Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / September 12, 2019
An entry to a neighborhood in Fairfax VA. Surrounded by colorful flowers and trimmed shrubs. Sign says "Fair Woods".

Fair Woods Townhomes Fairfax VA Interested in Fair Woods townhomes in Fairfax VA? Since we have found each other you likely are. Maybe you saw the community and typed ‘Fair Woods’ in a search. Or maybe you have had your eye on the community for some time. Either way, welcome.…

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Reston VA Townhomes: A Buyer’s Guide

By Will Rodgers / September 11, 2019

Reston is just different. It’s motto “live, work and play” is accurate. It is a community where you can easily get to work, come home to relax and in free time enjoy all the recreation it has to offer. Reston VA is also home to unique townhomes not seen for…

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Buying a house out of state: tips for getting the right property in Northern VA and closing remotely

By Will Rodgers / August 20, 2019

Buying a house out of state & closing remotely: is it possible? I remember being a brand new, uprising real estate agent, sitting in the class that everyone had to take to get their Virginia real estate license. The discussion turned to how settlements have changed over the decades in…

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FHA Condo Approval Change 2019: What it could mean for Northern VA real estate

By Will Rodgers / August 16, 2019

October 2019 Condos in Northern VA: A brief history In October of 2019 the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will be issuing new guidance on the approval process for condos. The long awaited rule changes are predicted to boost the condo market across the country. The ever enthusiastic NAR has come…

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Townhomes in Fair Lakes, Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / August 15, 2019

Living in Fair Lakes, Fairfax VA Townhomes If you are just starting your search for a home, welcome. Townhomes in Fairfax County are a good choice, and Fair Lakes homes offers some of the best amenities around. See my guide on Fairfax VA townhomes for an overview of the whole…

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Townhomes in Fairfax VA: Your Guide For Buying

By Will Rodgers / August 13, 2019

Fairfax VA Townhomes If you are searching for townhomes for sale in Fairfax, VA, congratulations. In my opinion you are making a great decision. Now you are trying to separate out your options. What style townhomes are for sale in Fairfax? What location do I choose? And why is Fairfax…

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Covington Townhomes in Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / July 13, 2019
Covington stone neighborhood sign that is at the entrance of the neighborhood. Townhomes are shown in the background. This sign is in Fairfax Virginia.

Covington Townhomes Fairfax Virginia If you have found this article, chances are you either live in Covington Townhomes, or you are in the process of looking to find a townhome for sale in the Fairfax VA area. Either way, welcome! If you would like to learn more about Fairfax Townhomes,…

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The silver lining: an overview of the Silver Line metro and homes nearby

By Will Rodgers / February 25, 2019
Metro shown, an underground section that is complete in Northern Virginia.

Updated: October 24, 2019 Since this was originally written, there has been a lot of activity with the silver line metro. And of course, a lot of activity with homes in the area. 2020 will be a big year as many of the remaining unopened stations are being completed and…

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Floodplains in Falls Church, VA

By Will Rodgers / June 21, 2016

Flood Plains in Falls Church Update: July 8th, 2019 Flooding throughout the region. If you were not aware of floodplains in Falls Church before, you may be if you were in the area for a large rain like this. July 8th saw a large amount of rainfall in a matter…

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LokL Gourmet in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / April 27, 2016
Lokl Gourmet in Mclean Virginia, an instagram post with juice sitting on top of a sign that says #loklperfection.

Local Business Highlight  This post is dedicated to a local business in McLean VA. We caught up with the founder and owner of LoKL Gourmet. He talked with us about his experience at the Falls Church City Farmers Market, his store and restaurant and his philosophy on food. Among these…

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