New Home Construction Process In Northern VA

By Will Rodgers / November 23, 2020
A drawing that transforms into a photo from left to right, a new home with a manicured lawn and blue skies.

Whether you are building your first home or have not been through the process for awhile, I wrote this guide to 9 step guide to help you to know what to expect. Every area and builder are a little different. But this is a great starting template of how to…

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New Construction Homes in Ashburn VA

By Will Rodgers / October 26, 2020
An overhead shot of homes in a large subdivision of Ashburn.

Welcome to Ashburn There is something comforting about suburban life. Close enough to the city where you can jump in the car or hop on a train downtown. Yet, far enough that you can relax in your backyard without hearing the hum of traffic and sirens. This is the lifestyle…

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Potomac Hills, McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / October 23, 2020
An overhead of some of the homes sold and for sale in Potomac Hills. Red and green markers show the homes sold/for sale.

Homes in McLean, VA McLean is a Northern VA town that is right on the edge of the Potomac River, and just west of Arlington. This is an ideal location, as it puts you a quick drive over the bridge away from DC and Maryland. You can find a wide…

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5 Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent for New Construction

By Will Rodgers / October 21, 2020
A new construction colonial home in Northern VA. Stone front, with an awning, red shutters and a dark roof.

Sometimes the home buying process can happen fast. You can go from “just looking” to signing a contract in less than 24 hours. I have seen this happen many times. This can especially be true if are searching for a new construction home. Or if you just happen to stumble…

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Homes For Sale in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / October 19, 2020
Large home with white siding and a garage in McLean VA. Modern farm home style.

McLean VA is among one of the most sought after areas for homebuyers in Northern VA. And for good reason. It is a unique town, offering a very rare combination of greenscape and ultra convenience for those working in Washington DC. McLean’s signature real estate is very much high-end luxury…

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Building Wealth By Real Estate Investing : Getting Started

By Will Rodgers / September 23, 2020
A dark door opening to a family room with a fireplace and lightly painted room.

The Real Estate Antihero I would love to tell you about the quick, staggering wealth I have made in real estate. The glory of fixing up properties and how I now live on a beach and drive an Italian exotic supercar. But that is not my experience. I have been…

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Best Outdoor Activities in Northern Virginia

By Cathleen Rodgers / September 8, 2020

There is certainly no shortage of activities to do and places to see in Northern Virginia. We’ve rounded up some of the best (family-friendly!) outdoor activities to enjoy during the warmer seasons of the year. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens A beautiful, expansive garden where you can find ponds, gazebos, bell garden,…

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Salona Village McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / July 6, 2020
A 3d rendering of a new home to be built in McLean VA. White with dark roof and large windows.

Welcome Residents of Salona Village in McLean have it good. They can walk to restaurants or get a cup of coffee on one end of the neighborhood, and on the other walk along a nature trail. On top of that, Salona Village has some of the best new homes in…

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West McLean Communities, McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / July 4, 2020
A modern style home with fading blue sky at night. Well manicured landscaping.

Living in McLean McLean is one of the most sought after areas in Northern VA. There are areas that are lush with densely wooded forest. And you can find miles of some of the best hiking in Northern VA. And yet, a short drive in multiple directions puts you right…

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Condos Vs Townhomes: Which Should You Choose in Northern VA?

By Will Rodgers / June 23, 2020
Two portions of a row of townhomes and two condo buildings are shown.

The Great Debate I am going to tell you upfront, this question does not have an easy answer. You want to know which is better, condos vs townhomes? Or, more specifically, which should you buy? Like most questions in real estate, the answer is, “it depends on your situation”. For…

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