13 Reasons Living in Reston VA is Great

Reston is one of Northern VA’s most unique and enjoyable places to live.

As a former resident and real estate expert in the area, I can say that there are many reasons for this.

Thinking of moving to Reston? Whether you are coming from a nearby town or another part of the country, here are some of the tops reasons to call Reston home.

1. Reston’s Accolades

Before we look closely at what makes Reston so great, it’s important to know that I’m not the only person who thinks so!

Since the inception as a community – Reston was founded officially in 1964 – Reston has been the recipient of many prestigious honors, including:

• Voted Best Place to Live in Virginia by Money magazine in 2018.

• Voted one of the top 8 best places to live by CNN and Money magazine in 2012.

• Voted the second-best tennis community in Northern Virginia by Virginia Living
magazine in 2012.

• Named one of the best and “brainiest” places to retire by US News and World Report
in 2008.

So why all the commotion about Reston? Let’s continue.

2. Over 55 Miles of Walking Trails

A walking trail along the Walker Nature Center.

As the largest planned community in America, Reston has over 55 miles of connected and well-maintained trails. They are paved and wide, with room for pets and bikes and so you can walk from home to one of several shopping centers.

Walking these trails, I have found parks, food or drink, secluded nature areas, and countless friendly faces.

3. 250 Acres of Woodlands

If you’ve been to Reston, you’ve probably noticed that the entire community is enveloped in

As a member of the Biophilic Cities Organization, the Reston community is focused on
wildlife preservation. Nature is incorporated into the daily life of the Restonite.

4. Reston Town Center

Reston Town Center has a ton of things to do and places to relax.

An entire article could be written about the Town Center alone. I can’t say enough about it!

It features dozens of fine eateries, both local spots and larger staples. There are also countless high-end retail locations, including many recognizable brand names. You can enjoy acres of greenery, including sculpture gardens and a central park area.

It even has a movie theater and an ice-skating rink in the winter! The Reston Town Center also holds several events per year to enjoy. I encourage anyone and everyone interested in the Town Center to check out their website.

5. Jobs

Located in the Dulles Technology Corridor, Reston has and continues to be home to multinational corporations such as Rolls-Royce, General Dynamics, Leidos, Learning Tree International, and many more. Large tech companies also have offices in Reston and in the surrounding area.

This means that you can eat, play, work, and live here! But if you do want to travel outside of this sprawling community, there are many ways to get around.

6. Take the Metro

The Wiehle Metro stop is a central destination and a great way of getting to other destinations.

In addition to owning a stop on the DC Metropolitan area’s Silver Line in Wiehle-Reston East, Reston also provides public transportation in the form of the RIBS bus system.

The Silver Line has built a stop at Reston Town Center, so you can get from Reston to other hot spots in Northern VA and DC easily.

Reston is also located centrally to the Dulles Toll Road, and is intersected by Route 7, so whether its by bike or foot on the trail, by train, by bus or by car, you can get in, out, and around Reston with ease.

7. Pools, Tennis Courts, and More

Reston is home to 15 community pools, 52 community tennis courts, and 1,350 acres of open-air public land. For the kids, Reston provides 6 “Quickstart,” smaller tennis courts for ages 10 and under.

It is also home to numerous playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, park and recreation areas, and picnic spots. And the best part is, living in Reston and being a member of the master HOA entitles you to all these facilities! Visit the Reston Association for more info.

8. Nightlife in Reston

Remember the Town Center? Not only is it a great place to shop, play, and eat during the daytime, but it’s also one of the best places for nightlife in Northern Virginia.

Reston boasts some of the best bars – with the best food – you can find anywhere.

Outside of the multiple bars in the Town Center, you can visit one of the many other shopping and community centers to find a casual sports bar, or go down to the historic Lake Anne for a late night walk or bar hop.

Speaking of Lake Anne…

9. Activities at Lake Anne

Lake Anne offers both places to live and also places to eat and work…all in an idyllic setting.

Driving or walking around Reston, you might start to think that you’re in the middle of a forest. And with every forest comes a great body of water.

That’s where Lake Anne comes in! Nestled in the heart of the Reston community, Lake Anne is registered to the National Register of Historic Places in the US. The townhomes and condos at Lake Anne were the first developments in the community.

It has the comfort of a small village by a beautiful body of water, the convenience of its many shopping and eating places, and the warmth you’ll find everywhere in Reston.

10. Vernon J. Walker Nature Education Center

This LEED gold-certified nature center offers 72 acres of hardwood forest.

It is filled with a picnic pavilion, a campfire area, a Nature House with exhibits, an on-site naturalist, and children’s programs. It is at the heart of Reston’s nature conservatory efforts, which have won Reston numerous awards and accolades.

These include:

• Reston’s 2018 induction into the Biophilic Cities Network.

• Reston’s Tree City USA Designation.

• The 2012 Land Conservation and Tree Preservation Award from Fairfax County.

11. Performing Arts

Reston loves its Performing Arts.

It has been home to the Reston Community Players, a theatre troupe, since 1966. It has been home to the Reston Chorale, a choral group providing a stage to both amateurs and professionals, since the late 1960s.

Both these groups and more offer free concerts at the Town Center and in Lake Anne every summer!

12. Unique Architecture

Townhomes along Lake Anne have a contemporary vibe.

Reston has a wide variety of properties, and there is something for every taste. As you walk along lake Anne, you will see contemporary homes built from concrete.

These include the Hickory Cluster, 90 townhomes built by renowned architect Charles Goodman.

13. Sense of Community

I loved my time living in Reston.

And I am not alone. Between the active HOA, unique things to do and places to see, quaint clusters of homes and it’s woodsy natural feel, Reston residents enjoy a strong sense of community.

Simply put, most of the Restonites I have talked to and work with, love living in Reston.

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