Homes in Mantua Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / January 10, 2020
Entrance to the Mantua neighborhood, a brick and stone sign carved with a neighborhood logo.

Mantua Neighborhood Mantua is one of Fairfax’s signature single-family neighborhoods. The serene setting of hills, trees and parkland give the streets natural character. Combine this setting with excellent location for commuters, and it makes it a sought after neighborhood. The area consists of over 1500 homes of varying styles. The…

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Lake Barcroft Homes – Falls Church, VA

By Will Rodgers / December 12, 2019

Northern Virginia has its share of notable neighborhoods. The 1950s and 1960s was a period of expansion, which saw the rise of several large and distinct communities in our area. Falls Church has a few of those communities, and there is one in particular that comes to mind. If you…

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Townhomes For Sale in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / December 5, 2019

McLean Virginia McLean is a great community. It also very versatile. On the northern part of the town is Great Falls Park. A state park with scenic overlooks of the Potomac River, and large single family homes in wooded acreage. In West McLean, things turns urban. The Silver Line Metro…

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Pimmit Hills in Falls Church, VA

By Will Rodgers / November 27, 2019

Very few subdivisions in our area are recognized by name. Pimmit Hills in Falls Church VA is one of them. The center of a transforming area, Pimmit Hills has seen its share of change. It was the namesake for a TV show trailer park, a prime area for new construction…

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3D Printed Homes in Northern VA? The Future of New Homes Construction.

By Will Rodgers / November 23, 2019
New construction home that was printed out of concrete. Steel beams support the wood and metal roof. Nice patio exterior out of poured concrete foundation.

2020 Update: 3D Printed Homes in Northern VA January 2020 Update In January 2020, a company called SQ4D printed a 1,900 square foot home. The company is a subsidiary of SQ3D. The home was built in 48 hours, including 8 hours of printing. The company built the home near their…

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Kings Park West, Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / November 21, 2019

Homes For Sale In Kings Park West Fairfax VA This post includes homes for sale in Kings Park West, if you want to get right into the action. They are below. Our home search also has homes for sale throughout Northern VA. Kings Park West neighborhood has both townhomes and…

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New Homes in Northern VA: The Ultimate Guide

By Will Rodgers / October 22, 2019
New home is shown, still under construction. It is still waiting for siding. New home.

New Construction Homes In Northern VA Early Education Of A New Home Expert My first memory of an experience with new homes was not in Northern VA. It was about 130 miles north. I was about 8 years old and standing in the cold winter, in a room that would…

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Lake Royal Fairfax VA Townhomes

By Will Rodgers / September 26, 2019
Serene picture of a lake with woods in the background.

Lake Royal When someone mentions lakes, Fairfax VA usually does not come to mind. On the other hand, Fairfax County as a whole has quite a few. Some, like in Reston, are very popular. However, Fairfax itself is not known for water activities. This is what makes Lake Royal such…

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Buying an investment property before your first home : How I did it and what I wish I knew first.

By Will Rodgers / September 18, 2019

Born for real estate My first investment property cost 50 pretend dollars, was green, and was the size of a pebble. My second investment property cost 350,000 real dollars, was brick, and 1,800 square feet. I bought both before I had my first home to live in. If you are…

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Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / September 12, 2019
An entry to a neighborhood in Fairfax VA. Surrounded by colorful flowers and trimmed shrubs. Sign says "Fair Woods".

Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA Interested in Fair Woods townhomes in Fairfax VA? Since we have found each other you likely are. Maybe you saw the community and typed ‘Fair Woods’ in a search. Or maybe you have had your eye on the community for some time. Either way, welcome.…

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