Realtor McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / March 16, 2021
A rendering of a luxury modern mediterranean style home in McLean, VA. White stucco siding and large windows.

Searching for a Realtor can be tough, especially in a competitive market like McLean. There are a lot of us around, each with their own style. You can find Realtors…

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New Construction Homes in Vienna, VA

By Will Rodgers / February 23, 2021
A new construction home in with a modern farmhouse style, white siding with a bluish tint and a covered porch.

Vienna is one of Northern VA’s top towns for new construction homes. It has been one of the most popular areas to build since the 1990s, and for good reason.…

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Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

By Will Rodgers / February 10, 2021
A new home with light colored brick and a large green yard.

When you go house hunting, you most likely will start like many home buyers. Looking at properties in your price range, most of them owned by one or more individuals,…

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New Homes in Falls Church VA

By Will Rodgers / February 2, 2021
A new kitchen and breakfast area are shown. Mostly white finishes and a large kitchen island.

In real estate, location is (almost) everything. The rest is how much you love the home that you buy. These 2 factors have made new construction homes in Falls Church…

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Finding “Move-In Ready” New Construction Homes

By Will Rodgers / January 26, 2021
A new home with blue and grey siding and stone near the foundation. 2 car garage is also seen.

New homes offer you a lot of benefits. They come with builder warranties, low maintenance and that fresh start feeling that nobody else has lived in your home. But there…

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Steps You Can Take to Spruce Up Your Space

By Cathleen Rodgers / January 13, 2021

Humans love variety – it is “the spice of life,” after all. This applies to many things, and the space we live in is certainly one of them. It’s easy…

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Northern VA Real Estate Market Updates

By Will Rodgers / December 24, 2020
A colonial style home with white siding and a porch out front. American flag is seen with green manicured grass.

2021 Northern VA Real Estate Market Market Update: 1st Quarter 2021 • Inventory (number of homes for sale) Inventory has reached a problematically low level. Quite frankly, if you are buying…

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New Homes in Clifton VA

By Will Rodgers / December 22, 2020
A white colonial home with a grey roof and black shutters.

Welcome to Clifton Virginia Northern VA is a fast paced area. Over the decades, it has become more and more populated, with new construction popping up everywhere. As the number…

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How To Make Money in Real Estate : 7 Methods

By Will Rodgers / December 22, 2020
Interior of a home being renovated. Just framing is shown, drywall, electrical and plumbing have been removed. This is a home flip.

During the housing boom of the mid 2000s, real estate investing was at a fever pitch. Flipping homes was not too difficult, because by the time you were done with…

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New Home Construction Process In Northern VA

By Will Rodgers / November 23, 2020
A drawing that transforms into a photo from left to right, a new home with a manicured lawn and blue skies.

Whether you are building your first home or have not been through the process for awhile, I wrote this guide to 9 step guide to help you to know what…

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