New Homes in Northern VA: The Ultimate Guide

By Will Rodgers / April 5, 2021
New home is shown, still under construction. It is still waiting for siding. New home.

New Construction Homes In Northern VA Early Education Of A New Home Expert My first memory of an experience with new homes was not in Northern VA. It was about…

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Northern VA Real Estate Market Updates

By Will Rodgers / December 24, 2020
A colonial style home with white siding and a porch out front. American flag is seen with green manicured grass.

2021 Northern VA Real Estate Market Market Update: 1st Quarter 2021 • Inventory (number of homes for sale) Inventory has reached a problematically low level. Quite frankly, if you are buying…

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Selling a House in 2021 – The Definitive Guide.

By Will Rodgers / March 7, 2020
A white house with a mid century modern farmhouse vibe. It is located in Vienna VA, and pays tribute to the farmhouses of old Virginia.

This is the ultimate 2021 guide to selling your house. This is not your typical generic guide. I have also included lots of topics that are relevant to the way…

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2021 Northern VA Home Buying Guide: Don’t Buy Home Without It.

By Will Rodgers / January 30, 2020
White home with a red door and black shutters. Colonial style, with landscaping out front.

Introduction After being in the real estate field for almost a decade, the home buying process becomes ingrained in you. I have had thousands of conversations with prospective homebuyers like…

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New Construction Homes in Herndon VA

By Will Rodgers / April 29, 2021
A row of townhomes being built. You can see the framing and roof trusses being put in, but there is only wood and no siding yet. Dirt in the foreground.

New Homes For Sale in Herndon VA Herndon VA includes a small town, and also includes the greater Herndon area that is made up of several neighborhoods. Some popular communities…

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New Construction Homes in Alexandria VA

By Will Rodgers / April 27, 2021
Aerial of Alexandria's waterfront, the Potomac River and Old Town with various sized buildings and homes. Boats are docked at the shore.

Alexandria is one of Northern VA’s first towns across from the Nation’s Capital. It has a large mix of homes, activities and neighborhoods. From the charming historic Old Town, the…

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Beverly Manor Neighborhood in McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / April 25, 2021
A modern colonial/farmhouse style home with a partial stone and grey plank siding.

Welcome Whether you are just starting your home search and want to find out more about this neighborhood, or are thinking of selling your home in McLean, you are in…

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New Construction Homes in Reston VA

By Will Rodgers / April 23, 2021
An overhead view of a man made lake in Reston, VA. The lake has three peaks and lots of shoreline. Waterfront homes can be seen.

Welcome to Reston Whether you love contemporary architecture, outdoor time, lakes and pools, urban town center living or a combination of all of the above, Reston VA is a great…

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Real Estate Escalation Clause : What is it? Pros and Cons to using it.

By Will Rodgers / April 21, 2021
Stock photo of a calculator, contract and small home with a pen sitting on the paperwork.

In a market with more buyers than sellers, you are going to run into competition on homes you try to purchase. That is, unfortunately a fact of being a home…

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How to Declutter Your Home to Sell

By Will Rodgers / April 20, 2021
A cluttered room so full of things you cannot see the floor.

You are getting ready to sell your home. Are you excited? Are you ready? Or are you overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? A cluttered home can can be a…

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Rosemont Neighborhood McLean VA

By Will Rodgers / April 14, 2021
A large mansion style home with stone and small columns near the door. Manicured lawn and landscaping.

Welcome to McLean! McLean has a great mix of open greenspace, large lots, impressive homes and a convenient location. McLean always has a large selection of homes for sale, from…

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A Guide on How to Sell A House Fast

By Will Rodgers / April 12, 2021
A home with white siding and peeling paint, a stained roof.

Selling your house usually involves some level of stress. If you have a hard deadline approaching where you need to do it quickly, you are probably already stressed. One of…

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New Construction Homes in Arlington VA

By Will Rodgers / March 24, 2021
A large new home with lots of windows and a 3 car attached garage.

Welcome to Arlington There are parts of Northern VA that thrive on the happening in nearby Washington DC. The city is full of culture, jobs, government and entertaining. It is…

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