I-66, as well as being a beautiful neighborhood to live in.

The homes are also accessible to Vienna metro which runs on the Orange Line into DC and other Northern VA towns.

Beech Grove has 3 streets associated with it: Cedar Farm Circle, Blue Barn Way, and Black maple Drive.

Townhomes in Fairfax, 3 are shown here in a row with the sun reflecting in the windows.
The Beech Grove Townhomes. The area is also commonly known as Kendall Square.

As you can see, they are brick with wood bump-outs and use a contemporary style. With all brick exteriors and large expansive windows, they are striking and unique.

The community also goes by the name Kendall Square. Beech Grove is the legal subdivision name, but the HOA and community signage is listed as Kendall Square.

Beech Grove piques the interest of many prospective buyers. They were built in 2009 by nationally acclaimed builder Stanley Martin.

Only a handful of these properties sell per year. The community itself has only 73 properties listed in the assessment records.

Townhome Models

The townhomes interior are as beautiful as the outside, and the properties have balconies to get fresh air from the top floor. The rooftop balcony is unique to this era of townhome circa 2010s and beyond.

The location also cannot be beat. Close to Vienna metro and also very close to the Scout on the Circle development on Arlington Blvd.

Most homes have 4 floors, complete with a fully finished basement and 2 car garage. These homes are beautiful inside and out.

The large windows not only let in massive amounts of natural light, but also have been integrated into the outside structure of the homes.

This creates a very aesthetically pleasing look that complements the landscaping. The community is regulated and kept in shape by the Beech Grove HOA.

Selling Your Townhome

Many buyers stay in their townhomes long term. But it also is a popular transition option to own until you need something bigger or smaller.

They are also popular as investments.

Either way, the time eventually comes to sell your property.

Reach out today to get a home value estimate from an expert.

Current Market Conditions

The graph above shows the average sale price for townhomes over the last 2 years in Fairfax County, and bullet point has the year over year change.

This is a good graph to keep track of to see if the market is going up, down or staying steady for townhomes in Fairfax.

Lets Connect

If you have been driving through Fairfax VA and see Kendall Square and have questions, we can help.

Alternately, if you are thinking of selling your townhome, our agents are a trusted source with lots of experience with these property types.

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