Beech Grove Townhomes Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / May 8, 2014
Tudor style townhomes with red brick and green trim at Beech Grove

Beech Grove Townhomes For Sale The list below shows all of the townhomes available in. If there are not any for sale in Beech Grove, the next section has Fairfax VA townhomes closeby. Northern VA Townhomes If you have seen my other articles, you will more than likely see that…

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Homes For Sale Near Frost Middle School Fairfax Virginia

By Will Rodgers / May 3, 2014

Homes For Sale Near Frost Middle School The map below shows homes for sale near Frost Middle School. Move the map to see more homes. Note that you will want to verify the school boundaries (see below). Finding School Boundaries Many prospective home buyers are wondering what school district that…

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Cedar Lakes Community, Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / April 28, 2014
A brick sign with stone in-laid. Engraved wording says "Cedar Lakes" for the neighborhood that it represents.

Cedar Lakes is a small community in Fairfax VA consisting of townhomes and condos. I would consider it part of the Fair Lakes area. For more info on Fair Lakes, see my guide. Maybe you are just starting to research your move. Or perhaps you are ready to start writing…

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Lyndhurst Condos Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / April 20, 2014
The entrance sign to Lyndhurst Condos in Fairfax VA

Lyndhurst Condos For Sale Looking for a condo? Lyndhurst Condos in Fairfax City VA are a great option. On the east side of Old Town Fairfax, it is a small community of approximately 165 units. There are very few condo complexes in the Fairfax City, and this one is tucked…

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Penderbrook Community, Fairfax, VA

By Will Rodgers / April 11, 2014
Penderbrook's golf course with water hazard and green in background

Welcome To Penderbrook Penderbrook in Fairfax VA is one of those unique communities that offers an experience that you simply will not find elsewhere. Many prospective homebuyers are attracted to Penderbrook because of the serene setting and a large selection of activities. It almost feels like you are on vacation,…

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Homes For Sale Near Woodson High School, Fairfax, VA

By Will Rodgers / April 8, 2014

Homes For Sale Near Woodson High School Use my home search to find homes for sale near Woodson High School. This list will update so you can see everything currently for sale. Tips For Looking For A Home Near Woodson High School It is important to remember that when you…

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Comstock Townhomes Fairfax, VA

By Will Rodgers / April 4, 2014

Comstock Townhomes are one of the quintessential original townhome clusters in Fairfax City VA. If you are searching in Fairfax as a whole see my guide on townhomes in the area. Comstock Townhomes This is a small community of approximately 250 townhomes. They are situated off of Main St adjacent…

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Fair Ridge Townhomes, Fairfax, VA

By Will Rodgers / April 1, 2014

Fair Ridge Townhomes Fair Ridge Townhomes in Fairfax VA are a large cluster of about 500 townhomes. The community is the biggest in the Fair Lakes area of Fairfax. If what you are looking for is suburban convenience and modern amenities nearby, this is a great townhome community to look…

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Townhomes Near Lake Anne Reston, VA For Sale

By Will Rodgers / March 30, 2014
A snowy Lake Anne Plaza in Reston. You can see the partially frozen lake in the distance and the horseshoe style shops, etc. in the plaza.

Townhomes For Sale Near Lake Anne Reston Townhomes near Lake Anne in Reston are unlike any others you will find in Northern VA. I have sold townhomes all over the area, and these are some of my favorites. For a full guide on buying a townhome in Reston, see my…

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The Assembly Townhomes Fairfax, VA

By Will Rodgers / March 28, 2014

Assembly Townhomes For Sale Are you looking for what is for sale in The Assembly? Listings do not come up often in this neighborhood. If you see one listed below, contact me today for a showing. If you are still researching which area of Fairfax you would like to live,…

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