Is Selling to an iBuyer Worth It?

By Will Rodgers / June 15, 2020
A blue and cream colored large colonial home with a small garage. Manicured lawn in front and stone siding.

Selling Your Home….Online? The internet has changed the way that you sell a home, whether you realize it or not. More and more buyers are finding the homes they buy online every year. Listing your house with a tech savvy is a smart investment for this reason. However, sellers are…

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Multiple Offers On a Home: A Buyer’s Guide to Winning

By Will Rodgers / June 9, 2020
A blue colonial home with a black roof, and light coming from the windows. There is a small garage and pillars that lead to the door.

The Buyer’s Challenge “We have multiple offers on the home, so give us your best and final by Monday morning”. This is very close to the statement that the listing agent told me the first time I was helping a client write an offer on a townhome in Fairfax. That…

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Whisperwood Townhomes Cluster Reston VA

By Will Rodgers / June 6, 2020
A sign at the entrance to a community in Reston VA. The sign reads "Whisperwood". Landscaping surrounds the sign and the road to enter is seen.

Welcome to Reston If you are just starting to look into Reston, welcome. Reston is a gem of a town and community in Northern VA. The area is a perfect blend of nature, art/culture and convenience. Reston has many clusters of townhomes built during different eras and of different size…

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Seller Closing Costs in Virginia

By Will Rodgers / May 30, 2020
A calculator and a sheet of ineligible math. Meant to represent a seller calculating their closing costs.

What Will You Need To Pay to Sell a House in Virginia? If you are thinking about the possibility of selling your home, whether it is a month from now or a year down the road, there are two numbers that every seller needs to focus on. Maybe you have…

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Greenbriar Fairfax VA

By Will Rodgers / May 28, 2020
A white sign with green posts and lettering that reads "Greenbriar" at the entrance of the Fairfax VA neighborhood. Green grass and a fence can be seen behind it.

Welcome to Greenbriar in Fairfax VA If you are looking for centrally located neighborhood that is rich with amenities and filled with quaint single family homes, Greenbriar could be a perfect match. Located just off Rt 50 and 66, this neighborhood has all the perks of a large subdivision. Walkable…

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New Homes in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / May 26, 2020
A large home in McLean, VA. The home has stucco and stone siding, a brown roof and a dark brown metal awning and portico by the entrance. A wooden garage door in front of the brick driveway.

Intro McLean is easily among the best of the best in Northern VA. It has premier land, located along the Potomac river and stretching to Tysons Corner. And unlike some of the neighbors to the east, the lots are large with ample green space. McLean also has among the best…

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The Reserve in McLean, VA

By Will Rodgers / May 24, 2020
A black marble sign with gold lettering that says "The Reserve A Miller and Smith Community". The structural part of the sign is made of stone and you can see greenery behind it.

Welcome to The Reserve in McLean VA An enclave is defined as a “place that is different in character from those surrounding it”. The Reserve in McLean, VA is an enclave in the truest sense of the word. The Reserve is a neighborhood, a community complete with a homeowners association…

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Franklin Park McLean, VA

By Will Rodgers / May 22, 2020
A traditional tudor style brick home with a black slate roof and lots of archways. Green english ivy is growing up the side of the home.

Welcome to Franklin Park McLean is home to much of the grandest and most valuable real estate in Northern VA. Much of this fact lies in the location. McLean gives residents quick access to Washington DC, where many of them are employed. The other factor making McLean real estate so…

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Behind On Mortgage Payments? Need Help? Here are some options.

By Will Rodgers / May 20, 2020
A vector image of a neighborhood, that spells out the words, SOS.

Falling Behind On Mortgage Payments Sometimes, life gets messy. You bought your home with the intention of making every payment on time for 30 years. But sometimes your situation changes, there is an unexpected personal or national financial crisis, job loss, illness or other hardship. If you are behind on…

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Moving to Northern VA: The Ultimate Guide

By Will Rodgers / May 18, 2020
A bridge is shown over a river, reflection of bridge and buildings can be seen in the water below.

Whether you just found out you are moving to Northern VA, or you are still researching where to move, welcome. I am a lifelong resident and real estate professional in Fairfax County. This guide is here to give you some more information about Northern VA and hopefully get you excited…

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